All things considered I probably should've waited and used the avatar I used yesterday on todays entry, but I had a plan and am sticking with it, because last week I was torn between two avatars when it came to the Supernatural entry.

Supernatural 7x08 Season 7, Time for a Wedding

First and (of course) most importantly - Damn you, Show! Because I noticed a touch of eye gore, or at least I think it was eye gore, because after my recent spate of bad luck encountering eye gore all the damn time recently I looked away.

Actually though I think I'd rather just continue talking about potential eye gore this time around, because while I like this episode (and loved Becky so very much) I'm feeling all weird and conflicted about this episode, because I think this episode ruined the character of Becky for me, and that makes me sad.

I mean, okay, if a love-drugged Sam (or Dean for that matter) fell into my lap I'd certainly take advantage of that much much much quicker then Becky did. I mean I'd be ripping his pants off before he finished saying "I love you," and then a long time later wonder why he showed up filled with love and affection, you know. Basically what I'm saying is that I'm not the model of a perfect upstanding person either, but what Becky did here really just bothers me.

And, yeah, like Becky I know about Sam's fatal penis, BUT I know some of Sam's one night stands who aren't dead (or at least as far as we know they ain't dead) and a really long weekend can still be considered a one night stand (I'd at least time things for a four/five day weekend, is what I'm saying). Of course, that isn't what Becky was gunning for she wanted to be loved by Sam, and that just skeeves me. Sorry, it just does, because I'd honestly be better with this whole thing if she had just drugged him for a really long weekend of hot ass Sam sex instead of for love and marriage and all that.

Of course, I'd never drug someone just for sex (and certainly not for love) in the first place, and that's really the part that ruins this whole thing for me. I knew the odds were that Becky did something naughty to Sam, but still I hoped this would be some kind of outside sex pollen thing, or at least something Becky unintentionally did or just making an idle wish in front of the wrong person. What I did not want was for this to be something she did while being in full control of herself. *sigh*

So, yeah, while in the end Becky did the right thing and all that I'm still skeeved out by the fact that she drugged him in the first place, and I just can't seem to get past that. And speaking of which Sam is simply to nice for his own good (when in the end he still tries to make her feel better), because in this case Becky did a bad thing and she should feel bad.

Anyway, I'm going back to some better cuter moments now. I positively adore Dean's entire look (body language included) as Becky walks away to pay for the wedding. That was as good as Sam's whole look a few episodes ago when Dean was told he needed to ditch the Impala.

And when a drugged Sam finds Becky's teen girl notebook (yes, BITE ME when I was a teen I did the same damn thing with notebooks when I really liked someone) and says "this is..." I naturally paused the show to finish his statement, because I just knew he wasn't going to finish this statement with something truthful, because he was drugged and therefore couldn't. But me I went "this is... childish," then decided that just wasn't strong enough, and then went "this is... creepy," and then still unhappy I went "this is... disturbing," before finally restarting the show again.

And, of course, I was right, Sam did not go to a place normal!Sam or normal!anyone would go, because again drugged Sam is drugged at this point. And then he does this adorable thing where he hugs the notebook to his chest, and really I thought Jensen was the one who did goofball well, but I don't think I've been giving Jared enough credit, because clearly he can do adorable goofball just as well as Jensen.

Also, I loved how much I loved Garth when he'd only been on my screen for about thirty seconds, because from the description I thought I might not like him any better then Dean, but no I kind of adore him. However, I believe this is the same Garth that we heard about in Weekend at Bobby's (you know the one who called Bobby about a problem and Bobby told him to call the FBI and he called Bobby's FBI), and I honestly did not expect to really like that Garth in a good way.

And I do kinda find myself hoping that Garth and Becky can make a crazy insane love thing work, despite the fact that I'm not enamored with Becky anymore.
(UPDATE: Okay reading the previous sentence again I realize it implies something I didn't intend. Score one for typing with distractions. Anyway, I don't want Garth and Becky to get together or end up together - I just meant that I hoped both crazy kids (one crazier then the other) would make it on their own.
And, yes, based on the fact that I once liked Becky I can somewhat hope she finds the right man for her, but I don't see that man being Garth, because I think Becky would probably eat poor Garth alive. But I do think the only hope for a partner for either of them is someone slightly off.

And also loved Dean saying something not really nice, but ending up getting hugged because to the dude he said it to it was (probably) honestly the nicest thing he'd ever heard. HeHe

Now for something that slightly disappointed me. When Sam sees Dean working with someone else (and seems kind of jealous to me) I think instead of Dean quickly saying the new guys a temp Dean should've went on and on about how good a partner Garth was. Cause I think maybe jealously coulda broken through the spell, especially considering that Sam all by himself broke through the spell twice, so I think if Dean had of pushed here Sam might coulda started coming out in front of Dean instead of coming out in front of Becky.

Of course, then we'd have missed Sam tied to the bed, and that whole bit (where both of them was admittedly cute) where Sam wants to know why he's not wearing pants. And, yeah, while by this point I was deeply skeeved, I couldn't help but really enjoy the sight of Sam tied to an actual bed, and then because she loves me Becky went one more step and gagged him. Skeeve or not I was positively delighted. Basically, what I'm saying is that dark clouds do sometimes have silver linings.

Another thing that I didn't necessarily love, but wasn't really disappointed with either was Crowley.

Damn, baby. What's the deal? You're looking more then a little rough these days. You dealing with lots of little hell revolts like the one this week, or have the leviathans started making "wipe out hell moves"? I mean that's the only things I can come up with to explain why Crowley looked so damn rough here, because even during season five when it didn't look like the overall was going to go down the way he wanted he still didn't look as rough as he did last night.

Final thought - Sam is an idiot. *sigh* I used to think Sam knew (understood) Dean at least slightly better then Dean knew (understood) Sam, but now I'm not so sure, because Sam may clearly believe that he should stop relying so heavily on Dean not understanding that Dean is just one of those people who needs to be needed, so cutting him loose is NOT the best thing for Dean. Not at all. Instead Sam shoulda been telling Dean how lost Sam would be without him - lost drugged in the clutches of Becky if nothing else. And, okay, probably not even with Becky, because Sam probably played a large part in getting Becky's help with the demon, but it's still something worth saying if it makes Dean feel better.

UPDATE 11-13-11:

Basically one reason I wasn't raging about this episode and even kind of liked it is that after the disappointing reveal that Becky was drugging Sam I just turned my brain off and ignored (or tried to) the stuff in this episode that would have had me raging otherwise. And even then some stuff still bothered me (see above review).

But in hindsight there was in my opinion only two key mistakes made by the episode, and if these hadn't been there I think the overall episode would've been a whole lot better.

Mistake the first, using Becky (who was presented at first as an avatar for fandom) to drug (or roofie) Sam, and then border (or not) on domestic abuse - some of her stuff was almost classic textbook. So, I think the whole thing would've been better overall if another fan was pulled out of their ass for this episode. And that might have added some mystery until they revealed the person as a fan of the "books."

Mistake the second, while it would have disrupted the flow they was clearly going for here (comedy over serious/realistic), I just can't get past the fact that Sam wasn't triggered at least once in this episode. Seriously because of his hell experience I think at least something (probably more then one something) in this episode should have triggered him like WHOA! However, I suspect they are holding Sam triggering back until after mid-season, and if that's the case it would've probably been better to hold this episode back until after mid-season. But of course they clearly meant this to be a comedic episode, which means holding it back might not have helped/changed much.