So, after two days I am reporting in. First, I suppose I should report that I honestly surprised myself by how quick I picked things up. Of course, I've made a few (dumbass) mistakes, and ran across a few things I simply didn't know, but still I was a wee bit surprised by how little help/instruction I needed after the first round of telling.

Honestly even though the shifts are long everything would be totally fine if it wasn't (of course) for my feet, because despite the long hours and work-y work nothing else on me is affected by it. Still yesterday I took an extra pair of shoes, so every few hours I could change - believe it or not that helped (Well, that and three Advil over the course of the day, but since I had taken Advil the day before I think the changing of the shoes helped more). After the first day I could hardly walk, but after yesterday while it was painful to walk I didn't find myself unable to get out of the car upon getting home.

However, I expect that soon after I get my first paycheck I'll be headed back to the doctor to see if I can get a painkiller of some kind, because I still believe the pain and distractions said pain caused is a large part of why I lost my previous job. And honestly I don't want to lose this one, because so far I'm really liking this one.
(Plus this job means that if I find myself laid off or something else in the future this job gives me a more well-rounded job history.)

But anyway so far all is well, but tomorrow will be damn near an eleven hour shift, so that might tell the tale more then the previous two nine(ish) hour ones. So, wish me luck, work some witchcraft for me, and/or pray for me. Thanks.