Supernatural 7x17 The Born-Again Identity

So, I'll start off by saying that this episode really hit my buttons (i.e. kinks) so well that on the first watch I was a wee bit distracted. I mean this episode gave me druggie!Sam, being crazy then being crazy and restrained with bonus bite guard, taunting Lucifer, and Dean being willing to do anything (even to try and make Cass feel better) to make Sam better. GAH! My buttons, you hit them. However, despite all the happy times button pushing some things (flaws, if you will) still jumped out at me, and they was even clearer on the rewatch, so alas I cannot call this the best episode ever.

My biggest problem is all the damn demons suddenly around again. Now don't get me wrong it makes sense that they was interested in the real deal healer (and I had no problems with the way this was laid-out to bring Meg back, because that part worked, but...), but that didn't seem to be their only interest here, because later in the episode they attack Dean but then also seriously attack Sam, which in context makes no sense. I mean some time ago Crowley called the demons off Dean and Sam so they could handle Dick (hehe - *is twelve*), but now apparently without explanation Crowley has changed his mind, and it really makes no sense. I mean, Dean and Sam are good at dealing with the bad guys, but surely even Crowley wouldn't be expecting over-night results from them considering the (over-sold) nature of the leviathans and all. Or I guess maybe Crowley like me has decided the leviathans aren't a big threat and just doesn't give a fuck anymore. Seriously, it's either that or Crowley is slowly losing control over hell.

Okay, no, my biggest problem is more a personal thing then a story structure thing. Once again Supernatural has robbed me! So much so that it feels like they actually kicked my dog and that is unacceptable! How have they robbed me and kicked my dog you ask. Well once again they managed to keep NAKED FERAL MAN-FLESH from actually appearing on mah screen! I mean, seriously, a perfect time for NAKED FERAL MAN-FLASH would've been during the crazy!Sam thing, but nooooooo! Then... Then... *cries* Well, you heard Cass, right? So, I was denied again, folks! Next thing you know they'll be teasing then denying me NAKED FERAL DEAN! Show, seriously, HAVE MERCY! I have blue lady balls over here! I NEED NAKED FERAL MAN-FLESH IN MAH LIFE!
(But seriously, Show, I'm like Dean from back in Slash Fiction I need something good in my life right now.)

Anyway, speaking of Cass or rather not-Cass and his wife in this episode. Am I the only one who jumped on the thought that she was actually God? I mean, honestly, I don't know why that thought it hit me, but it did and it would not let go. Of course, one of the reasons it might not have let go of me is because two seconds after she was intro'ed she was forgotten about, and if there isn't something more to her then that whole thing was pretty much a waste, and I guess some part of me just doesn't want it wasted.

Finally, a moment of conflict for me - by the end of this episode I was more convinced then ever that Sam wasn't just dealing with hell memories, but was actually dealing with Lucifer, or at least parts/pieces of him, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Part of me does like the idea that something of Lucifer escaped with Sam, but the other part of me doesn't like that because it means that Sam wasn't just dealing with what had happened, but was actually dealing with shit still happening. So, really I'm just not sure how I feel about the idea that Sam was dealing with actual Lucifer and not just memories. I don't think I hate it, but I don't think I love it either.

Why am I thinking Sam was dealing with actual Lucifer instead of memories? Well, at the end when Cass took it into himself Lucifer said "Hello, brother!" Now maybe it's just me, but an actual memory wouldn't know anything had changed and would still be talking to Cass as though he was still talking to Sam, but that brother remark makes it clear that Lucifer knew hosts had changed, and I just don't see how an actual memory would know that. And maybe I'm a little disappointed by that, as well, because the stories of Sam and Cass aren't always drastically different, so I imagine Cass could still be plenty tormented (with maybe some bonus confusion thrown in) by Lucifer taunting Sam because some of those taunts would no doubt hit home for Cass, as well.

Speaking of all that I'm betting some fans had problems with Cass "magically" healing Sam, but I guess I didn't because that's pretty much where I figured things would go from the moment I heard Cass was coming back. And, to be honest, the whole thing just seemed fitting somehow. So I didn't have any problems with that, except for the fact that I liked the fact that Cass left at the end of 7x01 with things not resolved, and so I wasn't exactly thrilled to hear Cass was coming back for an issues resolve, because for some reason I just liked the unfinished nature of the whole thing, but now with the way this episode ended even I feel that Cass needs to at least return once more, because the way this ended was not unfinished in a way that I liked.

So, overall a good solid episode, but as per usual there was a few WTF? moments included just for good measure apparently.

And I'm forced to admit that Lucifer is correct in this episode - There's ALWAYS a new ten. Always!