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So, as you may know I recently started working (again) and since it was just before Christmas I've gotten (as you may guess) a lot of Merry Christmases. Not a problem, but if you listen to certain folks you'll get the idea that no one (I mean absolutely no one!) says Merry Christmas anymore, and let me tell you that just ain't true at all.
(Though, to be fair, I live in the very definition of small town America, so maybe it is different in other places, but...)

Seriously, at times I've been tempted to just respond with a Happy Holidays (and I actually celebrate Christmas) instead. Why? Well, not to most folks, but there have been more then a few where you can just tell they're waiting for you to respond with something other then Merry Christmas (seriously if you take to long to respond they start giving you the hairy eyeball - yes, I have deliberately paused just to see - yes, I am a bitch that way, you're point), and that just annoys me. I mean seriously is it really that hard to show some respect for those who don't celebrate the same holiday as you? Apparently. I mean, maybe it would be different if there wasn't a shit-load (and some more) of people who do still actually celebrate Christmas.

So, that's my holiday post - fun, huh!

Anyway, in the spirit of my mood plus time of year - HAPPY FREAKIN' HOLIDAYS everybody!

And if I hear ANY more about the imagined War on Christmas I tell you I will NOT be held responsible for my actions!
Merry whateveryoucelerbrate and a happy new orbit around the sun.. ;) tihi..