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(All but one of the new additions are Gen, and all but one or two of them are crossovers. The one lone slash/Wincest was not a crossover and at least one of the new Gen recs is also not a crossover, but I believe all the rest new recs are crossovers.)

Ringer 1x08 Maybe We Could Get A Dog Instead

Okay, this week I did watch this episode on the night it actually aired, but since I once again don't have all that much to say about it I decided to just wait until I made the entry for The Vampire Diaries review to include my few comments for Ringer.

Sadly, this series is just missing some vital spark, because this episode had some nice twists and turns, but still managed to be a boring episode overall. I guess the big problem is that Ringer as a show isn't really pushing the edges (aka taking chances) it's staying in the middle of road which makes it a show without a special spark. If you've watched other shows of this type then Ringer isn't bringing anything to the table that you haven't seen done before, and in many cases seen done better before.

So far what they do have is enough to still keep me tuning in (barely), but I think that's more a lack of other shows that interest me on this night then it is any real interest in where Ringer as a show is going.

I mean, the turn on how Bridget got out of being pregnant was good, though I was kinda hoping it would be revealed that Bridget was pregnant with Malcolm's kid (from what we know anyway if Bridget was pregnant it would have to be Malcolm's) - Andrew (and Henry) would be in for a bit of a shock when that baby was (or would've been) born, and Bridget would've have a good reason to be more freaked out then usual. But oh well t'wasn't meant to be.

For those who aren't watching Bridget fainted at the end of the last episode, and this episode starts with her in the hospital and the doctor (or nurse the show wasn't real clear) wanted to check and make sure the baby's okay.

Naturally since Bridget isn't actually pregnant she tries to wiggle out of the test, or at least wiggle Andrew out of the room before it happens, but that fails, because Andrew is concerned (which I think most fathers to be would be, at least good ones) so he ain't leaving. And, of course, the ultrasound revealed no baby in Bridget's belly, so Bridget (actually thinking fast for once) says that she had some bleeding a few days ago, but thought that was normal. The doctor (or nurse) agrees that it can be, but then goes in to some spill about how maybe the baby was on (or outside) the uterine wall, and probably wasn't a viable pregnancy to begin with.

And that's where most (but not all) of the drama from this episode comes, though Malcolm does insert a bit of drama from outside that to this episode. Anyway, Andrew wants to try again for baby, and is deeply unhappy when "Siobhan" doesn't want that. Henry (Siobhan's lover) actually gets in on the disappointed act, because he believes the baby is his (and based on actual Siobhan's actions probably is), and he's unhappy because he thought that once "Siobhan" had the baby she'd come back to him.

Mostly I'm just wondering when Bridget is going to start thinking about why Siobhan might've loved Henry, but so far Bridget doesn't seem to actually give two shits about Henry or why Siobhan chose to be with Henry instead of trying to make her marriage to Andrew work. But maybe I want that because that's one thing regarding Ringer that I have some actual interest in, because honestly it didn't take much effort from Bridget to "fix" the relationship between Andrew and Siobhan. That means Siobhan herself could've probably fixed things even more easily but clearly had no interest in doing so, and I'd like to know why even if no one else does.

Also the twist with Bridget again unknowingly screwing Siobhan also nice (the first time Bridget drains Siobhan's private bank account not knowing that Siobhan is still alive and maybe (seriously) needing said money). Anyway, the guy in Paris Siobhan has been seeing (using) got a surprise call from Andrew to come to the states and discuss a possible promotion. Naturally he meets "Siobhan" (because Bridget unlike actual Siobhan is interested in Andrew and likes being around him) so now Siobhan's new boy toy knows Siobhan is using a fake name and is also married.

Now I admit I was momentarily thrown when Siobhan didn't try to play the twin card, but then that does make sense since Bridget is basically wanted dead by the bad guys and alive by the good guys so playing the twin card might help her with her boy toy but would probably hurt her in the long run.

The other good twist was when Charlie revealed to Siobhan that he doesn't want to kill again, which is good since by the end of the episode "Siobhan" brings Malcolm to Charlie for NA type assistance. So that would be a nice little form of penance on Charlie's part.

Hmm, I guess I had slightly more to say about this then I thought. *shrug*

First I had WAY to many shows to watch last night, so I didn't have time to rewatch The Vampire Diaries as I like to before writing a review. Wednesday night, for example I watched movies instead of the shows, which meant I had two hour long shows from Wednesday and a half hour one to watch last night in addition to my Thursday shows. *shrug* I just tend to feel more comfortable writing a review after I've watched the episode twice (Ringer is the exception to this rule, because so far I've never been compelled to watch a Ringer episode more then once). However, I decided since this is Friday and Supernatural airs tonight I'd rather go ahead and get my review of The Vampire Diaries off my table today.

The Vampire Diaries 3x09 Homecoming

Surprisingly I am not in love with this episode. Oh, I liked it well enough, but early on I was thinking I'd end up honestly disliking it. Why? Well, I simply did NOT like what Elena did to Rebekah. Now that's not to say I don't understand why Elena did what she did, but I did not like it, because I was so totally feeling Rebekah in this episode so I was on her side not Elena's. But again Elena stabbing her in the back was actually a smart move just not one I liked.

On the other hand, this episode brings back my beloved Katherine (YAY!), but it's still not really enough to make me feel a lot better about this episode.

Still this episode did do it's best to win me back around the half-way point onward. The trouble is while I like Klaus (and do really feel to some extent for him, and would weirdly enough like to see him have an actual friend. Yes, I know I'm weird) I think I'd rather have Mikael around instead, and this episode totally killed Mikael. On the other hand, my girl Katherine clearly has a plan going here to (I assume) get rid of Klaus, but that still won't bring Mikael back since he burned to ash. But I think that's my thing right now - we basically know Klaus and Mikael was still a relatively unknown.
(Though I did love the reveal that of course Katherine loves both Stefan and Damon, because I've always thought that was the case it was just that her love of self ALWAYS outweighed her love of others.)

Also, did anyone else get the feeling that Klaus knew he was talking not to Elena but Katherine during the flashback to the dance scene? Of course, he probably didn't since he didn't seem to realize later that Daddy Dearest was killing Katherine not Elena. And I admit I was momentarily fooled myself, but that's mostly because Daddy Dearest actually acted like he didn't want to hurt her, which makes sense since he seems to have great issues with vampires hurting humans (and since I'm human I'm on his side, especially since he didn't kill Katherine - YAY! Katherine and all). So, yeah, he probably had to hesitate because if he hadn't Klaus probably wouldn't have been fooled.

And have I mentioned YAY! Katherine yet? I have. Good. Also, even fixed Stefan appears as though he may still have major hints of creepy Stefan, which is always a good thing.

And Tyler I feel so bad for him. He wasn't wrong he was doing his best to protect Caroline and Matt along with I think just about every poor human who might've been caught in the vampire/werewolf crossfire - he did tell Matt to get everyone out not just Matt and Caroline, though clearly he was more concerned about Caroline. However, I can also understand why Caroline is having some doubts, but again I don't like where this episode/arc puts Tyler and Caroline, so it's another strike against my enjoyment. Though once again I can understand why things are where they are I'm just not thrilled about it.

The twist with Stefan saving Klaus was a good but momentarily surprising touch. I just love how much that screwed Damon up, because this time Team Vampire Diaries really did consider everything, and Damon probably wouldn't have cared if killing Klaus meant he (Damon) would die, as well, which is (of course) something Stefan (and YAY!Katherine too) would not abide.

And admittedly I have been waiting from the moment Klaus showed Stefan where the Originals was resting for Stefan to play keep-away with the Originals so it was nice to see that come to fruition.

So yeah while I clearly liked (even loved) some stuff in this episode, and overall even understand why the things I didn't really care for had to happen I just did not love the way the overall episode went down. Don't misunderstand I'm not saying this episode was bad, because I don't think it was it was just an episode that wasn't exactly to my tastes. And that's one reason I would've liked to watch it again before doing this review, maybe second time around I'd warm up at least ever so slightly. However, even without a rewatch this episode could be lifted up (for me) depending on how the events of the next episode play out. But, of course, we won't see that next episode for a hundred years -- Okay, two months doesn't equal a hundred years it just (at the moment) feels like it. *sigh*


Once more with feeling - TESTIFY! Can I get a YAY Katherine?


Oh, yeah, that's the stuff!