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Okay, I was reading a friends comments about the past, and so I went and looked over the thread (What ever happened to...?). Alas, I didn't really expect to be mentioned, because I haven't had anything to do with TrekBBS since the switch-over to UBBThreads. But sometimes one just goes into a funk and starts thinking about the past.

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. At least there was no Fandom_Wank around in those days, otherwise my sometime wankiness would be documented. Oh, yes, I made plenty of wank-worthy posts in those days.

I think what makes me sad (allow my ego a moment, please) is the fact that I was a part of TrekBBS history - not saying I was there at the very beginning, because I was not. But I was a part of somewhat early TrekBBS history, and now I find there is almost no one left on TrekBBS who remembers me. *sigh* Or put another way, I read that whole thread and knew about three people.

Okay, I knew several that were mentioned as being missed, but of the active posters I knew two (I know I said three, I think one was a name change, if I'm wrong, then I only know two). How fleeting fame. I was rather infamous back in the day, and yet there doesn't seem to be anyone left who remembers.

Anyway, there are some persons mentioned in that thread I would love to hear from again - so if you peeps are lurking around LJ, give me a yell, please.

Jethro Elvis

Others that I knew, but less well. Meaning, they might not know me at all.


Others, off the top of my head, that I miss, but weren't mentioned in that thread.

starbys (Who I know is still around the net, just not the same places I am)
Gecko (Aka Rufus)
wheresSaviik (spelling may be off)

Oh, hell, the list just goes on and on, but I will stop there.

PS - Apologizes to those on my friends-list who could care less about all of this. ;)
StarMan is posting at TrekBBS as Tristan... I did get him to make a couple of posts at Terran when he was briefly permabanned, but he deserted us again after being unbanned.
Ah, so I did actually know three of the posters in that thread.

As for StarMan no matter what, he never could manage to leave Trek, and somehow I doubt he ever will.
I hope he doesn't. I'm rather attached to him.
Gecko and starbys are (semi-)active on LJ too. :-)
(as misterrufus and starbys)

Starbys and Jethro are over at Lonaf too.
wheresSaviik changed his/her name a few months ago I believe. LizardLaugh has an LJ randomly updated, as does Dr Jekyl though she's been as bad as LL on updates. Ironically both have recently made posts again after months of disappearences so they may be active again. CaptainWacky I think posts over at TK and LONAF but I could be wrong and thinking of someone else.

Lyoness, I doubt we'll ever see from again (she had/has a very controlling and paranoid husband) and spounge you may mean scourge, again one I don't think we'll ever see from again. The last I saw of him was a few years ago when he was getting married to a Japanese girl. He met while in Japan. Rob makes rare, random appearences from time to time. Usually once or twice a year but I don't know if he'll make another come back or not.

Indy, Daystrom, Reno and susannah are all long since gone AFAIK and the rest I don't know what became of either. They might still lurk around or forgotten all about the TrekBBS
Yeah, I found LizardLaughs LJ... The strange thing is that I actually found her LJ before I got mine. Though I didn't realize that until I looked up her LJ after getting mine - for some reason I had a link to her LJ in my IE favorites.

I can't say about LONAF (I'm still not entirely sure what that is) but I don't think CaptainWacky has posted on TK in a long time. Of course, I could be wrong on that, I don't read every TK thread.

scourge, thank you. I knew spounge was not correct, but for the life of me I could not remember.

Indy left TrekBBS with that whole "fish rots from the head" thing directed at Lisa, and that was the last time I knew of him hanging around. He might still lurk around those parts, but I thought he left Trek for good after that.

I believe, Daystrom may actually still poke around TK from time to time, but as with others I just haven't seen him recently.

As for the others I have no real clue - Lyoness did come back online once a year (or more) ago, but didn't stay around for any length of time.
LONAF is where I hang out most of the time now and a few of the old TrekBBS names are there though none I know of besides those already mentioned. I did just check and CaptainWacky posts on LONAF or at least visits it. He was there earlier today.

I also thought Neroon was still a mod on Trekbbs? Seeing as it's currently throwing a fit for me and not showing up, I can't tell.

I'm kind of curious as to whatever happened to Cureboy, Tuvix (I forget his original username but his real name was Brandon) and several of the other former "names of fame." Some I know quit, never to return like susannah and Indy but others, just seemed to fade.

Speaking of Lisa though, where did she disappear off to and does anyone know if she and Christian ever got hitched? lol :p I know they were never a "couple' but those rumors never really did die.
C'mon, you KNOW you missed ME! :D
Such an attention ho!

But, darlin' how could I miss you, unlike others I've always known where you were. ;)
Who are you?


jethro at lonaf dot com
I was Hope WAY back on my TrekBBS days, I'm also Just1Hope (TrollKingdom and was on early Terran), then for a while I was EvilHope on Terran.

(I change NetNames like most people change underwear! :))