but this is my journal and I'll ramble if I want too.

First, last night the wind was blowing, and I don't mean a calm gentle breeze - I mean it was blowing hard enough to blow branches against the house almost making me pee my pants once. Seriously, I thought when I looked around after that one I was going to find a hole in the wall. Thankfully, I didn't find any holes from the wind, but turns out there are holes in my walls, and a section of floor that is pretty much only carpet. Where? Oh, I will get to that in a moment.

However, I didn't notice that hole right away, and after looking around for wind-damage, I went back to watching TV. It wasn't until I was going to bed (and remember the wind was still blowing), I slipped off my shoes and socks. Once they were off, I noticed a cool breeze slipping across my feet. I quickly realized that the breezes were in time with the wind outside. JOY!

Now a bit of backstory. Back in the Spring/Early Summer my dog was chasing a mouse. Now with my cat, a mouse runs into the wall - chase over. Not so with my dog. No, my dog wasn't going to let a little wall stand between her and her prey. Of course, the wall was already weakened because of a leak around the window (long time ago, the window itself was replaced around eight years ago). Well, we just put a big board down to cover the torn wall - didn't even have to nail it, just used the bed to brace it in place - and it was fine.

However, it is now apparent that said leak weakened more than the wall. The floor (under the head of my bed!) is NOT THERE! Seriously, if it weren't for the carpet I'd have a large gaping hole at the head of my bed where the floor is supposed to be. Still the carpet is actually hanging tough, but the stupid mice have torn several places out of the carpet to get into the house. YAY!

Unexpected American Vacation

So, about a week ago now, I pulled out everything to work on Chapter Four and Five of that story. Easy right? Cause much of those two chapters has already been written. Apparently not, because instead of working on UAV I was attacked by an idea for an X-Files/Forever Knight crossover. Well, that crossover is completely finished, right down the beta/editing, and I had honestly planned to work on UAV, but sadly it hasn't worked out that way.

However, if anyone is still interested in UAV, the reason I say that is because Chapter Three didn't get any reviews - not one stinkin' review. *cough* Anyway, take heart, when I looked at my notes, I realized that I actually have more of Chapter Four finished than I thought, so hopefully by the weekend I'll have four off to betas and hopefully be able to start Chapter Five directly following that.

And I believe after finishing off UAV I may finally get back to Blood Ties, which I've been needing to for over a year, but everytime I think I'm going to be able to another story idea pops in my head. However, something tells me this time may be the one. So, right now, my plan is to finish off all nine (maybe ten) chapters of UAV, then pull out Blood Ties and get that one finally finished up properly.

And being forced to sleep on the couch (probably at least until early next week) shouldn't hinder those plans. Granted the couch isn't as comfortable, but I have sleep well enough on it a few times before. Of course, when I've slept there in the past it was an accident - I laid down and went to sleep unexpectedly. So I'm not sure how well a planned couch sleep will work, but hopefully well enough to get me enough sleep to function properly. But I'm not sleeping on my bed until there is actually a floor under it - one of the last things I need is to be sleeping soundly and wake rudely as my bed crashes through the floor. Forget monsters, trolls, and other fictional fears - spiders (and possibly snakes, though it might - thankfully - be too late in the year for those) live under my house! SPIDERS! Under my house, around my house, in my house - THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! *runs around screaming* Okay, back now, and my point is that one of the last things I need is to be on the bed when the carpet can no longer support it and it goes crashing into their homes (webs, whatever!).

PS - I went to the vet today. No problems, dog just needed a nail trim and I can hold the dog still or cut her nails - I cannot do both. Plus her nails are black and with her squirming it is highly likely I'd hurt her.

Anyway, they had two kittes on the counter (free) and they were adorable - I wanted one real bad. The dog was very curious about them, and neither kitty was afraid of my dog. I think they were just as curious about her as she was them. Well, that might be exactly what my adult cat needs, to see that my dog doesn't actually hate cats/kitties. But my cat remains scared to death of the dog, I don't get it. I mean the cat could take the dog if she really wanted to, instead she runs from the dog, all the time... I managed to walk away from the adorable kitties, but I do wonder if getting a cat that wasn't afraid of my dog could actually help my kitty through her fears.