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That's right ladies and gents I have received my Christmas present early this year. What is it you might ask - well, I finally got another job. YAY!

It's weird because without that call this probably would've been what I'd classify as a bad day. First, I had to go spend some money I don't have because the underside of my kitchen sink (not the faucet again) was leaking. Then when I got that took care of I could not no matter what connect to the internet. Or, well, I could connect just fine, but couldn't go anywhere.

However, I got a call before I even got out of bed today that made both the above things not as annoying as they would've otherwise been.

You see, last week I got called for an interview (first one I've been called for since October), and so while I didn't have lots of hope I cleaned meself up and slapped on my happy face, and went for the interview. What's almost funny here is that the way things sounded in the interview I had the idea that if they didn't call by Wednesday they'd probably hired someone else, but then they called me today. YIPEE!

And yes I have an actual start date, otherwise I probably wouldn't post this in fear of the same thing happening that happened back in May when I first thought I had a job, but then just never got the call with the start date. I start next week, and it looks like this will be if not a full time job very close to full time, so it probably won't take me forever to pay back the folks I need to pay back AND finally get that surgery my doggie needs.
That's great!
Fantastic news!