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So, I've got all these DVDs laying around, some (sadly) have only been watched one time. You know, right after I got them to make sure there were no defects. And somehow I still got screwed over a few times. On the first season X-Files DVDs ICE is flawed so badly that the episode cannot be watched. Still don't know how I missed that, but thankfully I do have that episode on VHS.

I also bought season one Farscape StarBurst edition and two of the episodes are kinda flawed there. And in this case I don't have those on VHS, but at least they aren't so flawed that you can't watch the episodes at all - you just miss a couple things. What's strange is I can't remember even buying them. *shrug* I remember thinking about it, but I can't remember actually doing it.

Murder, She Wrote (first season) also has one episode ever so slightly screwed up. Not bad enough that it ruins the whole thing, but a flaw is a flaw. Alas, it is far far too late to return those.

*shakes head*

Anyway, I've got all these episodes from Buffy (except season five, still can't bring myself to shell out cash for that one), Angel (except season three), La Femme Nikita (all but five, which isn't released yet), X-Files (one thru seven), and Forever Knight. Now I have went back and watched several X-Files episodes from all seasons again. But as much as I loved Buffy, Angel, La Femme Nikita and Forever Knight I've found that after that first marathon watching session I never just pull out an episode and pop it in. Why? I've discovered that it is almost impossible for me to just watch one episode and then stop. Once I start I tend to want to watch the whole season (save maybe one or two episodes).

Which leads me to this plan I mentioned.

First, I should mention that at the moment I'm not planning on buying anymore Farscape or Murder, She Wrote in the near future, because cash is fast becoming an issue. And while I loved Farscape I'm just not really eager to have the DVDs - don't know why, but it was the same with the X-Files, when they first came out on DVD I just didn't care. So, maybe one day I'll find I have to have Farscape, but at the moment I don't. Now I would love to have Murder, She Wrote (all ten million seasons), but I just don't have the money. I know some of you are laughing, but Murder, She Wrote is my version of turn your brain off television. I know most turn to half hour comedies for that, and I admit I loved Married with Children back in the day, but MwC was actually an exception to the rule, while I don't automatically rule out comedies, more often than not they just aren't funny to me, Married with Children was (and sometimes still is) funny to me. Plus I tend to want a more serious tone with my no-brainer TV, which MSW does have.

Anyway, my plan is rather simple, and I don't know why I haven't thought of it sooner. Seriously, you've all seen me bitch piss and moan about how there's nothing new on TV I watch anymore. Okay, recently I got into Blade and EUReKA. Well, Blade has been canned and I just stopped watching EUReKA. One week I forgot about it until it was too late, then the same happened the week after that. Now last week I did catch the new episode, but then I skipped it this week. Clearly this show just hasn't hooked me, because I'm very BLAH about the episodes I've missed - no burning desire to see them, and even last week when I watched, I wasn't excited about it is was just something to pass the time between nightly chores and bed time.

So, the only shows I watch new are; The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, A Haunting, South Park, and occationally Drawn Together. The first two take an hour four times a week, the last two add a half hour to that on Wednesday and Thursday night, but A Haunting adds another hour of new TV on Thursday, sometimes two, because I will watch the reruns just for shits and giggles when Discovery airs two hours of this show. So DVDs and Thursday nights never mix, and I tend not to pop in DVDs on Wednesday either. However, even discounting those two days, there are two other nights in which after DS/CR there is nothing for me to watch, and then there is Friday with no DS/CR hour along with Saturday and Sunday. Though I've found that with few exceptions Friday night isn't generally a DVD night either.

You may have already guessed, but this is my plan, though I haven't worked out exact days on this yet. But I got to thinking about how when all these shows were new you'd get a new episode once a week during the season. And BAM! it hit me. Why couldn't I do that with the DVDs? I could watch a Buffy one night, then an Angel the next night, and so on with La Femme Nikita, Forever Knight and X-Files. And on Saturday and Sunday nights I might be able to watch two hours. Granted I have more seasons for some of these shows than others, so some would end while I'd still be watching others, but that works out because I probably can't make an airtight never changing schedule for this anyway, because sometimes I have to be flexable to deal with other stuff, but the main thing is just to stop these DVDs from collecting dust.

So I think this is a perfect plan. I've hated it that I have all these DVDs just setting around collecting dust because I just can't make myself pull out one DVD every so often and watch just one episode. No, Queenette must watch a whole season in one night or none at all. That has to be it, because aside from watching new DVDs as they come in I haven't pulled out old ones (except movies) in ages. But now I have a plan and I am ready to save my DVDs from the dust!

Tonight on the Queenette channel an exciting new series which follows the adventures of Nick Knight, vampire detective. Don't miss Forever Knight! Followed by a new series about two plunky FBI agents that is sure to become a cult hit; the X-Files... And remember to tune in Sunday night for another promising new vampire series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Okay, if you're in my head speaking with that announcer guy voice, it's funnier. ;)

At least this way the DVDs will start seeing some action. Honestly, there have been times when I've wanted to go back and watch Buffy, La Femme Nikita, etc., but just can't pull out one episode from a series and watch it. Leaving them all doing nothing but collecting dust and making feel rather horrible about the fact that I've wasted my money.

So, I can't be the first person to come up with something like this, right? Surely someone out there has already done this as a way to watch all their episodes?

TALK TO ME PEOPLE, I'm starting to feel lonely again. ;)

PS - Addy was you still interested in looking over that crossover fic? It is now ready for another pair of eyes, I've done all I can. If there are still mistakes they are such that my eyes aren't picking up on them.
Feel free to send it my way. :-)

I'll do my best to remove any spelling mistakes, grammar awkwardness and so on! (But do keep in mind that I'm not a native English speaker, so I won't catch everything).
And I can't promise just when exactly I'll get around to doing it. Probably tomorrow. :)
Okay, I sent the story to your sevenofdax hotmail addy. It was the only addy I could find for you. ;)

So be sure to check junk file for mail with the subject Hope Here! XF/FK crossover.