SHOW! Yes, Show, over here! After Ordinary People I officially take back every bad thing I've ever said about you. Not that I've ever said much bad, but still I take it all back now. That's right, you (finally) brought the Damon/Stefan subtext (which you turned in to actual text over the course of the episode), and now I'm willing to totally support Damon/Elena (provided, of course, you keep up the Damon/Stefan (sub)text)... Hell, I was tempted to give you the go ahead with Bonnie/Matt, but I'm holding out on that for a little something more, because I really do loathe even the very idea of Bonnie/Matt.

But first I should have confession - I (finally) watched the pilot episode of Grimm Wednesday night (no, I didn't miss Supernatural for it - I DVRed the Saturday airing). You see, I had so many Halloween shows/movies DVRed and was trying to watch and remove those before I got back to watching my weekly shows. And now (after having watched Grimm) I am sad that Grimm won't be added to my weekly shows. But I'll only give up Supernatural when it's pried from my cold dead hands, which means until one of them (Grimm or Supernatural) moves from Friday then I'll not be watching Grimm. But I did like the first episode of Grimm, and feel this show is what happened after Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the show) decided to go out for a night on the town and crossed paths with a slightly drunk Supernatural - Grimm is the baby that resulted from that one-night stand. Seriously, though Grimm clearly has more in common with Buffy then Supernatural, but there's still clearly a Supernatural influence on Grimm, or at least there was in the pilot episode.

Ringer 1x07 Oh Gwad, There's Two of Them?

Yeah, I know I usually post this in a separate entry on Wednesday, but two things kept that from happening this time. I actually didn't watch this episode until Wednesday night for the same reason I didn't watch the DVRed Grimm until Wednesday night. However, I also admittedly was not thrilled with/by this episode, until the very end. But apparently I can't stop myself completely from commenting, so here it is short, sweet, and to the point.

While, as I said, I was not exactly thrilled with this episode even I can admit it wasn't the worst ever episode of Ringer.

However, with fifteen minutes of show left my local CW locked on a green screen for over five minutes. After that it came back for about three seconds to then freeze for about three minutes on a black screen, but thankfully all that ended just in time to get me back to the show for the pretty awesome twist/reveal.

Charlie Bridget's new NA sponsor is Siobhan's partner in crime. He's the one who killed Gemma, but he's pretending to help Bridget, while also (of course) pretending to believe Bridget is Siobhan.

Also, Malcom (Bridgets old sponsor) got away, or really was let go so he could hopefully lead the bad guys to Bridget.

So, yeah, while this episode wasn't dazzling at least the plot started to move a bit.

And wow look at that - I've written so much, and still haven't really talked about The Vampire Diaries, but mostly that's cause the Damon/Stefan stuff near the end of Ordinary People pretty much turned my brain to mush!

Here I thought Supernatural was going to lose the King of Broadcast Incest crown to The Secret Circle when instead it's clearly The Vampire Diaries that's moving to steal said crown. *giggles* Which is right and proper anyhow, because Damon/Stefan was my first gay incest ship.

(Though, to be fair, while SalSlash was the bigger factor in my mushy brain I can't say it was the only factor, because earlier in the night The Big Bang Theory also helped to set up my mushy brain by having an episode with such heavy Penny/Amy hints, which only gets slightly less love from me then Damon/Stefan. So, pretty much by the time I watched The Vampire Diaries my brain was primed toward mushiness anyway.)



The Vampire Diaries 3x08 Ordinary People

So, Ordinary People wasn't as fast a moving episode as many episodes of The Vampire Diaries can be, which makes sense since this one was an exposition heavy episode, but on the plus side it did not feel like an exposition heavy episode. Hell, this episode revealed everything about the origins of vampires, and practically revealed everything about witches and even a tiny bit about werewolves.

And the twist with Mikael (yeah, I gotta respect now, though I still reserve the right to call him I.P. at any time, cause that was still totally awesome!) being the "father" of vampires because he's the father of the original family - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

Also, Rebekah! Who, admittedly at first I didn't really care about one way or another, really stepped up in my affections during this episode. The scene where she learns (accepts?) the truth about Mikael and Klaus - HEARTBREAKING! I'm also betting that Elijah doesn't actually know the truth about Mikael, Klaus, and the original witch (their mother!).

Also, have to admit that once again Elena was fairly awesome, so I'm really leaning to smart Elena being back for good now, baby! And if I'm not mistaken there was a hint of two of "chemistry" between Elena and Rebekah, and by chemistry, of course, I mean hints that hot gay sex is a-comin'!

Anyway, my only real problem with show at this point is - SHOW! WHERE IN THE HELL IS KATHERINE? Because, Show, I KNOW you so did NOT kill her off! I KNOW IT, and I damn well better be right.

However, Show, if you wish to distract me from this Katherine question there is a way. I really need a scene with Damon/Stefan (sub)text where they are (for whatever reason - I don't care if it's not even a real reason) shirtless. You see, considering how mushy my brain is from the full on subtext/text with all shirts on imagine how mushy I'd be if this whole thing was repeated with a 100% less shirts. Yes, imagine it, Show, and then SHOW ME!

And now I shall be getting back to my mushy incest filled brains. Thank you.

Oh and for those who may have commented on entries recently that haven't gotten a reply back - well, LJ has been being an itchBay recently and not loading properly. Though today (at least twice) it appears to be loading properly so maybe today I'll finally be able to see/reply to comments.