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I'm serious, I was cruising Fandom_Wank and found She's soulbonded to a FICTIONAL character! and how dare you write your skanky fanfics about my beloved husband. Seriously, read the thread, I am NOT making this up. I wish I was. Even now I'd like to hope that this is a very wicked troll and not someone who actually feels this way... But there's just so much batshit out there anymore its hard to tell the trolls from the crazies.

Even sadder still is the fact that she's not the only one. Naturally, Harry Potter fen can't let another fandom take the title of "most crazy" but for a brief shinning moment I thought I'd found something that was truly batshit and wasn't in any way shape or form Harry Potter. Well, I can't say I was surprised to come across this - a HP fen bonded to Severus Snape. *sigh* At least the Snape lover isn't as batshit as the Scott lover. So, HP is gonna have to do a bit of work to regain the "most crazy" title, but if any fandom can do it, I know it's HP.

GAH! Some days I have NO hope for the future of humanity, and this happens to be one of those. Honestly, I understand joking around, but the first chick is NOT joking (possibly trolling, but not joking) and the second one seems just as serious. Now I've fought with some of my net friends over Fox Mulder, Xander Harris, Lucius Malfoy, etcs., but I mean... Seriously, just no! Even if I wiped out every other person on the planet lusting after Fox Mulder, Xander Harris, Lucius Malfoy, etcs., guess what? Those objects of my lust are freakin' FICTIONAL characters, and winning will not bring them to life just for my own perverted purposes, or even just so they can marry me and we lives the happily ever after. Ain't gonna happen, cause they ain't real.

I used to think actors/actresses were being unduly harsh in addressing fans, but the internet shows me more and more that some people have serious trouble between the whole fantasy vs reality thing. It would seem actors/actresses/etcs. caught on to this much sooner than I did.

Where's that "clue by four" when you need it for immediate use on someone?
Okay, see, if you just mentioned this in passing, and didn't include links, I'd think YOU were batshit.

This is quite possibly the scariest thing I've ever seen. Seriously. I think we're all a bit obsessed with whatever fandom or pairing we like, but really, she needs help. Soon.
I know, thats why I included links, because my first thought was "this chick can't be for real!" But the more I read the worse things got.

I sincerely hope she was lying about having kids, because just the idea that she makes them call a fictional character daddy freaks me on a level that before now I'd never been freaked on.

Actually, I really hope she's a troll because all of it is freaky, but I just don't find enough evidence to say this chick is trolling. And that scares me.