See, I told you I'd at least be timely with my The Vampire Diaries review this week. *grin*

The Vampire Diaries 3x17 Break On Through


I don't know how I knew it, but I knew Damon wasn't as screwed by the lovely ladies (or okay Becka is lovely Sage so far is just leaving me cold) as it first appeared. Seriously, I guess it could've been because he burned the book, but still there was just something about the whole thing that made me think this time Damon's plans weren't spoiled at all, and in the end I was right.

Also, I knew when Alaric gave the ring back to Elena that just taking off (and giving up the ring) wasn't going to end the crazy. So, either my brain was in top form last night, OR the script for this episode was not. I can't decide, because while I did really like this episode there was some stuff that... I don't know just didn't seem up to this shows usual standards.

Anyway, there was a lot of other stuff in this episode - Bonnie's mom runs again. Not surprising, really, what is surprising is how little I actually care. Though I do find myself wondering how Bonnie will manage to blame her mothers running on Elena, because she's really good at blaming Elena for things that aren't exactly Elena's fault. *coughs* So, moving on...

There's Meredith, Alaric, and Elena, which I care so much more about, and also I finally figured out why I kept thinking Meredith was not on the up and up. It's because the actress playing Meredith in The Vampire Diaries is the same actress who plays Melissa (Spencer's older sister) on Pretty Little Liars and while Melissa is not exactly evil (at least as far as we know so far) she is a shady as hell character (or at least being presented that way) and I think that was bleeding (unintentionally) over in to how I see/saw Meredith. But shockingly I kinda find myself glad that Meredith is not evil, while I'd have kinda liked for Pretty Little Liars to reveal that Melissa was A, but alas...

Of course, that leads to Alaric, and since said actor has been cast as lead in another CW pilot I do find myself wondering if the current storyline eventually ends with Alaric leaving the show. However, I think the pilot he's been cast in is a show that won't have a full season, so possibly he could play both. Basically, what I'm saying is who the hell knows? With The Vampire Diaries anything is certainly possible. But regarding Alaric's condition it seems more like possession then just the ring actually making him crazy, because sure crazy will run around killing, but the killing agenda seems a bit (I hate to word it this way, but...) to sane. He (and others who've worn the ring) are killing council members because they aren't properly protecting the town from vampires and that is slightly less crazy then just running around killing people.

Of course, that makes me wonder why Alaric was so hot to go after Meredith instead of Elena - maybe an age thing, but Meredith is kinda using the vampires for the benefit of humans while Elena's just dating them. One kinda benefits more humans then the other is what I'm saying.

Oh, and Elena called Jeremy (and we actually saw him) at the end of this episode. Alas, I kinda got the feeling that Jeremy was lying when he said he hadn't spoken to Alaric recently, but Elena didn't pick up on that. So now I'm wondering two things, really. First I'm trying to figure out how many times Jeremy has died and come back wearing the ring - there's at least two that I can remember, but alas I don't have this series on DVD and because of lack of space I don't even have much of the current season saved on DVR, so I'm having to go by my memory to figure out if he's died and come back just enough to be a little possessed. Also, now I suspect Elena calling Jeremy was equal parts because she missed him, but also wanting to ascertain whether or not his mind was affected by the ring, or at least I hope that was part of her agenda, because it is kind of important. But if it was part of her agenda I wonder how she expected to discover anything really from a short phone conversation, so maybe I'm supposed to believe she mostly just called him because she missed him (this is aided, of course, by the song playing during this), but considering what just went down with Alaric that seems short-sighted of her.