So, once again I feel a bit crappy today - I felt fine last night, though, but today I just woke up feeling like shit, so this review will probably end up shorter then it might have otherwise. Though I do think between taking some medicine and eating I have started to feel slightly better, but I'm still running a bit of fever. so...

The Vampire Diaries 3x07 Ghost World

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure how I feel about this episode - I mean so much made me squee in happiness, but it also made me feel like I'd missed an episode or two. You know, like maybe there was an episode between this weeks and last weeks that aired on a special night or something, but I know that's not the case, and so it's weird that this episode left me with that "I've missed something here" feeling.

So, anyway, we open this episode with torture, but alas no one is shirtless for this. Show, you've let me down here so very much. *grin*

I also like that the show is directly addressing that there is unfinished business between Jeremy and Anna. Of course, there's also (IMO) unfinished business between Jeremy and Vickie which the show seems to have no interest in addressing, though admittedly I don't care as much about that because I liked J/A better then J/V, but that could of course be because J/V pretty much happened while I was still in the middle of not liking Jeremy.

However, I'm not happy about that because it throws open the door to Bonnie/Matt that given the show has hinted for a few episodes (and those hints are not exactly subtle either) it wants to go with Bonnie/Matt makes me extremely unhappy. I may have warmed up to Matt slightly, but since he was so shitty with his last girlfriend (Caroline) I do not want him to end up with another female that I actually like, because as I said I've warmed up to his character slightly and I'm not exactly eager to end up hating him again.

Now at a certain point even in my notes I go kind of non-verbal, because...


Awesome sauce!

Also, GRAMS!
(Though I do think Grams was a bit stupid/hopeful in not telling Bonnie anything about the original vampires just hoping Bonnie would stay out of that, because if this show has prepped us for anything it's that Bonnie will be involved, and Grams really should have been smart enough to prepare her at least a little.)

And paranoid Damon is delicious, and I suppose I should admit that while I wasn't thrilled to see Mason again last week, I have to admit that I kinda liked Damon and Mason on a "treasure" hunt together, so maybe other fans are right and the Mason character left too soon. I also admit that I like that Mason came back not for revenge but to actually help Tyler that was an extremely nice touch as far as I'm concerned.

But so much more importantly all this lead to Damon calling Alaric, who despite being mad at Damon did come to meet him. So we can now assume the happy couple has made up and happy again. Seriously, I don't even care one way or another for the pairing of Damon and Alaric in fanfic, but I just loved that whole bit, especially when Alaric is all "you're really giving me the same apology you gave Mason" and Damon being all "yeah, but I didn't mean it with him." The only thing that could've made this better would've been to add some hugs and kisses in there.

POOR ANNA! Seriously, that poor kid really can't catch a break at all these days.

And finally that was a nice little twist with the necklace coming back after the spell banished the ghosts. That has to mean something, right?