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Sorry to my flist for doing this, but yesterday I was trying to post an entry and kept getting an error message, and today when I tried to post the entry again I got the same error message. Since I don't know why that entry is kicking back an error message I decided to try a different entry.

And since this posted I guess that means I'm gonna have to figure out why the other one isn't posting. *sigh* And may I say that the LJ FAQ is maddenly unhelpful on this issue. Grr-Arg!
When I kept getting an error message, they finally said my entry was too long.
Honestly, I don't know. I mean the entry has a few more links then my normal entries, but no more then my fanfic rec entries, so I can't see why/how that would be the issue. And I just posted an entry that is longer then the one I've been trying to post, so that's probably not it either.

*sigh* Honestly, I don't know, but now I'm getting stubborn, so I will probably keep trying daily to post that entry until it goes through.