Okay, so I spent the afternoon decorating for Christmas (outside). I know, I know, I don't generally start until Monday. But while it's windy today it's a warm wind, and after today the forecast is rain rain rain - what am I, living in Canada now? Alas, while I got the outer front porch done (where I could get rained on) I didn't get it completely finished, and got nothing at all on the back porch done, so I will get rained on doing that.

However, since I'm sure most of you don't care about all that lets get to the Supernatural review. After last weeks episode I just wasn't excited for this weeks, because while I liked last weeks episode I also disliked it as much as I liked it because there was aspects there that quite frankly just sucked ass. This week there is nothing like that at all. This episode was great start to finish! And even though I'm not in love with a certain character I can admit that the ending was kinda painful for me.

I'll cut away now, because I'm about to get full on SPOILERY on your asses!

Supernatural 7x09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

So, I humped this episodes leg pretty much start to finish. I mean, sure, I guess some might've found some of the talky stuff between Dean, Sam, and Bobby in the beginning boring, but I did not. I kinda loved it, actually. I also humped the leg of this episode despite the fact that I guessed wrong about something. For example, I though the unholy chicken sandwich was human meat, but from humans half-way on their way to being Wendigos from having ate the unholy chicken themselves. I was wrong. The meat was (as near as I can tell) scientifically created by the leviathans.

Also, got to admit that I didn't seem that ending coming, though I suppose in hind-sight I really should have. What with Bobby getting to be all badass, but also bonding with both Dean and Sam. I think this might really be the end of Bobby, and while I've never been a great lover of Bobby I find myself conflicted about that. It's not that Bobby's death is going to make me cry or whatever, but I do think it will deeply hurt Dean and Sam, and honestly I'd like Dean and Sam to catch a break or something, because honestly I'm starting to think this series ends with Dean (or Sam) shooting the other one before killing themselves, but I'd like to see them happy or at least able to smile a few times before that, you know. So, while I personally probably wouldn't miss Bobby, I think I don't want him to die.

Anyway, now we'll bip back to the beginning where I wrote my thoughts out while watching the episode. But first I will say that I finally liked another one of the teasers. Or well I didn't like the whole teaser just the bit at the end of it where the monster is eating the man and the recorder tells us that this is the sounds of nature. Clever, Show, very clever.

SMART DEAN AND SAM - I see you there! YAY! They hotwire an entire house. AWESOME. Though poor poor Dean - he just can't catch a damn break at this point. I'm with him though I think the way they're living right now would suck ass, and while I like Dean would know it's necessary I like Dean would still be bitching about it.

Stoned Ranger Rick! HeHe
(Rolling my eyes like Dean, but since I know his behavior is a clue of some kind I can find it cute.)

Hey! Look at that Dean's finally getting to eat some good food - I think I may be weird because that really makes me happy. (Oh, if only I'd know what was coming, because these days Dean can't get a pie, and now after this he may end up turning all vegan like Sam, and I think for Dean that would be like a nightmare. Poor Dean!)

Big Bird, Ken Doll, and Creepy Uncle. Also, geezer salad. LMAO!

BAMBI! However, I am a little shocked that Dean refused to shoot, though I can totally see wee!Sam pulling that adorable wee little face of his and refusing to do it, but Dean doesn't really strike me as the type that would have that problem. Though maybe I'm biased here since I liked deer hunting myself, you know except for the getting up early, and the cold. Also the deer stands - since I'm a wee bit leery of heights you can imagine how much I liked deer stands, right? *nods* I knew you could.

DEAN HUNGRY! And you know while he's always ready to eat, I'm thinking in this episode it's probably a clue.

And sure enough now we've achieved stoned!Dean. YAY, because stoned!Dean is awesome, and now I want to see teen!Dean using drugs for the first time.


Or maybe not, because there's a leviathan or ten. So now I'm wondering if this is something to make humans taste better to them or something?

Alas, now we must get heavy again, because Bobby is all over Dean because of Dean's new world view. And Bobby I get why you have a problem with Dean's new world view, BUT I think Dean might be right here. I mean it does seem like the world according to Supernatural may actually be trying to end itself, because it does seem like maybe in that reality the very world itself knows what should of happened but thanks to Dean and Sam didn't, so maybe the world itself is trying to make it happen.
(Though it's really not, I guess, because last year it was Raphael and the Angels trying to restart season five, and this year it's because Cass wanted the juice to stop Raphael and the others. So the world itself is probably innocent here, though I can see how Dean (and others) could think otherwise.)

Oh, and I also agree with Dean - they should probably find Bobby a nice condo somewhere.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Show, are you telling me that bibbing a leviathan is actually a bib? Because that's kind of disappointing. No, wait, he's eating himself. Not bad, Show, not bad. So, Dean, Sam, Bobby there you go - want to kill a leviathan? Make it eat itself.

And wait again, because while I was typing all that Bobby got caught. Dean and Sam to the rescue - yes, yes? And yep considering the cleaning truck just oh-so conveniently pulled up in front of them.

However, now it's apparently time for some bad guy BLAH BLAH BLAH!


Damn it! I yelled ACTION!

Ah, finally, Dean and Sam to the rescue!

And now Dick's leaving Bobby alone with orders for Bobby to remain seated. Yeah, right. And sure enough as soon as Dick's out of the room Bobby's on his feet, but he's not escaping he's looking through the files.

And, hey, Dick while not completely immune to the cleaning stuff is immune enough to be bothersome. Though I guess that's why he's the leader since it looks like he's the strongest.

So, Dean and Sam make it out, but Bobby hasn't. Do I smell LeviBobby?

WHOA! Not LeviBobby, not LeviBobby at all. DAMN!

I'm kinda speechless now.

Good show! Very good.

Great looking promo for the next episode, as well!