As you probably know, if you're a fan anyway, tonight The Vampire Diaries returns with an all new episode after the absurdly long winter break it took. And, yes, I will be watching tonight BUT my review will NOT be posted tomorrow (Friday) as usual, because I have to work pretty much all day Friday.

Yes, I will (no doubt) be reviewing the episode, but I won't want to log back in tonight just to type/post my review and I simply won't have time on Friday. So, I am hopeful that I'll post my The Vampire Diaries review along-side my Supernatural review on Saturday.

Just thought I'd mention this since I know there's a few that enjoy reading my reviews, but I will be at work until almost mid-night tomorrow night and when I come in I'd rather watch Supernatural then type my review for tonights The Vampire Diaries.
(And, no, I wouldn't have time to type/post my review of The Vampire Diaries tomorrow before going in to work. You'd think I would since I don't go in awful early, but alas I'm really pretty sure I will simply not have time.)