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So, as you know if you've read this journal much at all then you know I've spent the past three years dealing with unknown (until now) foot pain that was finally starting to get so bad... Well, it was enough that I was actually saving up for a wheelchair. Well, anyway you might know that last year I got laid off from my long term job where there wasn't much stress on my feet so I was able to keep working that job even after the pain started, which is why being laid off was a much more scary thing then it would've been otherwise, because the shape I was in meant even if I could get another job that didn't mean I could keep it.

But I did get a summer job (that ended up only lasting a month) and that job just about killed me. The foot pain increased, but even then doctors (yes, until now I'd visited half a dozen doctors and spent more then two thousand dollars with no results - and two of said doctors was actually foot doctors who really should have known) still didn't know what was wrong so I was left in pain.

Finally, I scored my most recent job, and I really did/do like my most recent job, but over the past month I was having to consider quitting, because my feet was starting to hurt so badly that I literally could not do the job I was hired to do, and figured it might be slightly better to quit then wait for them to fire me. Seriously, after two months it had gotten so bad that I did get in some trouble for having to sit down so much and still not being able to do everything I was supposed to.

Well, that was the kick in pants I needed, I started looking for yet another doctor, because whether I liked my current job or not I couldn't exactly afford to lose it. And last month I went to a new doctor, but thanks to a recommedation from my dad instead of seeing yet another foot doctor I went to a chiropractor. And shock of shocks (considering that TWO FREAKIN' foot doctors had no clue) the chiropractor seemed to know instantly what my problem was. I'm not kidding. I described how I was hurting and where - he took one (ONE) X-Ray of each foot, which revealed all. Now the first foot doctor I saw did take an X-Ray of one of my feet, but turns out it's the one he didn't X-Ray that was the bigger problem, and if he'd X-Rayed that one maybe even he would've known what was wrong.

Anyway, he gave me a foot adjustment that instantly helped - The swelling feeling (in my toes, which wasn't actually swollen just felt that way all the time) was gone with two little touches to each foot. Turns out I had something called... Well, I can't spell it, but it was a problem with the "muscle" (not actually a muscle, but...) in the bottom of my foot that ended up causing heel spurs (hence the reason the pain kept getting more extreme over time), and because they'd gone untreated for so long... Well, I have one tiny spur on one foot (which is probably more a result of the other foot being so bad meaning I was walking so much heavier on that foot then the other one), which isn't really a problem, but I have two spurs on the other foot - one tiny and one large ass mother. Seriously, I can't read X-Rays for shit and even I spotted this big mother before the doctor pointed it out - he did have to point out the two smaller ones.

So, not only did he adjust to remove the swelling feeling, but then he did something that honestly felt like he was trying to twist my foot off. But suddenly (and I'm not kidding before I left his office my feet felt better then they had in over a year) for two days there was no pain (also the feeling of my feet being on fire was gone). Then, of course, after those two days I had to work three days in a row, but still for two of those days there was no pain, alas on the third one the pain returned. Now this doctor had mentioned that I'd eventually have to get custom made insoles for my shoes, because all the adjustments would do is keep it from getting worse not make it go away. So, after the pain started again (and honestly it seemed worse then before) I went back and told him to go ahead and order the expensive things, because I knew I couldn't do without them.

Now what followed was, of course, expected. You see, I knew at some point I'd be scheduled to work four days in a row, and I had been hoping to get these insoles before that. Well, alas no, I had ordered them, but hadn't got them. But I came up with an idea - first I cut up an inter-tube to keep the spur from touching the bottom of my shoe. Well, that worked, but my homemade thing had to be so tall that it cramped the rest of my foot. By the third day I knew I was screwed, because I wasn't sure I'd make it through that third day let alone a forth. Then I had an idea! In addition to my homemade insole I'd cut up a pillow and shove a soft slice of heaven in my shoe, and shockingly that's what allowed me to get through the third and forth day, but of course that was not without a consequence. My back finally started hurting during my third day luckily until that day my foot problems had not caused back problems, but now it was.

Anyway, that's why my first day off after working four getting out of bed just wasn't happening, except I had to get up because my doggie had stitches from a surgery to remove one big ass tumor (it honestly should've been removed sooner, but my vet wouldn't set up a payment plan, so I had to work enough at the new job to save up for it, which meant it just kept growing during that time, because I was in no shape to ask for more hours which meant saving went slow) and those stitches needed to come out. So, I self-medicated and dragged my ass up, and thanks to my dad who when called on said he'd drive us to the vet, because that day me and driving wasn't something that was gonna happen. Finally, I got home and went back to bed certain that the next day I could just stay in bed all day long - I was hopeful that if I stayed in bed and off my feet long enough the pain would eventually go away.

Well, naturally (though thankfully) my doctor called the next day to tell me the insoles was there and I could pick them up - I didn't mind getting out of bed for that, though it still went as slow as the day before, but finally I got them, but then... *cries* I was told I couldn't just start wearing them all day right away because for almost three years I'd been walking all wrongly and everything (extemely wrongly for the past year) because of the pain so now my body would need to slowly adjust to being corrected otherwise the pain from that would be just as bad (if not worse) as the previous pain.

Now the funny part here is that I honestly hadn't realized how badly my posture had gone off track because of trying to find a way to stand/walk that didn't hurt (or at least hurt less then all other positions), but when me and the doctor was looking at my shoes (to find a pair the insoles would fit in) I realized that all my recent shoes was seriously mis-shapen. Luckily I still had my favorite pair of shoes that was only a couple months old before the pain started and they was not mis-shapen because once the pain really started I had to stop wearing them, but I'd also purchased a new pair of shoes just after I started my current job that I'd only been able to wear a couple times because there hadn't been enough room in them for me to cram insoles and/or other cushion stuff down in so they wasn't seriously mis-shapen either, and the custom-made insole perfectly fitted in either pair, so yay!

And, yes, my feet are still hurting, but it's a different hurting then it was before, and after just one day and a half they do feel so much better, but even my back is finally starting to ease up today. Don't get me wrong it's still pain city, but I can now stand (and sit) without literally crying out. So, perhaps now hopefully I can at the very least do my job and not have to worry about being fired because my body just won't let me do it.

Mostly though this has all made me wish that after going to that first foot doctor just over two years ago that I'd went to a chiropractor way back then. Perhaps if I had the spur would not have gotten as big as it has. But either way thanks to this new doctor I've taken steps that will help keep the pain at bay, and most importantly I actually (and finally) know what the hell is wrong, so even if I don't exactly feel better yet I do feel better just because I finally know what the problem is, and that's all I really wanted in the beginning to know what was wrong.

Also, maybe now working won't cause me such pain that it takes days to recover after working so I can start keeping up with all my other little non-working things better, and of course stop endlessly complaining about my pain my pain.
Like I said on Terran, I hope this means that your troubles will be over soon. :D