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So, my review notes for this episode are more scrambled then usual, and I'm not sure why (I wasn't sick feeling bad or otherwise cranky last night), but I think I've made them readable as I typed them up.

Honestly, I'm inclined to blame the nasty Starbucks coffee I was drinking last night. You see, earlier in the week I bought Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks coffee grounds, because I've long wanted to try both. Well, the Dunkin' Donuts coffee is made of WIN! (If it didn't cost so much I could happily drink that coffee all the time.) The Starbucks coffee while drinkable had this taste to it that just did not agree with my pallet - kinda strong/bitter. Seriously, the cheap coffee I usually buy agrees with my pallet better then Starbucks.

Anyway, overall I actually liked this episode, which kind of surprised me, because based on SPOILERS while I wasn't exactly expecting to hate it I was expecting to have more problems with certain elements (*cough*Dean/Sam fight*cough*) then I ended up having.

Supernatural 7x07 The Mentalists

So, this weeks episode started well with a nice bloody killing with totally no eye gore in sight. And later there's another good bloody killing again with no eye gore. YAY! And even later still there's another though slightly less bloody kill.

Then we move to Dean stealing a car that's more to his taste in cars then last weeks. Alas, he did not repeat last weeks "Ode to the Impala." On the other hand, that might not be entirely bad because part of the reason last weeks "ode" worked so well was Sam eye rolling about it.

Good Graces - I love this place, probably more then was probably intended, but... "You are a virile manifestation of the divine." Though that makes me a little sad that we weren't allowed to hear Sam's affirmation.

Anyway, now I will admit that for the most part I love how this episode handled psychic's all around (real and fake), but I think the way the fake ones was handled made slightly more sense, because I do think a real psychic would've (or at least should've) seen more then surface thoughts, and based on last week we know inside Sam's head is pretty much all Lucifer all the time. So, it just seems a real psychic would've been far more likely to pick up on Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer then Amy's death, though admittedly the anger at Dean was probably pretty surface at this point, so that could've lead to Amy's death being more surface, but it's still somewhat weird that not even the real psychics picked up on the Lucifer thing.

On the other hand, at that point in the episode that one real psychic was pretending to be fake - "You're looking... for something!" Which was funny, but the real sticking point is that if the shop-keep is a real psychic then he should've known better then to give Sam his card is mainly all I'm saying here.

But before that there was something else that delighted me. Sure, I doubt the show is about to pull psychic Sam back (and that makes me sad), but for this episode my head canon is that the spoon bender did not bend that spoon but that Sam's own power bent that spoon. After all, the spoon bender did the whole suggestion thing, and just a few episodes ago we was told that Sam is highly suggestable, so I think Sam's own power made the spoon bend, because Sam was (and honestly still should be) psychic. That's my story, so that's what happened.

Now before I get in to the following I want to again say upfront that I liked the Dean/Sam fight, though I do think Sam should've punched the ever loving hell outta Dean (more on this in a moment), but I do get it - Dean was maybe trying to share and care here, but that's not one of those things he's really good at. So, I really think Dean might've handled some things better if he had been punched, because that's something he can deal with, you know.

But mostly I liked that both Dean and Sam was allowed to make some fairly good points here. For example, Dean's head-space is just as f-ed up (maybe even more at the moment) as Sam's. Of course, while Sam seems all mature and reasonable at the moment I still think this is all "tick-tock crazy's comin'."

But the punching thing that I think should've happened is not just because Dean really needs a good punching (cause at this point he really really does, in fact I think ghost Ellen is actually gonna have to come down and kick his ass), but right after Dean called Sam a bitch I really expected Sam to punch him, because that was really a perfect place for that to happen.

However, I think Dean's being cranky at/with Sam because he is pushing his own issues on Sam, which actually makes Dean the prissy bitch, and I think he should apologize for that. Okay, actually joking about that last bit, but I do feel that Dean is (for some reason) putting his own issues on Sam and then pretending said issues are Sam's instead of Dean's own.

Now as for stupid watch - well, Dean and Sam are still more then a little stupid here. Not as stupid as last week, but still a touch, because I'm not even a damn ghost hunter and even I knew that the ghost doing the warnings was NOT the ghost doing the killing. However, I think this time the stupid didn't come from the writing or just stupid characters I think Dean and Sam was infected with stupid here because they had brains filled with their own issues so they wasn't focusing on the case near as much as they should, and that actually works for me. However, those two seriously need to spank their inner moppets and GET THE HELL OVER THEIR FIGHTY ISSUES! Now, please.

However, me realizing that their own issues is why they've been kinda stupid lately (not always just lately) actually helped me like last weeks episode better then I did originally. Originally, I really only like the Bobby (yeah, I know) and evil Dean & Sam parts. But because the writing this week was more smooth with the whole thing it did sorta help lift up last weeks episode despite the fact that the writing of the issues last week was a tad weak.

Final thoughts - Dean, yeah babe, over here. DO NOT TO BE TEASING ME ABOUT YOU FEELING NAKED UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY ARE NAKED! K? Thanks. But seriously where the hell is the ghost with a bias against shirts who then goes out of their way to remove shirts from the world starting (of course) with the Winchesters. Where I ask you? WHERE?
(*sigh* Even I have to admit this might not be a bad thing, because if they gave me the Anti-shirt ghost, then I'd probably try to fly to high. You know, I'd start wondering when that ghosts sister Anti-pants was coming, and then it wouldn't end until the Anti-Underwear ghost showed up.)


Anyway, next weeks episode looks like it'll be fairly good, too. So, bring it! Okay, maybe I just liked how the promo at first made it seem like the typical Dean/Sam fight, and then BAM you realize it is not the typical thing at all. HeHe!
You Americans don't know what real coffee tastes like.. :P ;)

Might send you a pack someday. :)
Sounds like you have something good stashed away over there. The only downside is that if this coffee you might send me is that much better then coffee I have access to I might never stop bugging you to send me coffee coffee coffee. *grin*