Now THAT's what I'm talking about!

Now boys and girls if Ringer maintains this kind of storytelling I shall be staying with it, though admittedly I could do without the whole boring Julliet BS - I wish she'd just stayed with her mother.

Ringer 1x06 The Poor Kids Do It Everyday

Of course, I admit I spent most of the episode thinking Bridget was again an idiot, but at first it wasn't bothering me much because for once the story was good enough that her being an idiot didn't stand out as the main thing going on. However, at one point (when I thought she was framing Henry) I may have yelled "you idiot!" at the TV, because Henry leads to Siobhan which leads to the affair being outed to Siobhan's family which Bridget absolutely does not want to happen. But it turns out she wasn't trying to frame Henry, she framed herself (Bridget, not herself as Siobhan), which is probably a good thing since Malcom may have at the very least told the bad guy that Bridget was in New York, and now the good guys and bad have a totally false Bridget trail to follow.

Also, I was right - Henry wasn't guilty of killing Gemma it was Siobhan, or at least Siobhans mysterious male accomplice, though (of course) Siobhan regrets that it had to come to that, and you can just feel her misery over it - not! She's totally evil, and probably a full on psychopath.

Anyway, I'm also right that somehow Siobhan is keeping an eye on what's going on, and that's probably why Bridget being an idiot hasn't gotten Bridget in trouble yet, because clearly whatever Siobhan is planning depends on Bridget being (and dying based on the first episode) as Siobhan.

I also really like the fact that this episode sorta killed Saint Bridget, because up to this point Bridget was clearly trying to do what she thought was the right thing for her "dead" sister, and as she said last week (or some week) she never intended to be Siobhan forever, she was just trying to clean up the mess with Siobhan's family that Siobhan left behind. However, this week we see clear hints that Gemma was right - Bridget has been lying to herself, because I think if she intended to become Bridget again she would not have set up Bridget to take the fall for Gemma's death, so I don't think she intends to be Bridget Kelly ever again. And after having seen how screwed up Siobhan is, I personally thought it was nice to see that Bridget is (in her own way) just as screwed up.

Yeah, I know she's got the drug thing, but somehow (and I don't know why) I am having trouble believing Bridget really is a drug addict, despite how arguably well the show is selling the idea. It may be because when we see her in the pilot she just doesn't look rough enough, though (to be fair) we don't know how long she's been "recovering" so I just don't know, but for some reason I'm just not buying it, so it's nice to see Bridget being screwed up in a way I can actually see/accept.