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So, okay, when I made this entry I said "In several fanfics Max goes in to heat (like a cat - get it! She has cat DNA), so I was maybe expecting this idea to be supported in canon, and that doesn't seem to be the case."

Well, it turns out I was wrong, apparently. You see, I thought I was seeing every episode of Dark Angel, but turns out I've missed at least two. So, if my information is correct Max (Jessica Alba) did go in to heat during a season one episode. *sigh* The friend who's VHS tapes of the show I'm watching this from finally informed me that a couple good episodes from season one was missing from her collection, and through conversation I gathered that one of those episodes was the heat episode. *sigh*

Another downside is that while the show was watchable and I was liking it I admittedly wasn't in love with it up until the middle of season two. And I think I see where the arc is going (was meant to go) and now I think I'm gonna be really really sad when I finally finish season two.


(Or for those who don't celebrate - have a happy Thursday!)
Was a nice series.. hmmm... Alba.. ;)

How have you been doing lately btw?
I guess okay, but after Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, and Thanksgiving I'm ready to make like a bear and sleep for awhile. *grin*

But you know what they say? No rest for the weary, because I still have a job to find.