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So, last night after The Big Bang Theory I decided to watch some movies - I had DVRed four/five yesterday, so I watched a movie instead of The Vampire Diaries. However, I did watch The Vampire Diaries this afternoon, but because I'm in a bit of a mood that may be coloring my impression of the episode.
(And, no, I did not watch The Secret Circle last night, but I discovered this afternoon that while I had deleted the previous episodes off my DVR I apparently did not tell my DVR to stop recording new episodes of the show - so last nights is sitting on my DVR, but to be honest I'll probably delete it without watching.)

Anyway, if you just want to read the quickie review skip down to the cut.

So, I finally had to take my babies to the vet - the dog desperately needed a nail trim (and a heartworm test) and the cat was biting herself and pulling her hair out. So it had to be done. And the dog seems to be walking better, and the cat (thanks to the shot) is resting comfortably not having to wake up and scratch herself every five seconds.

However, thanks to the little trip to the vet... Well, my dog has problems. Most importantly, she has two more chest tumors - she had one removed around the first of the year, which I hoped would be the end of that, but no now she has two smaller ones. She's also got the beginnings of cataracts (which I've suspected for about a month anyway), but it doesn't end there - one of her teeth is rotting (which is sadly another of those things that has happened before).

All that would be bad enough if I was still working but as most of you know I'm not still working. Nope I'm still unemployed, and while I've had a few interviews recently it seems clear that the companies in question chose someone else, and I simply haven't gotten ANY more calls. I do have a few applications out, and at least one resume sent for what would probably be a damn good job, but with my luck nothing will come of any of it.

So I am NOT happy, and that may have translated to feeling this episode was just not up to The Vampire Diaries usual standards.

The Vampire Diaries 1x06 Smells Like Teen Spirit

I don't really know what to say about this episode - I didn't hate it, but I certainly didn't love it either. And I'm not just saying that because of what happened to Katherine - though she better NOT be dead. Seriously, Show, you better be hearing me on this one - Katherine better NOT be dead dead! Yeah, sure, she got a touch of the dumbass disease just before Mr. Freely grabbed her for a snack (yes, Katherine lean closer to the vampire who hunts vampires and just told you he doesn't feed on humans - what else would he be feeding on if not humans or animals. Katherine you so slow!), but I love her, and I WANT HER TO LIVE!

Well, and okay, I have to give KUDOS to the show for not actually making Vickie evil. I mean, yes okay the characters thought she was being evil, but that's cause she was trying to kill Elena because with Elena in play the balance has the potential to go screwy, which doesn't (in my opinion) make Vickie or the first witch evil, because in their own way they are trying to save the world, or at least somewhat protect said humans of the world. So, I like that the show didn't make her outright evil, and I can understand why the characters (even Matt) would think her goal was evil.

Then there's Alaric and Damon both showing Elena that Buffy she ain't, which to be fair I think she does get, but I can see why both of them thought/felt with her the point bared repeating. And then later Paul Wesley gets props for pulling off the evil!Stefan who almost looks like Elena is getting through to him, but she's really not. That was really well done all around.

The "twist" ending I'm not thrilled about, because I'm one of the few people who wasn't ga-ga over Mason (seriously I even had to look online to see who that was, because while I knew I'd seen the actor before, I didn't realize right away that it was Mason), so the twist with his (I'm assuming) ghost popping up I'm all ready bored.

But, yeah, despite some things (mood and episode itself related) I really think this is a better episode then my current mood can realize.

However, I'm not planning to come back with a "new" improved review for this one (cause I am just assuming if I can improve my mood - by whatever means necessary, that I will clearly like this episode better), though I am planning to watch it again tonight after Supernatural
The dumbass disease is definitely there: he didn't just say "humans", he said "living things". What else is it other than a vampire? XDDDD But I'd hate the authors of this show forever if they really killed Katherine. T_T
Mason bores me too. >_< Go away, Mason!
Yeah, I want Katherine to live!

However, I got to thinking about it after the episode, and it is likely at some point the show will kill her (*sad face*), but when that happens I realized I want her to have a big (dare I say important) death, and not just something as silly/boring as getting snacked on by another vampire. Of course, to be fair, I'm not sure exactly what kind of Katherine death would satisfy me, sooo...

Also, nice to know I'm not alone in my non-love of Mason, because it seems like no matter where I peak there are people loving him, and while I am sometimes the odd manwoman out on character like/dislike I can usually understand why others like/love said character even if I don't, but with Mason I am completely at a loss.