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Which character would have been the third and final witness?

Basically, today I'm bored - there's not enough WANK. Of course, there's never enough wank. At this point, I just roam the net shaking and begging for WANK, and severely withdrawing when there isn't any.

And from what I can see there are lots of people disappointed that John was not called as a witness. And I mean sure it woulda been great to actually see him again, however, I never once doubted that John was meant to be the third and final witness "against" Dean. However, from what I can see most people think Amy would've been the final witness, but that just doesn't "feel" right to me, because I don't think Dean actually feels guilty for killing her. Yeah, he probably feels bad for lying (or feeling like he has to lie) to Sam about it. But since I don't think he feels wrong in having killed her I can't see that calling her as a witness would be that big a deal for Dean. Sure, it would probably crush Sam, but Dean was the one on trial the one the bad guy was trying to hurt, so I just have trouble seeing Amy as the next (and final) witness. No, I think it's far more likely that John woulda been the final nail in that coffin, though it would've probably been a lot like Jo - you know, with John trying to tell Dean he's done well, but Dean not really believing it, cause he's Dean Winchester and that's just how he rolls.

Of course, I also think it may have been left kind of open, so that whichever character you think should've been the next witness could very well have been. And that could've even been Amy, because the show did toss up some hints in that direction, as well. But like I said I just can't see it because calling Amy would've hurt Sam more then Dean and the object of this was to hurt Dean.
I would liked it to be Cas. Not that I think the writers would have gone there. But both Dean and Sam bear a lot of responsibility when it comes to what happened to Cas, and I'm convinced that somewhere inside Dean knows this and feels guilt. Because Dean feels guilt for everything.

I don't think it was Amy, though the writers I think wanted us to think it was. Dean doesn't really have a reason to feel guilty about that (not that it would stop him), but even if he does feel guilty, it wouldn't be very high on his list of things he feels guilty for.

One thing I think could have been really interesting would be for it to have been one of the people whose souls Dean tortured in hell.
To be fair, I never thought it would be Cass, not because I think Dean doesn't feel guilty over Cass, but because the way this show has set things up a pagan god wouldn't have the juice to use an Angel in his games.

Though I do admittedly think Dean probably doesn't feel as much guilt about Cass as he does believing Jo's hunter end was his fault, feeling like he pulled Sam back in the family business because he (Dean) didn't want to hunt alone, and a whole host of John related issues, because I could see Dean thinking/believing he tried his best with Cass - not that I think he did, because really Dean was more then a little self-righteous over the whole thing. However, I'm not sure how/why Sam is responsible, unless (like me) you think it was really the lack of Sam hug that caused all this. *grin*

But, yeah, the writers would've probably made the third and final witness Amy, which makes me glad they didn't go there because it wouldn't have made much sense.
(Plus, I'm almost sure Dean thought the second witness was going to be Amy, so even though his head was telling him (and therefore the audience) it would be Amy there's still some wiggle room to think it really wouldn't have been.)

Also, hell yeah - I agree one of Dean's hell victims, especially his first, would've been awesome. That's probably the only thing outside of Jo, Sam, and John that would really get to Dean.

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