So, I am somewhat extremely late getting these reviews done. Basically what happened is that not working on Thursday made me lazy so I didn't go ahead and handwrite my review as/while I watched the episode, and so of course I then worked the next three days, which meant I needed to rewatch The Vampire Diaries before reviewing.

That still wouldn't have made me this late... Well, honestly I get tired of complaining on here all the time, I really do, but I wore a really bad evil pair of shoes to work Friday, which pushed the nail of my pinky toe into the side of my pinky toe, and then had to work two more days on top of that. So, no, it's still not healed, and probably won't be completely healed by the next time I work, but it is better since I haven't been on it much since I clocked out of work last night.

And, of course, now that The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural won't be airing new episodes for awhile I have the next weekend off. *sigh*

And now for something I don't mind bitching about. You know how recently Entertainment Weekly had The Vampire Diaries on the cover - I'm sure you do. Well, they had three different covers, but since I have mine mailed to me I didn't choose my cover... You see where this is going right? One of the covers I'd have loved, and even a second one wouldn't have been bad, but of course they send me the Anti-Damon/Elena fan the Damon/Elena cover. *sigh* But I'm more okay with that then you'd think, because I can always just pretend that it's the actors and not the characters.

Anyway... Moving on...

Oh, but one more thing - still not entirely used to this keyboard so there may be mistakes o' plenty peppered through this.

The Vampire Diaries 3x15 All My Children

So, lots of good stuff happened in this episode, and while I really enjoyed the episode I am still in a wee bit of pain so I probably won't be covering half of it because I basically want to get this over and done with before going back to bed and praying that I heal over the next little bit, because I literally cannot afford to call in sick to work. Basically I'm saying there will be no tl;dr from me again this week.

Probably what I liked best about this episode is the SalCest - that's something that was strong in the books, but damn near missing from the TV series, but it is finally starting to find itself worked in, so I is happy. But I also kinda liked how this show had me rooting against myself (i.e. humans), because while I understand that ultimately Klaus will have to be killed, because I don't see how a redeemed Klaus is remotely possible, and I'm sorry, as much as I love him I don't want to see him kept around until he goes the way of Spike and other characters that started out as great characters but basically ended as whimpers. And, to be honest, the same goes for Becky, I love her, but I think a redeemed!Becky would tarnish the character for me. Elijah is the only one I can really see working out in the long term, which is good, but I will miss Klaus and Becky when the time comes.

Oh, and despite the fact that last week convinced me Meredith was not guilty of killing the vampire blood juiced humans this episode pretty much revealed that she is the one doing it, and Alaric may be about to die, and if she does shoot him it would be for reals, because as far as when know Meredith is human and the gun is a human weapon... Is it bad that despite the fact that I like Alaric I'm still kinda hoping she shoots him anyway?

Then there's Bonnie and Bonnie's mom, and the falling out of Elena and Bonnie... I still don't care about Bonnie's mom, but really if you didn't see her "death" coming from a mile away (seriously from the moment she appeared in the series it was gonna happen) then you just haven't been paying attention. Of course, I admit the show did momentarily fake me out here, because just for one brief second I honestly thought Stefan was gonna vamp Bonnie. And admittedly that would've been a twist I wouldn't have seen coming.

Finally, I know Bonnie has lost her Grams plus now the womb that bore her I still just felt bad for Elena when Bonnie basically cut her out, because I know Elena would've rather been killed herself then have someone (anyone) else suffer, so right or wrong I found myself feeling so much more for Elena here then I did Bonnie. This would've felt weird to me before, because I really loved book!Bonnie so I might've felt all wrong not really feeling show!Bonnie, but I finally managed to accept sometime last season that I was just never gonna love show!Bonnie like I loved book!Bonnie, and I realized for sure during this episode that I was actually okay with not liking show!Bonnie.

Supernatural 7x15 Repo Man

First things first - I love love love the fact that in the library scene in this episode Sam has bags under his eyes that was a nice subtle little way of showing not telling the strain and stress Sam is under. Though admittedly I can't stop myself from wondering if they achieved this effect by paying someone to follow Jared around and stop him from sleeping/relaxing OR if some talented make-up person had more to do with it.


Also, I LOVE MARK! Honestly, while I've always thought more could've been done with the aftermath from the beginning of this season. Though I was thinking small things like Sam's eyes looking at something no one else (perhaps including the audience) doesn't see, and things like that, but... Well, now I think they should've made Mark a regular for this season, because how great would it have been to have Luci in the background commenting on everything and begging for Sam's attention (also just screwing with him like he did in the bloody head-banging scene)... Or hell just sticking his forked tongue out at Sam at least once per episode.

Though I am starting to wonder if this might actually be Luci and not just mental trauma, which is good even if he isn't real, though seriously I am starting to wonder if Sam might actually be carrying around a fragment (if you will) of Luci with him. But again even if he's not this is awesome, because it's so hard to tell that it gives me shivers thinking about how much trouble Sam has to be having with it all.

However, I admit to some confusion - you see the episode thingie starts by saying "four years ago," but which four? Are we counting the missing year that is at times randomly forgotten by even the writers or not? The previouslys seem to want one to believe this happened sometime in season four, but the way past Dean and Sam behaved doesn't feel completely true to season four, though it's not completely true to season three Dean and Sam either. So, I guess good show on making it the viewers choice. But seriously Dean doesn't seem quite screwed up enough to be post-hell Dean, and Sam certainly doesn't seem screwed up enough to be either pre or post Dean in hell.

Also, this episode exposed me to one of my own logic gaps here. You see, recently I was thrilled that Supernatural killed a kid, but this episode made me sad when they killed a dog, even though they did not kill the dog on screen, but the sound effects and the cone... Poor puppy. But, hey, I'm okay with this logic gap of mine.

And I know some mock the CGI flames, but I loved the way this episode used them. SUE ME!

Finally, "the rapier wit, the wittier rape." Also, "he said 'shut up' to me." I'm sure there are other actors who could fill this role, but I'm not sure any of them could have pulled it off as perfect as Mark did here. No, seriously I honestly believe Luci has more then a little crush on Sam, and of course given his character a little crush would certainly come off this disturbingly.

So, that's all this time around, maybe hopefully by the time these shows return I'll at least half a weekend or two off while they air and will then be able to get back to my normal wordy self.