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Okay, so this is extremely extremely late, but it's not my fault. First my job made me work four days in a row, and considering my physicial condition that wasn't going to end well (though, to be fair, it went better then I expected on my feet, but worse - so much worse on my back), but then I had to crawl out of bed the day after and take my dog back to the Doc to get her stitches out (she had surgery the week before), and then today my Doc called my with my custom made soles for my shoes.

Now obviously I could go on and on, but I'll just jump right to the reviews instead.

The Vampire Diaries 3x16 1912

To sum up in a word - WOW!

Although, it is starting to bother me that heavy stuff goes down with Bonnie and then instead of having Bonnie around to deal they ship her off to go skydiving. But that's pretty much the only flaw in this otherwise stellar episode. The best part of this episode was the Damon/Stefan interactions, though maybe if Supernatural would stop failing on the Dean/Sam stuff I wouldn't treasure the Damon/Stefan stuff so much. Oh, who am I kidding? The Vampire Diaries is the show that hasn't had enough incest shippiness, though recently Supernatural has dropped the ball.

And you know what since this is so bloody late I'm just stopping there, maybe for this weeks episode I'll be back to my usual over-wordy self.

Supernatural 7X16 Out With the Old

You know if I was prone to letting my ego run loose I'd take the whole opening bit of this episode as a personal shout-out to me, because obviously my extreme foot pain is well known, and every so often my feet have felt as though they are going to explode. Though I am a teeny bit disappointed we did not get to see Dean put on the shoes, but oh well one can't have everything.

Of course, I had another little issue - the boiling hot drinking scene I had to look away, which surprised me. So, the show should've at least given me dancing Dean as compensation.

There's also a side-plot with leviathans, and the two leviathans in this episode were almost as amusing as Chet from way back, but alas they didn't top Chet. But mostly why I'm not talking about this much is really because it makes no sense... I mean possibly by the end it will be wrapped up in a way that makes sense, but so far I'm just not understanding why in the beginning the leviathans was considered dangerous enough to require locking away. I mean granted they are hard to kill, but otherwise they seem rather tame to me.

Then there's Frank - clearly we're supposed to assume Frank finally dug deep enough to require his death at the hands of a leviathan, and I suppose I might buy that, but for some reason I feel like Frank has faked his death and has now taken off for parts unknown. But again there's some here that doesn't make sense - Bobby said before dying that he figured out what they (the leviathans) was up to, but now it seems as though nothing is happening on that front, instead it's happening all over... Again though this could be made to make sense if you just assume that Frank didn't get out of the numbers what Bobby intended with the numbers, but that's still a gap I shouldn't be forced to try and fill on my own, you know.

Still despite a few flaws/problems this was actually a good episode, so...

Just a note - for this week my The Vampire Diaries review will probably be up on Friday, while the Supernatural review will at least be delayed until Sunday, but at least it won't be as late as this time around.
*hugs* Hope you'll feel better soon. And that those soles will work.