Supernatural 7x05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Okay, first, despite everything else going on this episode really made me miss Robo!Sam with his beer pouring sympathetic but inappropriate leg touching. It was the scene at the end where they sit on the Impala and talk about their ~feelings~, or in this case stand beside the Impala. Seriously, though, at the end here I thought Sam was a bit of a prissy little bitch.

Second witch!Spike (or Don as we must call him now) used magic to put down (at least temporarily) a leviathan. So, I'm thinking if Dean and Sam are smart (*LMAO*) they will be in the near future teaming up with witches, because if they can at least make the leviathans sleepy then maybe they could figure out a way to send them home. Of course, I think by now we know Dean and Sam ain't that smart. Seriously, some stuff in last weeks episode and this weeks kinda makes me feel like Dean and Sam are the Harry Potter of the Supernatural universe - you know, they have luck and more talented/smarter friends that makes them look better then they actually are.

Third, right after the episode ended I thought that while I didn't hate the episode I didn't much like it either. However, after watching again (this afternoon) I've decided that I do like it better then my first impression would indicate.

However, there is one or two teeny tiny things - eye gore, Show, really! Eye gore is so beneath you - sooooo, DON'T FREAKIN' DO IT AGAIN! Second teeny tiny thing is that I think I really do hate that show is really trying to sell Dean's guilt over Amy. *sigh* I can accept that Dean feels guilty for not telling Sam he killed her, but I cannot accept that he actually feels any guilt over killing her. On the other hand, this kinda does make up for that damn dream thing! However, it does NOT make up for the eye thing. To make up for that Dean woulda needed to get up and actually help Jared with his groin. But seriously how the hell does Jensen not break character during all that? Damn!

So, yeah, while the second watch allowed me to think this episode was better then MEH I'm still not humping the episodes leg either, but there was certainly aspects of the episode I did love while other aspects not so much.

Forth I do believe I'd like to see Maggie and Don again, and not just because of James and Charisma, or at least I don't think my love for Don and Maggie have anything to do with the actors, I really do think I'd have loved these two no matter who was playing them, but maybe J and C gave a "depth" to them that other actors wouldn't have - I don't know, I just know I liked them, because I loved Don and Maggies screwed up love thang! Which is kind of weird since I do not like the Spike/Cordelia pairing at all (nor was I a fan of Spike/Dru for that matter)! So, yeah, I was more then a little surprised that I loved the loved the Don/Maggie pairing so much. Seriously, this one-off couple may in fact be my Supernatural OTP. *shrug* I just like the idea that they beat each other up with magic from time to time and then have the almost as violent make-up magic sex.
(Of course, this probably won't happen, because back in season five I always felt the pagans should've been introduced sooner to give the impression that Dean and Sam might have a fighting chance, and also having the pagans around slightly longer would've allowed the show to show these guys weren't just wimps waiting to be offed. So then when Lucifer started easily killing them the whole thing (I think) would've been so much more impressive. Seriously, though I think a team up between natural enemies to fight a common enemy would've been so much more interesting then the depressed Dean is depressed thing.)

Coming Next Week - Slash Fiction (TeeHeHe!) NOT that kind of slash fiction. Geez! You people always thinking about the slash and not the slash.