Baby Boy!



So, about an hour before Supernatural last night I cleaned out my freezer. You see, a couple weeks ago there was some bad burgers pulled out of there - which fine sometimes things just go bad, but then Friday the ribs I pulled out and cooked was also bad. UGH!

So, I basically had to go through the freezer and see what else in there was old. And DAMN! Apparently, I am a food hoarder in addition to being almost a plain ol' hoarder. There was at least two things that went out of date last year, though granted most things in there had just went out of date earlier this year, but still... I tossed enough that I more then half filled a 30 gallon trash bag.

On the other hand, I found a nice TBone steak that was only about to turn, so I thawed that puppy out and had steak last night.
(In other good news there is one more TBone steak in there that I'll need to be eating over the next several days, but YUM TBone! Especially since I bought some good baking potatoes today.)

The sad thing is that I used to rotate freezer stock every time I went shopping, but apparently I stopped doing that at some point this year, and admittedly the last time I did a big cleaning of the machine was just after the ice storm of 2009. So really it was time for a big cleaning anyway, but note to self - START ROTATING THE FREEZER STOCK AGAIN!

Anyway, because last night saw my freezer stock shrink I had to go shopping this afternoon, but now alls well and good. I have fresh food everywhere. Now I just need to get off my duff and get some more housecleaning done.

But enough about that, because Supernatural aired their mid-season finale last night, and I suppose I should chat a little bit about that!

Supernatural 7x10 Death's Door

Now first I'll admit that based on descriptions and SPOILERS I wasn't exactly sure I'd like this episode, because as you know Bobby isn't exactly my fav Supernatural character ever. However, I can honestly say that I did like/enjoy this episode. Mostly because of Rufus, I think. And also it was really nice seeing glimpses of happier times for Dean and Sam. And, of course, because I completely agree with Sam licorice is nasty nasty stuff. Plus there was that scene where neither Dean nor Sam was wearing pants.

What? Don't tell me you missed that. Well, in case you did allow me to be helpful (Click me! Click me!). Though I suppose that was a little more Jensen/Jared then Dean/Sam, but since I watched it about ten minutes before watching the episode it felt like part of the episode to me. *grin*

Now moving on...

At the end of the day I think I still want John to come back and remind Bobby who's really Dean and Sam's daddy! Or well now I suppose Bobby will be going to John instead of John coming to Bobby. And now I have this scene in my head where Bobby and John are fighting it out, and in the background Mary takes time out from kicking her daddy's ass (because he tried to kill her babies, after all) to remind both John and Bobby that the boys get their awesome from her not either of them.

Anyway, is it just me, or is Dean right? Dick did seem a little nervous when Dean was confronting him. Methinks maybe Crowley is no longer the only piece on the board that doesn't underestimate Dean and Sam, especially considering that killing Dean and Sam have been on his to-do list from day one. But I was just surprised that Dick looked so nervous here. Still badass Dean is both badass and awesome so it's all good. And to be honest if Dean was giving me the looks and speech he was giving Dick here I'd probably crap my pants, so...

Really though a lot of the emotional stuff in this episode has such an easy solution - manly man hugs all around. See, Dean and Sam really did need to hug each other and just cry on each others shoulders for all the people they've lost over the years. And, of course, as always Bobby and Rufus just needed to get a room. But you know seriously had it been possible I'd have probably just jumped in to my TV during this episode and given everybody hugs.

Also must say that I liked the Reaper here. Yes he's there to reap Bobby, but I really did feel like the Reaper was actually on Bobby's side, you know.

And finally I must say that I think this episode was Bobby's swan song, but since it was a good one that's a-okay. Seriously, I think Bobby is definitely dead, especially when you consider that all during this episode his brain was shutting down. But also because the show basically drug this out, and I don't mean drug it out in a bad way, but Bobby was shot at the end of last episode and then spent this entire episode basically dying.

And, yeah, I know Bobby's childhood stuff was living the cliche', but I didn't even hate that. It just worked here, plus I admit I do like the symmetry of Bobby killing his dad with a bullet to the head and then Bobby ends up dying from a bullet to his head. That's another indication that Bobby is definitely dead, because this show really does love symmetry.

So, I guess even though Bobby isn't my favorite character he deserves this:

BOBBY! Poor Bobby.