So, it looks like two less then stellar mid-season returns last week has lead to season (series) low ratings for two actually stellar episodes this week. I guess that's just the way the ball bounces sometimes.

Anyway, despite the fact that I did have to work Thursday and that it spent most of Thursday snowing like crazy, and despite the fact that it was cold enough that some bit of moisture (from the snow, I assume) managed to get into my key-hole and freeze my lock (on my car) while I was working thanks to the fact that my passenger door was not frozen and the fine folks who work for the highway department I managed to make it home Thursday night. Okay, so it took almost twice as long to drive the drive as usual, but I made it home.

And so as to avoid the delays of last week with these reviews I decided to hand-write my The Vampire Diaries review right after watching the episode.

Oh, and look as I sit down to start watching it's snowing again.

The Vampire Diaries 3x11 Our Town

So, anyway, the episode starts with Damon naked in the shower. Of course, we don't see everything, but still naked in the shower is always a good thing, or at least it is when Damon's half-way smiling and not endlessly angsting about something.

This is followed, however, by Elena and Alaric angst. See, I knew the angst would be worked in somewhere. And the episode started so well. *sigh* Okay, I kid, a bit anyway, because Elena (and to a certain extent Alaric) have fairly good reasons to angst at the moment.

And now it's not just snowing, but it's snowing and the wind is very seriously blowing. I am damn glad I'm home all ready!

So, moving on, to my surprise Elena actually tells Bonnie the truth about Jeremy's sudden desire to leave town. Also, a bit shocking is that Bonnie seems kind of okay with it. Weird.

Side note here - Bonnie still can't get the mystery coffin open.

But now it's "happy birthday, Caroline" time, but considering this show I doubt we're going to have a nice normal birthday party. And sure enough this doesn't look good what with Tyler trying to play make up here. However, while I like the couple, I find myself glad they didn't actually make up here, though it is sad.

Ah, and now Stefan is trying to play Klaus, and really Stefan is a bit of a dumbass sometimes, but since this is mostly creepy!Stefan I will be forgiving the dumbass. Anyway, this goes about how you'd expect, Stefan tries to play Klaus... Well, except Stefan makes a demand, Klaus makes a threat, and Stefan kills a hybrid, and it's all kind of badass.

But back to what I'm sure if about to be a very unhappy birthday. Elena, Bonnie, and Matt show up to surprise Caroline with a party, which she's really not in the mood for, and not just because of Tyler, but because she's no longer among the living...

And can I just say this idea behind vampires just never fails to piss me off. At the very least a vampires blood flows through their body which means they are not dead things. But... Letting this go now.

Anyway, a birthday party becomes a funeral, but not in a new (or old) character has died suddenly way, but because Caroline wants to pay respect to her old life while making moves to embrace her new one.

Oh, and interestingly enough Klaus gives Tyler the order to bite Caroline, and to my shock Tyler puts his foot down and refuses to do so, and Klaus just lets it go. I wonder if Klaus let this go because deep down he just really wants a friend. Oh, if only I could believe that.

Anyway, Alaric tries to discover why Elena is acting a bit weird but for once Damon isn't bragging, but you got to admire Alaric's instincts here because while he can't possibly know Damon kissed Elena (and Elena kissed back) he does somehow know that Damon should have the answers to Elena's weirdness.

Ah, and it would seem Bonnie isn't as okay with Elena's decision as she first seemed, because now she's snipping a bit. Shame there isn't a pool here, because I suspect if there was Elena would find herself pushed in in true soap fashion. *coughs* Anyway, instead of fighting Bonnie leaves the party.

Also, Meredith has a history, but I don't really care yet, but I suppose it's worth noting that she knows about vampires, and because of her last name I'm guessing she's probably a member of the founding families. Basically this is a twisting of the character of Meredith from the books. In the show she's older and a doctor, in the books she was a school-mate of Elena. Basically, the Fells in the books (which in the books Meredith was not a Fell) was the town founders, so again I'm thinking this is just a twisting/merging of several things into the character of Meredith.

Anyway, we're at a party for something, sorry but I must have missed what the indoor party was for, and I'm tried so I'm not rewinding to see, because I want to finish this in a somewhat reasonable time frame. And the subject of the hour is for Stefan to be controlled. Klaus is going all out here. Apparently, Stefan has really pissed him off.

But during all this control Stefan talk, the man in question sneaks in and looks ready to kill a hybrid right under their noses. Damon stops him, and then gives him a lecture that's only mildly interesting and only then because it's Damon basically saying "don't kill." Anyway, Stefan does leave without killing, but I don't think this is the end of it.

Back to the "funeral" which Tyler gate-crashes, and this time he's not taking no for an answer. He's determined to make up with Caroline now that he believes he can actually resist Klaus. The words "too soon" flash through my mind, but apparently not Caroline's because suddenly they are a-kissing.

Said kissing is ended with Tyler "accidentally" bites Caroline. I mean, I'm sure he didn't intend to bite her, but he really should've suspected that resisting Klaus would not be so easy.

Then the action ramps up with Stefan kidnapping Elena. And it's all just a bunch of "oh, noes!" from me really.

But you know what I may be tired, but at least things are happening this week on this show, and it's interesting and action-y. This episode would've been a better return then last weeks.

Anyway, Elena apparently, despite all evidence to the contrary, believes Stefan cares for her. At least that's all I can come up to explain why she's still talking, even demanding things as Stefan drives the car and basically ignores her.

Now back to Damon trying to get Klaus to back off, because Stefan be crazy at the moment, and he doesn't even know the half of it, since he doesn't know Stefan has kidnapped Elena yet. And sure enough... DAMN! Stefan threatens to turn Elena in to a vampire, and then he's doing it, he's actually forcing Elena to drink his blood.


And Klaus finally backs down, and I honestly don't blame him, because if Stefan is/was bluffing it was one hell of a bluff, because I believed him.

And sure enough once Klaus backs down, Stefan tries to convince Elena he was bluffing, but never answers her question about what he would've done if Klaus hadn't backed down, which frankly tells me all I need to know. No matter what he says he wasn't actually bluffing here, and I think even Elena picks up on that.

Seriously, I think this broke Elena, which is sad, but good stuff.

However, Klaus is not out yet, he gains the support of the sheriff by offering to "save" Caroline. And, of course, I'm okay with that because it means Caroline will not die, but also because even when Stefan gets one up on Klaus it doesn't mean he's winning this war anytime soon.

It's interesting to note that Klaus seems to be trying to get Caroline to take a walk after he heals her. Is he trying to save her in more then one way here? I think he might be, but it's a little weird.

And now the closing moments, Bonnie shows up as Jeremy's leaving, and I think now she's going to tell him what Elena did, but at the last moment (or maybe she never planned too) she just hugs him and says goodbye. Caroline wakes healthy and to a bit of bling from Klaus. Again, interesting. Elena and Matt do a little bonding on the fateful bridge (of death!), and Matt manages to cheer Elena up, and I realize that he's been in this episode a lot, and while I still don't like him I didn't actively hate him once during this episode. Weird.

But just before the credits roll we're treated to the sight of a human staked through the heart like a vampire. DUN DUN DUN! Did Meredith kill him mistakenly believing him to be a vampire, or is she just a killer in general?
(Okay, possibly she had nothing at all to do with this, but the episode itself kind of hinted that she might have.)

Good times.

Supernatural 7x12 Time After Time

So, the night before last (Thursday) coming home from work there was snow and it was bad. But last night was not a cake-walk either. Yes, the snow was gone, and aside from a few frozen spots the roads was clear, but it was also so very very cold, which wouldn't have been an issue, except my driver door froze hard enough that even though I got it open I couldn't get it to close again. So, I drove over half-way home last night having to hold my door closed. That first cramped my hand and then my shoulder started to hurt. I finally had to pull over the rest myself a bit, and thankfully while I was resting the bit of frozen melted, because before I pulled out I was finally able to actually close the door and the door latch.

Anyway, my point is that I suffer for you guys since I went ahead (tired and in pain) hand-wrote this review last night. I do it for you. Okay, not really, mostly I just wanted to get these hand-written so they wouldn't be endlessly hanging over my head this time around. On the other hand, these might still not get typed and posted until Sunday anyway, because I think I mentioned some pain - in my hand and shoulder, but after working two long days in a row my hand and shoulder are the least of my problems. MY poor feet may not let me even get out of bed tomorrow.
(Obviously I did finally manage to get out of bed today, but it wasn't until after noon (and it wasn't cause I was sleeping), and I finally only got up because I could only masturbate for so long and otherwise laying in bed is boring), but I'm still not having an easy time moving around my house today, which is a shame, because dishes and clothes need washing but that just ain't gonna happen today I don't think. Maybe tomorrow.)

So, due to the fact that I'm tired and more sore then usual - in this episode things happened (most good, some a bit boring), problems ensued, but were ultimately overcome. There. Done! *grins* Now some coffee then some rest for the wicked (i.e. ME). Okay, so a pretty good episode like this one deserves a bit better then that, so...

Anyway, we start this episode with Dean channeling his inner Buffy (Dean's whole don't die plan is a classic Buffy plan, after all), and so I figure based on that alone this is gonna be an episode worth staying up just a little bit longer to watch. However, I must confess my main episode thought came slightly later just after the red light flashes - Sam should always be wind-blown because it's a really good look for him.

Also, Dean is now obsessed with Dick, and honestly I generally like to pretend I'm not twelve, but this episode is not helping, because I feel twelve... Well, except for all the damn aches and pains, but moving on...

Seriously, though I can't decide if this episode is really this amusing or if I'm finding it so amusing because I'm so tried (and in pain), but either way it is amusing me.

And now another stoner, and last night it kinda made me wish I was as smoked as this dude because I might've felt better.

Anyway, in addition to channeling his inner Buffy Dean also channels his inner Willow a bit in this episode, enough to make Sam jealous at any rate. And again I'm forced to wonder if this would seem as amusing if I wasn't so tired.

Then BOOM Dean's in the past, and I admit this is where some of the stuff is a bit boring. Certainly not all of it, but I'm not one of those folks who are into history that way so some of it (especially the slower moving stuff) bored me a bit.

For example, some of the good - Dean channels his inner fan!boy, gets a new look, gets himself schooled by Krycek (or Ness as they insist on calling him now), gets his own old lady groping, and still manages to get a message to Sam in the future. Also, amusing for me is that it's revealed that Dean (like me) uses his fingers for counting. SHUT UP! For those of us who lack the mad math skills counting is hard!
(And I just realized how long it's been since I was seriously in to X-Files, because I'm not sure I'm spelling Krycek correctly. *sigh*)

But unlike some of the pre-wanking suggested Sam was not absent during this episode. Some thought he might be since Dean was going to the past all by hisself. And, okay, Dean probably had a bit more screen time then Sam during this episode, but honestly I didn't take out my stop-watch because I really don't care that much. Anyway, Sam and the sheriff team up in the future, and so while Dean and his historical partner(s) figure out how to kill the bad guy it's Sam and the sheriff that figure out how to bring Dean back to the future.

Speaking of another related to me tid-bit, we learn that like me Bobby was (or at least may have been) a bit of a hoarder.

Oh, and because tired or not I have to do this at least once - KRYCEK!

Also, something I didn't mention above was that Dean and Krycek look damn good in historical garb. Damn good. YUM! Is basically what I'm saying here.


Yep, any episode that gives me a bonus Rufus mention is just a good episode.

Really though this episode was honestly more good then boring and I didn't think there was anything truly bad about it at all. It was also a fast mover, despite a boring moment or two. I know this because when the episode actually ended it surprised me I thought there was still at least a bit more episode left to go.

So as with The Vampire Diaries this is the episode Supernatural should've returned with last week.

But I'm a bit disappointed about one thing. Nothing related to the episodes in question, though. You see, I voted for Supernatural to win Best TV Drama in the PCAs because Best TV Drama (as I understand it) is always televised. Well, not this time, because I actually watched the damn show, and can tell you that it was not. Supernatural was mentioned, but as a winner for best Sci-Fi/Fantasy by the Pretty Little Liars gals, which makes me happy that they also won something, because I love Pretty Little Liars), but basically that was it "and the winner is... Supernatural." No mention (as they did with Emma Stone, who I also love) that Supernatural was a sweep (i.e. they won both awards they was nominated for)...

Okay, I didn't mainly vote for Supernatural cause I wanted to see their award winning televised, mostly I voted for Supernatural because Jensen and Jared took off their pants, and I like to reward smart thinking like that. *grin* But still it would've been nice to see one of the awards televised and see them on stage, though they'd have probably been wearing pants, so I guess it's not all bad.

And admittedly watching the show itself wasn't all bad, but some of the stuff was cringe-worthy of the very. However, I love Kaley (and I learned that I've been pronouncing her last name wrong for years - I've been saying cocoa and it's more like cue-co.

But also because despite only Nina winning an award The Vampire Diaries had a fairly large presence on the show. And I'm glad Nina won for best Drama Actress, because when she was first announced to play Elena I had my doubts about whether or not she could pull off the role, and when she went and pulled it off so awesomely... Well, I've always felt a bit bad for doubting her, and so despite the fact that she did not take off her pants for me I threw her as many votes as I did for Supernatural. Granted it's not much, but was pretty much all I could do to make up for doubting her.
(Admittedly I was also rooting for Ian to win Best Actor, but I admittedly didn't vote as much for him as I did Supernatural and Nina.)

So there it is all the recent things I've wanted to say/thought about saying but was to busy with working to take the time to post them.