So, not as late with these this time around as I was last time. However, I really sincerely thought about cheating big time.

For example: The Vampire Diaries - I liked it! Supernatural - I both liked it but also didn't like it.

Seriously, I was still in enough pain today that when I finally drug myself out of bed I just didn't really feel like writing them, but then decided to just do it and get it over with. Basically, what I'm saying is that this time around there will be no tl;dr from me today.

The Vampire Diaries 3x14 Dangerous Liaisons

So, I've heard/seen some chatter about how viewers are getting annoyed with Elena, and while I have found myself at various times annoyed with her this episode wasn't one of those times. Yes, she wanted Damon distracted so she could see Original Mother, and I'll admit Stefan's distracting of Damon was a wee bit over the top, BUT Elena only wanted Damon distracted it was Stefan who decided out cold was better then distracted.

So, I'm not sure why exactly people are getting annoyed at Elena, unless it's simply because Elena isn't simply swooning into the arms of their male of choice (Damon) for her. Obviously, part of the reason Stefan and Elena worked was because right or wrong Stefan did tend to respect her right to make choices, though now his actions indicate that he didn't necessarily trust her to make the right choices (he proves this by doing his best to keep her out of his top secret plans), but again these are things that tend to annoy me about Stefan and not so much Elena. And while Damon's goal to keep Elena safe is not a bad one sometimes there's little difference in feeling safe and feeling smothered, so I understand why Elena would rather not.

Anyway, as I said I liked this episode much more then I was expecting to, cause I figured this whole ball thing was like a neon flashing light indicating this was a filler episode. And instead while there was some filler here there was probably only about as much filler in this weeks episode as there was last weeks action packed episode.

Okay, as you can obviously tell I'm having trouble deciding what I actually want to say about this episode. The stuff with the mother was interesting, but I don't want Elijah to die... Well, for that matter I don't really want Klaus and Becky to die either, the rest I kinda don't care about, but those three really do need to hang around longer. Speaking of which, I want to know what Klaus is up to with Caroline, because all things considered I'm having trouble buying that he really likes her.

Mostly I think my problem comes from the ending itself - Damon goes a bit nuts, which I'm not saying doesn't make sense, it just... I don't know, really, I just don't think I liked it. But also the sex with Becky, which again makes sense for his character, but I like Becky and I just don't think Damon's good for her.

SO, again a good solid episode just a few things here and there for whatever reason just didn't really work for me.

Supernatural 7x14 Plunky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

So, as I said above I both like this episode, but also kinda didn't like it either. I'm not entirely sure why, but it could be that there was moments where Dean was a bit too dickish for my tastes. Don't get me wrong, while I like his character he's never been a character that I imagined myself hanging out with, and he got some good stuff in this episode, but the end bit with the teasing... Well, I expected to be uncomfortable with that, but I wasn't expecting to come away feeling "that Dean - what a dick!"
(What makes this even stranger is the fact that I'm usually a fan of dick!Dean, but not this time.)

Also, the episode cuts or whatever was a bit weird - I understand this was meant to homage Yellow Fever (an episode that I really liked), but what can I say it was just a bit weird.

On the other hand:

Dick on Dick!

Dean says no to hot chicks, or plans to.

Rainbow shitting unicorn (possibly the best thing about this episode at least until...)

Right Friggin' Now

(...)Sam covered in rainbow colored clown jizz!

Poor Sam.

Speaking of poor Sam, I think a part of my problem here harkens back to one of the problems I had with Season 7, Time for a Wedding - the clown on Sam violence (plus the fact that he couldn't kill the clowns) should have triggered a bad episode (mentally) for Sam, which again failed to happen. I mean, I realize everyone copes differently to trauma, but considering all that's happened to Sam since the second episode of this season those methods should've started very seriously to fail, and the perfect time for that to have started would've been that Becky episode, and this episode would've been a good continuation of that, and the death of Bobby should've probably played in there somewhere, as well.

But if you ignore that fact that this episode should've set Sam back mentally it's not really a bad episode. Certainly not bad like that Becky episode where you'd have to ignore just about everything about it to make it not a bad episode.