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And a word of warning, next week will probably end up being the same as this week, because once again I have to work, except next week it'll be not just one day, but two days in a row, which means even if I don't get called in early I'm still gonna be one tired puppy come Friday night.

The Vampire Diaries 3x10 The New Deal

So, as the episode opens Bonnie has a dream! Really, it's clearly a witch dream, but of course is written off by the character as not-a-witch dream. *sigh* This shit happens with characters on just about every show, so you think by this point it wouldn't annoy me, but it still does every single time.

Anyway, as I said yesterday while I might not have loved the mid-season finale even I can't deny that episode was epic, and this episode just wasn't. Honestly, this episode was kinda boring, or at least the first half of this episode was kinda boring, the last half isn't quite so bland. But this was the longest episode of The Vampire Diaries I've watched, because it just felt like it went on forever and ever. Sure, functionally it did what it needed to do, but did it in a way that just wasn't as interesting as it should've been.

And by the end of the episode I was asking myself one question - Why doesn't Stefan (or Bonnie, or Damon, or anyone) just wake the originals? I mean Stefan knows that Klaus killed their mother, so he could wake them, point this out and BOOM instant allies in the fight against Klaus.

Anyway, moving on...

Elena's paranoid, and worried about that, which means no ones ever told her that it's okay when there really are people out to get you.

And again I don't care much for the Damon/Alaric pairing myself, but the show continues to make it fairly obvious they are indeed a couple. Just from this episode alone, Damon begs for some attention from Alaric then later uses his blood to keep Alaric from dying. Though that latter might be because Damons feeling a bit guilty because at one point during this episode Damon goes and seriously fools around with his brother. *coughs*

Alas, in this episode Alaric has other concerns and basically ignores his boyfriend, so that might explain the incesty cheating.

Then there's Jeremy who in the beginning of this episode was rather very annoying. However, I'm inclined to forgive for two reasons really. One, I'm pretty sure his mind wasn't exactly his own at that point, and two I'm pretty sure he was actually written out of the show. And if a certain blind item from another site is (as I suspect) about this show, then that means Jeremy has indeed been written out of the show, and that it happened against the actors will. Which leaves me wondering why. I mean, sure, at first I didn't like him and would've loved for him to be written out, but by the end of season one I'd started warming up to him, and by this point honestly kinda liked him.

And honestly it really isn't fair for Elena to punish Jeremy because his killing of a hybrid freaked her out. Okay, yes, I realize it was more layered then that, because with this show it always is, but that is really what it boils down to. Elena couldn't stand watching Jeremy do what needed to be done, so she basically punishes him for this by wiping his mind and sending him away. And if you know me at all you know I LOATHE the mind-wipe for their own good bullshit. And yet few shows really treat this as the horrifying thing it actually is, because think about it. Granted in the real world there is no way for this to happen, but if it could it would be a very bad thing. I may have some shitty memories, but they are my damn memories and no one has the right to take them away from me. NO ONE!

Anyway, sadly I miss creepy!Stefan, and while creepy!Tyler is all right he ain't no creepy!Stefan. So, bring back creepy!Stefan NOW! Then there's the fact that I still feel muchly for Rebekah. Honestly, she just keeps getting screwed all around, and it's not fair and it really needs to STOP NOW! Because while the other Originals are still trapped in sleepy-land at least they aren't still in the clutches of Klaus.

SO for some final thoughts here. So, Klaus whammies Jeremy to remove his ring and stand in front of a speeding vehicle. Now Jeremy is saved by Alaric, who is wearing his ring when he pushes Jeremy out of the way. Good thing since the speeding vehicle slams in to him.

However, now comes the part that seems obvious to me, but has the characters themselves confused, because you see while the ring keeps Alaric alive it doesn't heal his injuries. And the characters just don't understand why, but that's probably cause they don't remember the fact that the ring protects against only supernatural death not natural, and sadly a vehicle slamming in to someone is a normal event, but in this case I think Alaric was kept alive because the vehicle in question was driven by a supernatural critter. So the ring kept him alive but didn't not heal him. Again it seemed obvious to me, but apparently escapes the characters.

And in the end all that doesn't matter anyway, because Damon heals his beloved and Jeremy is mind-wiped and sent away. So, it's pretty much hugs and puppies all around, except for the fact that Damon has cheated on his beloved twice during this episode - once with his own brother and then later with Elena. And you know Jeremy being mind-wiped and sent away, also the Stefan/Elena relationship which is still a victim of Klaus, and of course Rebekah who's apparently not gonna be woken any time soon. But for this show that kinda is hugs and puppies all around.

Best part of this episode was really just a line of dialogue, but it was good enough to merit a mention in this review:

Klaus: "Oh, well. You people respond best to displays of violence."

Supernatural 7x11 Adventures in Babysitting

First thought - I don't think I'm gonna love Frank, which is weird because I generally like quirky characters like Frank, but for some reason he just didn't really work for me during this episode. Perhaps Frank is one of those characters that should only be used in small doses. *shrug*

On the other hand, there is a way Frank could win me over, and that would be if he's around the next time Dean and Sam decide to separate. Then he can flog whichever one suggested that boneheaded move within an inch of their life while asking do they even watch the show read the books. Seriously, at this point everyone knows when Dean and Sam separate... Well, it's just never good for them, and someone really really needs to point that out... I'd say to Dean and Sam, but at this point I think it might be the actual writers that need the kick in the ass.

Then there's another stupid thing - I'm really beginning to see why I didn't really focus on this episode as I watched it the first time. Anyway, if they've (Dean and Frank) all ready been caught on film then the jig is up (or at least should be, since Dick clearly knows what Dean looks like). Honestly this whole bit woulda worked better if Frank had seen the cameras BEFORE the cameras saw them, but hey maybe the leviathans are actually that stupid/blind... Oh, whatever!

On the other hand, tapping in to the leviathans own security was actually a good idea, which seems a bit rare this season *cough* or at least in this episode. Also, I think it was a really good idea to show Dean actually getting some rest. But those plus bleeding and bound Sam are about the only good things in this episode.

Because after some boring shit, and even some more again we meet the character I have dubbed "the annoying one." Sadly, I don't think the writers of this episode meant for this character to actually be annoying, but for me that's honestly how she comes across. However, honestly if it wasn't for one thing I might just assume that I found this character annoying because in general I tend to find kids annoying.

BUT "the annoying one" forces Dean to take her along on the big rescue. Which fine, that actually does make sense, believe it or not. And even then Dean did his best to make sure "the annoying one" was only fray adjacent. But "the annoying one" didn't listen, which is also fine, and expected really. I mean I can see the hows and whys of what she did, and perhaps if at least one character (any character) had been allowed to point out the fact that her saving everyone's lives was only slightly tainted by the fact that she endangered them in the first place I might've been okay with all the above. Okay, not all the above, but all the above re: "the annoying one" anyway.

And yet this episode closes with the kissing of "the annoying one's" ass instead of allowing someone (ANYONE) to point out that winning or not in the end her little boneheaded stunt could've gotten them all killed. But there's apparently no place for logic in all this. Perhaps the following is needless to say at this point, but I sincerely hope that there are better episodes of Supernatural coming down the line, because this one just *deep breath* should be sent back for a refund, or at least some serious rewrites.

Last thought - Am I the only one who thought the ending with Dean trying to follow Franks advice was WAY creepier then it was intended. Seriously, somehow the lighting of this scene just made it C-R-E-E-P-Y.