Well, since there will be no NEW The Vampire Diaries this week I cannot delay my Ringer review to just combine Ringer and The Vampire Diaries. *sad face* However, that might be a good thing, because this Ringer review is a bit longer then my others, AND I think as a show Ringer is finally starting to grow on me - like a fungus maybe, but still growing on me anyway.

So, I wasn't planning to cut away for my Dark Angel comments, but that was because I also wasn't planning to have any added Supernatural at all. But since I decided to comment on another ooopsie from Season 7, Time for a Wedding I decided it would just be best to cut completely away for each different thing.

So, I don't know why I didn't think about this until last night, but we know the leviathans are looking for Dean and Sam, right? Well, in the most recent episode Sam got married under his real name (you can tell this when he signs the papers at the end), so shouldn't the leviathans have looked into this just married Sam Winchester. Sure, they probably wouldn't expect Sam (or Dean for that matter) to be using their real last names, but since they seem to want Dean and Sam dead pretty bad it just seems to me seeing the name Sam Winchester pop up would be enough to have them come looking.

And, fine, maybe they did, and we just didn't see it, because I think Sam was only married for two days, so maybe Dean and Sam was gone so fast they missed the investigative leviathan showing up.

*sigh* I don't even truly care about the leviathans, but I guess other things keep popping up in regards to this episode, because if I actually think about some of the contents of the episode (such as how one of my favorite characters (Becky) went from being slightly and a bit cluelessly over-invested to kidnapping and assault) I tend to get angry. While I somehow managed to turn off my brain for the episode, after the fact it's proving hard to keep my brain off, I guess.

Moving on to Dark Angel now...

So, as you know (if you read all my LJ entries anyway) I accidentally caught the first Jensen Ackles episode of Dark Angel recently, and was really impressed, and not just because I was granted baby!Jensen (okay, teen(ish)!Jensen) shirtless. And because I was impressed I decided to give the show a real try, despite the fact that I know the series only has two seasons.

Anyway, I'm currently up to episode six of season two, and will probably watch episode seven tonight (maybe more), but I've had some thoughts while watching all ready, and lucky you (readers of my LJ) I'm compelled to share said thoughts with you. First thought is that I actually like Ben better then Alec (both Ackles characters) Ben was just so delightfully F-ed up, and while Alec is also F-ed up it's just not as delightful to me at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I like Alec, but part of me wishes this show had... I don't know actually had Ben brought back to life somehow. Still it is what it is, and it's not bad.

Also, really loving Joshua and the 'Nomilies so much more then I'm liking the human (or human looking) characters. Again, though, it's not that I hate Max, Logan, and others it's just that I like others more then them. Obviously, if I hated Max I probably couldn't keep watching, because while I don't have to love the main character I generally have to at least like them on some level.

And weirdly I also liked the human (looking) kid gang from episode two. Alas I get the feeling we won't be seeing them again.

However, I am confuzzled about something. You see, I started reading the fanfic before really getting in to the episodes. What? I just really wanted some Ben fanfic at first, and then I came across something that made me think the show might end up being a touch more interesting then broadcast TV usually gets. In several fanfics Max goes in to heat (like a cat - get it! She has cat DNA), so I was maybe expecting this idea to be supported in canon, and that doesn't seem to be the case.

How can you say that?

Well, in season two episode one Manticore is forcing their experiments to breed, and so I'm thinking this show never introduced the going into heat concept, because if the characters did go into heat it would make more sense for Manticore to simply wait for that to happen before trying to mate them.

And, yes, I understand fanfic doesn't have to be canon, so I shouldn't have let something build-up in my head. I really thought I'd learned that lesson with Harry Potter, but I guess I didn't since it clearly happened again.

No, I wasn't expecting canon slash from reading Harry Potter fanfic before reading the books. It's just that some (many) of the Harry Potter fanfics I read... Well, I don't honestly know how to describe them, except to say that because some of the fanfics was so awesome I was expecting much more from the canon then the canon could deliver.

Now onto the Ringer review!

Ringer 1x09 Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna

It's truly weird, really. This episode revealed some things and moved the plot along, and it didn't totally suck, but the overall episode still felt boring as I watched. So, I can't call it the best episode of the season, but it is certainly better then a great many episodes of Ringer.

And to my delight sort of we learn some things about Siobhan this time around. Right now I'm really more interested in Siobhan (and honestly have been since almost the beginning) then I am Bridget. Anyway, Siobhan was on depression meds, but not for depression, but for paranoia. Makes sense, she clearly felt someone was out to get her, and given the fact that someone did actually try to kill Bridget thinking she was Siobhan... Well, what's the saying? It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

Anyway, after that she somehow found and teamed up with "Charlie" and through this we learn that Bridget didn't actually attack the cop who was guarding her in the pilot episode. "Charlie" (on Siobhan's behalf) encouraged Bridget to escape to her twin sister in New York. Poor Bridget didn't even steal his gun, he snuck it in her bag while she wasn't looking.

You know, this episode almost (almost) made me feel sorry for Bridget, because she really was (and still is) being played like a fiddle by her sister. Of course, she loses points because she's falling in love with her sisters husband. Who I still think was the one trying to kill her as the show started, because notice as the relationship between "Siobhan" and Andrew got better the attacks on Siobhan have all but stopped, and that's why he's still my prime suspect. See, if Olivia (Andrew's business partner) was behind this she'd be more likely to be trying to kill Siobhan now then she would've before. Same with Henry, so it's almost got to be Andrew or Andrew's daughter, and I think the timing fits better with Andrew then it does his daughter, because his daughter didn't warm up to "Siobhan" until much later, and this episode does reveal that prior to the relationship between "Siobhan" and Andrew improving Andrew may have not exactly been a nice man.

However, this episode proved me off/wrong in one way. You see, I thought Gemma was dead dead dead, and it turns out rumors of Gemma's death have been greatly exaggerated. And it doesn't really make sense. I'm sorry, but killing Gemma would've actually been the cleaner/easier option here, because keeping her alive risks exposure in more then one way. Gemma knows about Bridget, and could be assuming Bridget is the one who kidnapped her, which makes her way more dangerous to Siobhan's plan now. No, we still don't know Siobhan's plan, but we do know that for whatever reason it hinges on everyone believing Bridget is Siobhan.

However, I can maybe forgive this a bit, because it may be proof that Siobhan does actually have something remarkably like a heart. Huh? Well, this might be proof that no matter how low Siobhan has gone she still hasn't gone low enough to actually order the death of a friend.

Anyway, thanks to Malcolm it is revealed that "Charlie" is not the friend Bridget thought he was, though neither of them know he's actually working for Siobhan, they just know that he's pretending to be someone/something he isn't. And Malcolm comes thisclose to finding poor bound and gagged basement dwelling Gemma, but alas as the episode closes Gemma is still in the basement, so still only "Charlie" and Siobhan know she's alive. And I'm guessing this means she probably won't be rescued any time soon, but I could be wrong on that. However, it seems logical that "Charlie" will do the smart thing and move her to a new location now, because not only is he aware that Bridget is on to him, he'll probably soon become aware that she knows where he lives. Why? Well, Malcolm broke in to his house, and while he didn't extremely move anything he did move/touch some things, which will probably be a red flag for "Charlie."

So, while this episode revealed some stuff about Siobhan it still didn't reveal everything, and probably most importantly it didn't reveal how Siobhan is still living high on the hog in France while she's broke and her meal ticket recently dumped her. However, a downside (for Siobhan) is that Bridget probably has enough clues now to start suspecting that maybe rumors of Siobhans death have been greatly exaggerated. I'm not saying she should all ready know, or even be able to actually guess just that she does now have enough clues that I think it'd only take one more thing to wake her up to the fake that maybe (just maybe) Siobhan is not actually dead.

Anyway, as I said, despite not being the best show ever, I do believe Ringer is honestly starting to grow on me. Not so much that I'll honestly be sad if it doesn't get a season two, but enough that I plan on watching the whole first season now, and until this episode that was iffy.