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No, just NO! And that's probably all I should say about the episode, really, because the episode before this made me think Ringer might end up being an okay show after all, and then there's this week... The week that makes me think this episode of Ringer is my last episode of Ringer.

However, before I get more into it I should say that I am aware that this review is really really late. The reason for that is that around lunch time I got a call for a job interview, so I had to clean myself up a bit and then go beg for a job without seeming like I'm begging. *sigh* Anyway, by the time I got back from that I just didn't feel like getting into this disappointing episode of Ringer, but now hours later I just want to get this over with. So...

Ringer 1x10 That's What You Get Trying to Kill Me

So, as I said, last week I though Ringer was a show that was going to eventually grow on me, and then there was this week. So much wrong with this episode. So much. And honestly since it promises more Siobhan you'd think I'd have liked it, but there's even wrong there.

The least wrong thing here was the pimping of an Amber Benson (Tara) episode and then she's only in the damn episode for less then two minutes because she was killed before we ever met her character. Which, fine, okay, because the CW itself did not really pimp this up, I guess, but over the nets there was attempts at pimpage for this the not-so-Amber episode. Of course, this didn't really bother me, except that I was kinda looking forward to seeing Amber play a stripper, but I guess if wishes was horses we'd all be riding.

Out of the truly bothersome stuff in this episode, the Siobhan stuff is the least of what's wrong with this show now - so I'm going there second. So, back in the day Bridget found Siobhan's private stash of money that Siobhan had hidden away, and Bridget thinking Siobhan is dead took it, which left Siobhan broke in France and forced to rely on the kindness of strangers (or the kindness of the man she's apparently trying to use to screw Andrew somehow) to remain at the posh hotel where she was staying. But then this week Siobhan somehow comes up with enough money to get herself back to New York - what did she do? Rob a bank. See, Show, showing Siobhan robbing a bank would've been much more interesting then the story you actually presented in this episode.

Now lets move to Gemma, who admittedly I thought was dead until almost out of the blue (last episode) it was revealed that she was in fact alive. And while I wasn't exactly happy about that I didn't hate that reveal because it showed that Siobhan might just have something that resembled a heart. But by the end of this episode Gemma is dead, but shockingly not because Charlie shot her in the head at practically point blank range, but somehow managed to miss. *sigh* Seriously, Show, SERIOUSLY!

Somehow Charlie gets it together and does finally manage to kill her (or maybe not the show didn't reveal whether or not Gemma was dead along side Charlie or not) just before actual!Siobhan shows up and kills him after some BLAH BLAH BLAH talk. Basically, Charlie thinks Siobhan won't shoot him because Siobhan wouldn't just kill Bridget, but then I thought the reason Siobhan wanted Bridget to take her place was because Siobhan was trying to smoke out who was trying to kill her but do so without actually putting herself in danger. All this probably means Siobhan was lying to Charlie just like she's lied to pretty much everyone else, but it didn't feel like the show was presenting it that way it honestly felt like the show was supporting the idea that Siobhan was just to soft to kill Bridget.

However, before Gemma is finally killed Charlie (or Joe, or WHO CARES!) reveals that Siobhan is in fact alive and well, which made me want Gemma to live, because I think that could've been interesting. Gemma knowing that Siobhan is alive and is also apparently a-okay with Bridget prancing around pretending to be Siobhan.

Anyway, I think lots of stuff in this episode was supposed to come across as fast-paced and exciting, but really just came across as weirdly paced and just outright weird.

Then we come to the part of this episode that I simply outright hate, and not just because Juliett is a boring character with a boring story that really bores me, because I said HATE not boring. And I suppose my hate could be muted if he (the teacher) really did it, but I suspect it will play out the cliche' way, and that PISSES ME OFF!

The cliche' you ask. Well, says I, you see it goes like this - Girl lusts for hot teacher and then after being alone with the supposed resisting teacher comes back to say teacher raped her. And that's part of my problem because all we see is girl annoying teacher with her crush and pathetic attempts at flirting, then hot teacher tells best friend to leave the room leaving hot teacher and girl alone. Sure she's crying later when she talks to her friend and tells her friend she was raped, which means the show has left it open so they could go in a way that wouldn't piss me off, or they could follow the cliche' and reveal that the dirty girl tried to get hot teacher to have sex and when he refused, because we all know those poor brave men hold strong and then are victims of those damn dirty girls... *coughs* Anyway, when the poor brave man says no the nasty girl runs off and tells a lie just to punish him.


And, yeah, as I said it is possible Ringer might actually go with teacher being guilty (and I sincerely hope so), but at this point I just don't trust the people behind this show not to go with the above cliche' simply because to date so much of this show has lived the cliche'.

And the promos for the grand return after the Christmas break make it seem like Bridget is about to go crazy and not in the way I keep hoping for, but actual crazy, though I suspect Siobhan being back in town might have something to do with that, but if Siobhan back in town is gonna play like this then Siobhan needs to get her ass back to France pronto!

So, I will probably give this show just one more chance. Meaning I'll watch the first episode after the Christmas hiatus, but if it goes the way I fear it will then I am finally and officially done with this show.
Ugh, I agree, this ep was blaaah. I was so excited to see Amber Benson, but it feels like we were cheated out of it. After all the pimping, this is what we get? Srsly, wtf?
And I don't understand the whole Gemma deal. What was the point of Charlie failing to kill her the first time around if she ended up dead anyway? Even though he told her Siobhan was alive, she won't be able to tell anyone now, so what was all that for? And if by some highly unlikely miracle she survived the head wound, it'd be even more illogical.
Juliet really annoys me. And if she lied about the teacher forcing himself on her, then she annoys me even more. But if she didn't, I'm disappointed as well, b/c the teacher seemed nice. Considering that Juliet has already been shown to act like a spoiled rich brat, I wouldn't be surprised that she lied about it just to have revenge on him, but yeah, whichever direction they take here, it's still boring and predictable.
So far the only thing I'm really interested in is Siobhan's secrets. I think I'll keep watching just to find out what she's planning. And I really want Andrew to find out about Bridget. I like them together as they are now, but I want him to know the truth))))
I think maybe the deal with Gemma was to show that Siobhan wasn't completely evil after all. But I agree the "Gemma is dead - WAIT! No, she's not" stuff in the end feels very very pointless.

Anyway, like you at first I was very interested in Siobhan and her secrets/plan, because I actually felt Siobhan was a more interesting character then St. Bridget (just like I felt Henry's story would interest me more then Andrew's), but now the truth is the more I see from/of Siobhan the less interested I am in her.
(And that happened with Henry, as well. He went from a potentially interesting character to a bland boring one. And the only way I'll be interested in Andrew is if the show finally reveals that he was the one trying to kill Siobhan.)

I don't know, like I said I'll probably watch the first episode after the winter break, but for me Ringer just went from a show that wasn't exactly great but did have some things to hold my attention to a show that I suspect when it comes back I'm gonna find it a chore to watch, and when that happens I tend to start DVRing and then end up just never watching the recorded episodes.