So, finally, here are my reviews - read under the first cut to see why so late, or just skip to the finally posted reviews - readers choice.

First cut intended to post on 2/6/2012
Second and Third cut intended to post on 2/7/2012.

NOTE: I typed this yesterday, and intended to post this yesterday, but my new PC was resisting LJ, so just pretend all this under the first cut went up one (or two, depending on when you're reading this) day before the reviews, because the reviews couldn't have been posted before now, because I didn't have them typed up.

Yes, I know I've been missing, and while yes I've been working most of the days I've been missing online since Wednesday that has NOT been the only reason I've been missing.

But we shall start at the beginning. I knew my The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural reviews would be late this time around, though admittedly Wednesday I had no idea how late. *sigh*

Anyway, this week at work the computer system was upgraded, which means for one whole shift I had to do math without the aid of a cash register/calculator (I demand a raise now, thank you, because somehow I got through it), and if you know me at all then you know me and math are not the best of friends - I suck only slightly less at math then J K Rowling.

Fun fun days is all I'm saying, and sadly the fun didn't stop there - lets just say all around this week was so much fun that if I have another week like this I'm a-gonna shoot myself. That's how much fun it's been.

Anyway, on the day the system at my job got fixed (for a certain value of the word fixed - I mean if you know PCs at all you know these things never go smoothly - two days later it still wasn't working properly) my own personal PC decided it was time to die. Seriously, I wasn't going to turn it on Friday, but someone in my house did, and there was this high pitched whistling noise... And that's all my poor PC would do.

That means I've lost quite a bit of information, because I got lazy. When I first got my last PC I backed up everything at least once a month, but it's probably been four/five months since the last time I did that, which means I'm having to find certain websites and crap again without a handy button to click. It sucks ass is what it does.

However, late Friday night (because I always work late when I work Friday) I went to the general super store to buy a new PC before coming home. Well, guess what? Go ahead - GUESS!

My new PC did not have a dial-up Modem (though I didn't discover that until the next day, because I was in pain, tired, and sleepy by the time I got home on Friday), so on this my first day off in forever (okay, not forever, just feels like it after the week its been) I had to go around looking for a modem. Well, obviously, I found one - had to go a hundred miles (round trip) to get it and get it back home, but damn it I got it!
(And since I went cheap, I guess I should have expected a complete lack of what I needed/wanted.)

The worst thing (aside from the wacky fun math work-week) is that on this new PC EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT. And I don't like it - I WANTS MY PRECIOUS BACK! YES, WE WANTS OUR PRECIOUS!

I especially dislike the keyboard, because everything is smushed together, which means I'm hitting lots of buttons that I do not intend to hit. *sigh* SO, yeah, my reviews are gonna be delayed just a bit longer until I get a bit more used to this new keyboard, but worse still is that even windows itself is completely different to any windows I've used before, and I HATES IT!

Basically, what I'm saying is I want my old PC back and working, but according to the guy I took it to that one would have to pretty much be rebuilt from the ground up which means I'd still have lost so much anyway, but at least I wouldn't have so much trouble figuring everything out. Though I suppose eventually I'll get used to this one. BUT RIGHT NOW I WANTS THE PRECIOUS BACK!

Oh and apparently this my new PC does not like LJ at all, because it does not want to let me log on. I thought I'd finally got it, because I discovered (finally) that the privacy settings was sky-high, but even after lowering them I still can't log on to LJ.
(Or it seems the modem just needed to warm up before it would work properly. Basically, I got no idea why it's suddenly working great, but didn't want to work for nothing right after I hooked it up.)

PS - have I mentioned that I just do not love this newer version of windows, because I don't, in fact I hate it! I WANTS MY PRECIOUS (i.e. XP) BACK!


Yes, I very much missed my old PC when I typed this, but I am starting to get used to this new one, and am in some ways starting to like it.

The Vampire Diaries 3x13 Bringing Out the Dead

Alright, since I'm still not exactly used to this keyboard, and I can't get WordPad to format this document like I would like I'm just getting on with the typing of this. Also hoping the more I type the more used to typing on this new keyboard.

Sooooo, Elijah awakes and is pissed. He almost wakes another original, but then Klaus starts talking, and I guess despite the fact that Klaus staked him Elijah doesn't really know any better than to listen. Okay, Elijah is kind of a dumbass here.

Then the stake that killed the human is traced back to Alaric and Elena, the latter's finger prints are all over it. DUN DUN DUN! Now as far as the cops are concerned Elena is the prime suspect, but to Alaric (and maybe Elena) Meredith is the prime suspect, though Elena clearly doesn't believe Meredith did it, she thinks maybe Klaus or Stefan did it.

So, Elijah talks to Damon, so perhaps Elijah isn't as trusting of Klaus as I first assumed.

Tension between Bonnie and Stefan that shockingly just isn't all that interesting, because admittedly in the books I did ship Stefan and Bonnie just a little bit. Anyway, Stefan isn't happy about having only the one coffin.

Then Elena confronts Stefan - you know you can say what you want to about this show, but it does give you lots and lots of story during a forty(ish) minute episode. Anyway, Elena confronts Stefan about the human staking, and Stefan is offended (I don't know why, after what he did to Elena how could he think Elena would still trust and believe in him), but Stefan shows his ass by pointing the finger at Damon. And honestly at this point Damon being the killer is way more of a stretch then Stefan.

Meredith and Caroline bond a bit when Caroline shows up to take daddy!dearest home, but daddy!dearest was such an ass that Meredith released him early and he's long gone. Caroline is hurt. However, when Meredith reveals that she knows Caroline is a vampire alarm bells start ringing in my head. Seriously, I am not at all happy Meredith knows about Caroline. Anyway, now Elena is there, and Caroline tries calling daddy!dearest, and she hears his phone ringing nearby, which means he hasn't left the hospital.

Elena and Caroline find daddy!dearest with a stake in his heart. And weirdly enough somehow (honestly I have no idea why) but this makes me side with Elena - Meredith is not guilty, at least not when it comes to the humans staked like vampires. Okay, daddy!dearest wasn't staked, he was stabbed with a knife, but same result. Someone clearly knows what Meredith is doing with the vampire blood and is using that to create more vampires.

Now we flip over to Bonnie and mommy!dearest, and it looks like they be on the right track to opening the mystery coffin, though I don't believe mommy!dearest is giving it her all. So, the coffin ain't open yet.

Now Damon is trying to convince Stefan to play "let's make a deal" again, though this time for stalling purposes. Still Stefan doesn't seem interested in playing, because Stefan is quickly moving from awesomely evil to sincerely dumbass. Anyway, Damon lays down the law, but I suspect this is not gonna go smoothly.

Daddy!dearest knows exactly what's happening to him, and he's refusing to play, which all things considered make sense - becoming a vampire would be like his worst nightmare. I think Caroline is going to be unhappy.

Now Elena and Alaric are confused since their prime suspects probably aren't guilty. Okay, Alaric seems more convinced than ever that Meredith did it, but Elena gives voice to the point I've been thinking since daddy!dearest was stabbed - why would Meredith work so hard to save their lives only to kill them. Also, (something Elena didn't say) but why would Meredith even want to create vampires? Okay, fine maybe she could lock the newbie vamps away for their blood, but that seems a stretch. Anyway, Alaric decides the best way to go is to turn all their weapons over to the cops (since whoevers doing this keeps using their weapons). That's going to go well I just know it. In case you missed it that last sentence was full of sarcasm.

Now to the "truce" talks, which also seem to be starting fairly well. NOT! But everyone seems to be playing niceish so far. But the real thing of note here is that Klaus has apparently told Elijah about having killed their mother, and that it's weirdly interesting to watch Damon playing peacekeeper.

Back to Caroline and Elena, and only because through them we learn that Tyler has taken off again, or is in hiding, either way he hasn't been around. Otherwise the girl bonding here is kinda boring and there's very little worthy of note, until Caroline says she suspects Tyler, or rather suspects that Klaus has mind-whammied Tyler into doing the killings. Not unreasonable from her point of view, but kinda out of left field.

Finally, Caroline reveals that she's going to force her father to drink blood and finish the transition into vampire. The idea that she wants to do this should surprise no one, but Elena thinks Caroline should let daddy!dearest make his own choice on this. I guess time will tell if Caroline decides Elena is right. And honestly Elena is - granted I don't like daddy!dearest, but I do think something like that should be up to the person and not what others want.

And now Matt is here - it's weird that he was inserted into this scene, but whatever...

Klaus is dropping some interesting information about the Petrova line (i.e. Katherine and Elena's older relative). Basically, Klaus and Elijah both loved the original Petrova, but then their mother turned them into vampires and basically tricked them into killing her. This might explain why Elijah isn't as unhappy about what Klaus did to their mother as I thought he would've been. Because honestly I expected Elijah to be almost as pissed as Becky was.

Then Bonnie and mommy!dearest have strong words with each other, basically I was right and mommy!dearest was holding back, so basically Bonnie blackmails mommy!dearest into doing it right. This time the spells almost works, and Bonnie goes to call Damon leaving mommy!dearest alone with the now opening coffin, and I don't trust mommy!dearest.

So, of course, we jump back to the truce talks. Klaus refuses to leave Mystic Falls, but it seems not because he really loves the place, but because he doesn't trust Damon and Stefan to protect Elena, which is a damn nice twist. Anyway, Damon leaves to room to get some "air," because apparently he's been offended or something.

And now Matt's walking Elena home, and Caroline isn't there. DAMN IT! GET BACK TO Mommy!Dearest and BONNIE!

Oh, wait! The power is out in Elena's house when they get there, so this could be interesting. And sure enough there's a big puddle of blood, and then a staked Alaric. So, yeah, okay, this is worth the delay in getting back to Bonnie and mommy!dearest.

Alaric like daddy!dearest before him didn't see who staked him, so that mystery continues. They agree that Elena has to kill him... They don't know for sure, but Alaric (and Elena) hope that her killing him will make his death a supernatural death and then the ring will bring him back as human.

Then back to truce time for barbs and tension, and also Klaus suggesting that it would be better for Damon and Stefan to leave Elena to Matt or some other human. It's weird, but I think Klaus is a shipper - I'd love to see him join the ship wars on the internet, because I don't think he'd take debating well.

Needless to say Damon is not impressed by that suggestion, and neither is Stefan, but for once Stefan is ahead of the curve here. He knows why Klaus wants Elena to settle down with a human, and that's because he wants Elena to have a baby so then at some point down the line there will be another doppelganger.

Also, Klaus really wants the mystery coffin, and I guess now that's it's open he can have it, though neither Damon or Stefan seems to know that, which makes me want to get back to Bonnie and mommy!dearest even more.

Anyway, a deal finally seems to be happening, but Stefan says no, and Klaus goes a little nuts. Finally, Damon agrees to give Klaus the mystery coffin, and he clearly doesn't know it's been opened. Klaus orders Elijah to go with Damon.

And now we move, but not to Bonnie and mommy!dearest, but to Caroline and daddy!dearest who bond like crazy, and if I hadn't hated daddy!dearest from the start I might be touched here, but as it is - NEXT!

FINE! Caroline wants daddy!dearest to drink blood and turn, daddy!dearest refuses, and Caroline takes it personally, which is a bit understandable all things considering, but there's other stuff in this episode I am more interested in then this! Anyway, Caroline tries one last time and then seems to accept that daddy!dearest ain't gonna do it.

Stefan is trying to get Klaus to kill him, because he knows that's how this will ultimately end, but Klaus has other ideas. What those are we don't really find out, because suddenly Elijah is back, and apparently he has not trusted Klaus this entire time but was instead playing Klaus, because Elijah reveals that he removed the stakes from his two brothers.

WHOA! He woke Becky to. AWESOME! Becky is pissed by the way. However, none of them are very happy. Elijah tells Damon and Stefan to leave, because this is a family matter. Damon and Stefan leave and it looks like the originals are going to torture Klaus. This be awesome!

Then daddy!dearest is dead, and Caroline cries. Alaric hasn't woken yet, so Elena asks Matt to stay with her.

And now Damon and Stefan bond a bit - AWESOME! Oh, and they both finally admit to themselves (Damon) and each other (again Damon) that they both love Elena.

And it seems Meredith has an air-tight alibi this time around. And Alaric finally starts to awake - will he be transiting to vampire or will he be human?

Finally, back to Bonnie and mommy!dearest who are both out cold--

The originals reveal they plan to kill Elena and leave Klaus all alone.

So, this episode wasn't all A+, but enough of it was to make this episode worthy of note.

Oh, and finally--

The originals mother was the one in that final coffin, and she doesn't seem to have plans to kill Klaus, she wants them to be a family again. Drag. Also, everyone including Klaus thought it was his mother who was wanting to kill Elena to stop Klaus from making anymore hybrids, but that doesn't seem to be the case, so now I'm wondering who's the one actually trying to piss in Klaus's cheerios.

Okay, finally, done. You don't even want to know how long it took me to type this from my notes - this new keyboard even after all this still keeps FUBARing me.

Supernatural 7x13 The Slice Girls

So, yes, I watched this episode on Friday night, which fell right in the middle of my week from hell. So, I wasn't really expecting to love this episode, because between my bad mood and some of the SPOILERS I'd seen (you know before my old PC died) I just didn't think this would be an episode I'd enjoy. Surprise surprise not only did I not hate this episode but I kinda loved it.

But considering my typing speed is currently next to nothing, I'm going to jump right in to this.

Was I the only one who suspected this episode was hinting something was wrong with Dean based on nothing but the fact that Sam did all the driving in this episode? Of course that was compounded by the fact that Dean isn't interested in what is clearly a supernatural murder spree. And then, of course, the fact that he actually does the monster chick.

Honestly, I'd always assumed Dean had some subtle methods of checking things out before he slept with the women, but I suppose I could've been wrong, but it does seem weird if he has no check methods and this is the first monster chick he's been with. Also, I'd always assumed Dean used normal protection all the time too. So, basically all this leads me to believe that we're waiting for Sam to melt-down and it's gonna end up being Dean that does.

I really really loved one scene in this episode, and not just because of the AC/DC, though admittedly that was a nice touch. But I loved how the scene flicked back and forth between the hot sex and the violent murder. And, also, SHIRTLESS DEAN, which is always a good thing. But also this episode gifted me with an almost naked Jenna.

Also, totally loved the whole Sam having to much fun with everything Dean/Aunt Jenna related, even if maybe towards the end he took it a little far. Though, I suspect some of that spawned from relief on Sam's part, possibly feeling happy/relieved that it seemed Dean was returning to form, you know. Still the whole thing was nicely ironic and funny all things considered.

(Okay, possibly I didn't spell that right, but I sure as hell shouted it correctly - it's probably a good thing I watch TV alone sometimes.)

Seriously, though it was fun to watch him playing a greedy, puffed up, and twisted verison of Giles. The only thing really missing was the obscene hand-gestures.

Moving on...

There's a bit of a non-sequitor when the black-haired woman and her minion drive away after collecting Emma from her mother. Dean says "I hate when this happens," which WTF?! Has Dean knocked up a chick before and then had the baby taken away from nefarious purposes?

Anyway, moving on...

To the blond lady cop who I shockingly did not suspect at all. Still I like her anyway if for no other reason then the fact that she pulled some great pics of Dean and Sam off the internet.

Ah, and now we move into the heavy-handed hints of stupid!Bobby, but before that Dean comes to realize that he's on the man-killing agenda. Alas, Sam has yet to realize that he's also on the list, and he didn't even get laid - sucks to be Sam. Also, Dean freaks himself out before the hints of stupid!Bobby.

Okay, before stupid!Bobby hints, the show subtly shows that maybe baby!Dean isn't on board with the other ladies. And while I like that the show kept this vague, I admit that I was fooled for a moment.

There's also one other thing - why is Sam so stunned to learn Dean lied to get laid? Seriously, Dean used to do that all the time, and while Sam wouldn't be aware of all instances I know he witnessed one or two personally. So, why so surprised, Sam?

Then stupid!Bobby, though the show tries to vague that up, but you can't have it both ways. You can't be heavy-handed one moment and then vague the next, because it doesn't fool anyone, except I guess the characters themselves.

Speaking of being fooled by baby!Dean I was more then a little shocked that Dean wasn't fooled, because Dean does have a serious blind-spot when it comes to kids monsters or not, and I was expecting that to be magnified since the child in this episode was his. On the other hand, I was not surprised when Dean didn't/couldn't pull the trigger.

But speaking of which, I am delighted that Supernatural finally killed a child. I've long been disappointed that Supernatural has never went there, and so I'm very happy that they finally did. That alone would be enough to make me call this a good episode, but this episode was full of other good stuff, so YAY!

And I loved that Sam was all prissy and bitchy afterward - it made perfect sense for his character, and Jared pulled it off wonderfully. But seriously after that whole Amy thing it makes sense that Sam wouldn't take Dean not being able to pull the trigger very well. And the whole thing played in character for Dean, as well.

Also, struck me as mildly interesting that the amazon tribe didn't have faith in Emma or the lady cop to pull off their missions, because unless it took more time then it seemed for Dean and Sam to clean up after Emma (and Sam just left the lady cop where she fell) then the amazons had to all ready be moving on before they knew whether the missions would succeed. Seriously, I'd think such a tribe as this would be wanting revenge for their fallen. Though I guess it's possible that if the gals failed then the tribe wouldn't miss them because they'd feel the fallen would not be assets.

But now it's late and I'm in pain (also tired), so I'm ending it here. I guess I might watch again and write more since I have no idea when I'll even be able to type this up let alone post to the nets.

(And, hey, after typing both these long reviews I may be starting to get the hang of this keyboard. At least a little bit, because, of course, after typing that sentence I hit a wrong button or two. And then when I came online to post these... *sigh* My internet connection turned flakey again.)