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But first, because I was feeling so bad yesterday I forgot to mention some things. Like I watched the return of Beavis and Butthead Thursday. Yes, I liked the show back in the day, and Thursdays return was good - STOP JUDGING ME!
(I am Cornholio! You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole for I need TP! "uh-huh" "heh-heh")

Also, probably more importantly I don't know if I'll be able to ever lust in my heart again for Jensen Ackles (Okay, I will, because I all ready have, but...). Seriously, late late Thursday I was flipping through the many many channels on my TV machine looking for a scary movie instead I found baby!Ackles looking at himself shirtless in a mirror, and I turned in to Jon Stewart - you know, where he puts his palms against his chin and goes "Yeeesss," except I did that and went "You have my attention - show me more." I finally figured out I was watching Dark Angel, which I didn't watch back in the day so I guess it's understandable that I didn't instantly know I was watching Dark Angel. Anyway, in that episode he's playing a serial killer but by the end still managed to make me feel like the oldest damn pervert to ever pervert - I think it's cause he manages to come off so young and so damn helpless in his last scene there that at least briefly it made me feel like a dirty old perv. Briefly.

And then today (Saturday) I learn that they are bringing back In Living Color for two half hour specials next year. YAY!

Now on to the review!

Supernatural 7x06 Slash Fiction

First thing I noticed was during the "Then" sequence is that they've tweaked Amy's death scene from the original, but I don't think that was the first time they tweaked it, because I think they tweaked her eyes last week during Dean's dream sequence. I'd probably be delighted if I gave a damn about all of that.

Anyway, I admit I didn't hate this episode, but admittedly after seeing baby!Ackles as a serial killer I think... Well, I feel like Dean and Sam should been more evil. Either that or my expectations was simply so high for this episode that nothing they came up with was gonna dazzle me. OR it could be that by the time Supernatural aired last night my meds had started to wear off and I was feeling a little crappy by the time the show aired.

However, I really don't think it's any of the above - I just mention it to try and be fair. But I do think this episode had one too many things that simply strained credulity. I mean, seriously, Dean's been officially declared (i.e. legally) dead - What? Twice before this episode (three times now), and Sam's been there at least once himself. So, how the fuck is this the third/second time not raising someone some where's eyebrows? *sigh*

I will say, though, that this episode was finally a good first step in trying to convince/show that the leviathans might not be all stupid after all. It might help if I wasn't feeling like Bobby, Dean, and Sam have been dumbed down to accomplish this, but...

I mean, seriously, they still couldn't figure out (and Bobby's mind has apparently been wiped, because he was told a while back) how the leviathans knew everything about them, which is especially annoying since I figured that one out last month, you know. But also Sam took forever to figure out the clerk "made" him when I once again knew that one instantly. And don't even get me started on Dean's big dumb plan, which basically amounts to jumping out throwing rocks at a space monster. I mean, yeah, I get it the bad guys are using your face, but running up to them begging to be squished like a bug really isn't going to stop them.

AND the big top secret dude Bobby sent them to didn't really give them anything other then common sense answers, which sucks because at this point Dean and Sam shouldn't need the common sense answers. *sigh*

However, I guess this proves one of my fringery theories correct. What is that? You ask. Well, I've started to think Cass has been stalking them from the beginning, and this episode does sorta prove that, because I think even John would probably be hard-pressed to remember not just the cases Dean and Sam worked but the exact order in which they happened, so the leviathans almost had to have learned all that from Cass. Creepy!Stalker!Cass for the win is basically what I'm saying.

Anyway, I did, on the other hand, LOVE Bobby's trial and error methods to discovering how to hurt/kill leviathans. I don't really know why I loved that so much, but I really really did. Though, sadly, I'm guessing this means Dean and Sam won't be needing to team up with a witch (or witches) and admittedly I was looking a little forward to that. However, now I'm also getting season six redux. Why? Well, remember when the Mother seemed to be the big thing, but turns out she wasn't - I'm starting to get that feeling from the leviathans.

However, Mills finding Bobby shoulda scared the crap out of him, because cop or not if she can find him then he can be found - you know what I mean. But instead of logically they played this whole thing shipperly. *sigh* Is there a whole bunch of Singer/Mills shippers out there demanding time for their ship that I just haven't seen? Doubt it. Though admittedly I do like the idea that deep down Bobby still has hope re: life I just wish that whole thing had been handled more logically then shipperly.


Shit! I think despite the fact that I liked certain things in/about this episode, I think this episode broke me in some ways, because I just couldn't even get excited about surprise!Crowley this time around. And, okay, there's a part of me that feels like Crowley should've known better then the approach these leviathans, though to be fair (to Crowley) he had no way of knowing that leviathans would feel about demons like pretty much everyone else, but since the leviathans clearly don't care about humans I guess I just expected Crowley to be smarter, so here's hoping he has a plan within a plan, and teaming up with the leviathans wasn't his only agenda here.

There was one really stand-out thing in this episode, though. And that's Dean's reaction to having to give up his baby. TeeHeHe. I also really liked Sam's reaction there, as well. He clearly expected Dean to explode right there, but you could also tell that the delayed explosion was no surprise to Sam, and it led to the cute moment of Dean lip-singing to the radio. HeHe!
(Plus I agree with Dean - sometimes food can be just as good (if not better then) sex, though I mostly go there with cup cakes not hamburgers.)

Needless to say by the end of this episode Sam knows all about Dean and Amy now, and I STILL DON'T CARE, except this has once again led to Sam walking away from Dean... Except I'm also kinda bored by this redux now, as well. In season four and five the split was heart-breaking, and while it wasn't sad and did feel somewhat logical in season six, I got to say now in season seven it just feels stupid/stapled on/shoehorned in. No, seriously, at this point I think the show has a hard-on for separating them, but after the same thing basically happening three times before now... Let's just say that at a certain point it stops being interesting, and just starts being a chore - like "oh, it's that time of the year when Dean and Sam walk away from each other over something" BORED NOW!

On the other hand, the Show seems to know that Dean and Sam coming back from the dead yet again would be one of those things that would make even people who know nothing about the supernatural set up and take notice, so maybe that's the end of that. On the other hand, that probably means we'll never see evil!twins again, and I'm not thrilled about that. Still I was somewhat shocked that the show itself acknowledged that another time would be a mite much.

The last thing I noticed was that my local CW did NOT show the promo for next week, despite the announcer telling us to stay tuned for it. However, I suppose the show itself cannot be blamed for that.
I laugh at you, seriously I *grin* mind you I had the weirdest feeling the other day of being all pervy when the speaker at my confrence turned out to be someone that I used to have a huge crush on and he viewed me as one of the kids, it was strange. *grin*

So yeah your not pervy just cause you still go drooly over baby Jensen.
Yeah, it wasn't (shockingly, or not - I think it didn't bother me because I know Ackles isn't a baby anymore, where as I can't bring myself (anymore) to perv on the actual young) that I perved on young!Ackles, not really. It was like I said that last scene where despite being an insane serial killer he managed to come across as so child-like that got me.

Honestly, though I was mostly just impressed that the show managed to pull that off (writing/directing had to be as big a part of that as acting), because I thought I was safe from feeling old and pervy because JA was playing an insane serial killer.

Anyway, because they pulled that off so well I'm thinking about actually going back and watching the whole show.
OMG, Cornholio!!!! I'm ROFLing at this until the end of time. Sometimes I miss Beavis & Butthead. XD
Jensen is seriously brilliant in Dark Angels, in both his roles. *_* And so young and pretty. <333
Personally I hope Crowley teams up with the Winchesters now. It's not even that the Leviathans refused to be friends, it's that they insulted him and his kind. So yeah, Crowley, go seek out the boys and beg them to take you in... again)))) I'll never get tired of this. Too much awesome banter. XD
Re: "Beavis and Butthead"

You don't have to miss it anymore - they've brought it back Thursdays at 10/9c with all NEW episodes. YAY!

Obviously, I can't yet comment on JAs second "Dark Angel" role (but based on the fanfic I've read since watching that one episode I'm thinking I will like that character too), but I have made plans to watch the whole show now, because as I told someone else above I was just all around impressed with the episode I did watch. Kinda makes me regret not watching it back in the day when it might've helped the show actually get more seasons.

As for Crowley I'm honestly not sure what I want out of his character, I'm just hoping that his seeking out of the levi-boss was more layered then just wanting to team up.

Edited at 2011-11-01 10:56 pm (UTC)
OMG, really? XDDDD I'll be sure to check it out. Is it still good? XD
I watched Dark Angel only this summer (SPN hiatus played its part). I loved it and I'm very sorry that there are no more episodes. Another good show canceled before its time((
I'm just hoping that his seeking out of the levi-boss was more layered then just wanting to team up. Me too. Then again, he's one of my favourite characters, so I'm happy to see him any time and in any way (unless he's dying, that is). XD
Sorry, LJ didn't let me reply to this sooner, since an all new episode of Beavis and Butthead aired again last night on MTV. But since it's MTV it'll no doubt be encored (rerun) several times before the new episode airs.

Anyway, I don't know if I want to say it's as good as it was before, but the return so far (two episodes in) has been pretty good.
It's okay, it happens))
I watch all my shows online anyway. Most of them are not immediately available on my TV)) I guess I'll check it out for old times' sake.
I'm not excited about SPN anymore :( Don't get me wrong, I LOVED IT and always will, but it's not the same. That Heaven/Hell arc was unbeatable. None of the episodes have excited me. I mean, I was PSYCHED for the James Marsters/Charisma Carpenter ep, but it all fell flat for me.

I dunno :( Maybe it's just me but so far this season is not excited (outside the first badass episode).
I don't know... Honestly the first two episodes of this season had me really excited, because it seemed like this season was going to be badass! Then over the last two (three) episodes, while said episodes had some good moments, and even some great moments, I just can't say they've kept the excitement level up for me. For the most part, I guess, while I've liked them (or some parts of them) I haven't really loved them.

However, I'm one of those fans that are admittedly glad the overall angel/demon arc is over, BUT I also loved that the show included it in the first place - most (all?) shows that have demons but never manage to bring in the other side of that, so I was deeply impressed that "Supernatural" brought in the other side of the demon coin, so to speak. But I really felt the overall angel arc should've probably ended at the close of the fifth season, though I guess I do understand that season six was needed to close the arc off entirely, but can understand the fan complete that season six made it feel like it dragged on and on.

Still I'm admittedly glad the show has now seemed to move on from it. So, really I should be overall loving this season, but it feels like something (some spark) is missing, or at least went missing after those first two episodes. I'm hoping the lead-up to the mid-season finale will bring whatever spark is missing back - it happened last season, after all. However, that's not to say I wouldn't mind seeing individual angels come around from time to time I'm just kinda glad that the overall arc is over and done with - I just wish I was feeling more excited by/about the recent episodes.

I guess this is my long-winded way of saying that I'm also feeling a bit conflicted about the current season. *grin*
I loved the Heaven/Hell arc -- the real S4 and 5 arc, not the randomness of season 6. Blah. Was not a fan, although I DID love the surprise randomness of Crowley popping up all over :)
Random Crowley is random and awesome. Crowley is one of the reasons I really loved The Man Who Would Be King. Kitten and A whore is a whore is a whore!

Crowley/Cass for the win is really what I'm saying, especially with bottom Cass.