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Do you think I should disclaim my cracky ramblings? I'm not gonna do it, but I am wondering if maybe I should.

So there's been some "developments" that I want to cover before getting to my Supernatural review this week - it's most important informations, after all.

First, Jared, I love you, really, but this is NOT helping me get over my fandom_crack addiction. *grins* Love you! Keep up the good work. CRAAAAACK!

These last few days have really... Well, I feel like I'm just waking up from a week long bender. YAY!

*looks at Jensen* "WAIT! YOUR! TURN!"
(Yes, it's funny in my head - BITE ME!)

Second, see above Genevieve Padalecki is pregnant, which depending on which section of fandom you watch this is A) good happy news, B) good happy news that maybe has you a bit worried about the future of the show, OR C) somehow that evil Gen (complete with man-hating vagina) has tricked the poor clueless Jared, because obviously the baby could NOT POSSIBLY be his - after all, he'd never have ANYthing to do with a vagina. *sigh*
(One of these is NOT like the others. Can you guess which one?)

Third, the third option especially coming from certain groups pisses me off because it totally ignores the existence of bisexuals (not to mention that it implies that Jared and Gen while being married totally can't stand each other - "I know you hate me, but lets get married!" "Sounds good!"). I mean, I'm not saying I think Jared or Gen (and no I don't know Gen, but I'm calling her that because her name is long and I am lazy - no disrespect intended) are bisexual, but the idea that one must either be totally straight or totally gay just kind of pisses me off.
(Yes, it's my issue, and I'll clean up after myself.)

Forth and finally - I've solved the mystery about how Gen can be pregnant with Jared's child without actually having to have sex with Jared! You see, it's all Jensen's fault. Oh yeah, I went there! Clearly, Jensen has an addiction to Jared's come and that leads to Jared milking himself from time to time and storing it in a turkey baster, because Jensen just likes to spend hours just staring at it.
(That is, of course, a totally sane and rational theory and not just the craziest thing I could come up with! But really it was the above or go with the idea that Gen is merely carrying Jensen and Jared's assbaby, but I really hate assbabies, so...)

Well, recently Jared did something kind of stupid - you see he was filling up the baster at the same time he was eating a banana, and lets say his trash can was overflowing slightly and the table where he sits things is slightly unstable - he really should get that fixed.

Anyway... when he was done he left the room closing the door a little hard, so then poor unsuspecting Gen comes along (naked, because lets say she just likes walking around her house naked) and, of course, she slips on the banana peel, and damn it all when the baster landed on the floor it landed upright, and well you do know where this is going now, right? She trips and lands on the baster and it's all BAM pregnant after that.

Oh, but I've decided it gets better - mostly because the voices in my head have told me so. Anyway, now Danneel is depressed, because she knows she's never going to get pregnant because Jared doesn't have the Jensen come addiction. However, one should never count evil!Danneel out, because she, of course, has a plan - she's going to drug Jensen to sleep some night soon and milk him for all he's worth while talking in a deep voice to make Jensen think she's Jared, and BAM her depression will be gone.

You know what's funny (or I guess scary depending on you POV) is that I had more fun then I should probably admit in coming up with the above possibilities. Clearly, I've been spending to much time with the fandom crack! Is good, though.

Cause really this all just takes me back to when Supernatural fandom went nuts (and not in the happy way) when Misha bent Jared over at a convention. In any other fandom this would've been heralded as a beautiful thing, but not in the Supernatural fandom. No, in the Supernatural fandom it leads to epic man!pain instead of slashy goodness. *headdesk*

*shrugs* I don't get it, really - Where's the mad theories/gossip (and p0rn) about Jensen, Danneel, Jared, and Gen really being a big foursome (shown the way by Misha and his lovely wife, of course), and that sometimes when Danneel is cranky on twitter it's just because her career means that she can't always head up north to join in on the fun sexy times with the others, and you know that just pisses her off sometimes.

Anyway, CONGRATS Jared and Gen I came up with this theory as a gift to you. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

*does some massive throat clearing*

Supernatural 7x04 Defending Your Life

So, now on to the review (finally!).

So, okay, you ready for this? Because despite the over use by Sam of "objection," which most shows (especially lawyer ones) overuse I liked... Nay, I LOVED this episode.
(And the "judge" called Sam on his overuse - plus Sam himself was just so cute that I'm inclined to forgive.)

Okay, fine, there was one other teeny tiny thing that bothered me slightly, and it's another of those things that tends to be overused on TV shows, a man/woman on foot outrunning a car. However, since in this case it was clearly a magical car (which shoulda made it better, but...) I suppose I can mostly let go of this one. But only just this once!

Anyway, alcoholic or not I agree with Dean - I'm sorry, but I find AA (or any of the Anon programs) to be creepy and more then a little cult-like. If you've been helped by them good and yay and all, but they still creep me out.

Also, you know, I'm starting to think that while everyone (audience included) is worried about Sam breaking down it's really Dean we ought to be watching instead. Because really Dean should not be so quick to dismiss apples, after all without apples there would be no apple pie and then where would you be Dean? WHERE WOULD YOU BE?

But honestly I'm thinking what Dean needs now is love sweet love. No, not the romantic kind - what do you take me for? A damn shipper! UGH! I mean, Dean needs a case involving strippers and boobies just to help him get back in the saddle again.

You know what I think I'd like to do Mia just as much as Dean, because she's just the total package, you know. I also think I kinda love the fact that she looks more then a little like Jo, and I like that in spite of the fact that I don't ship Dean/Jo.

Also, I've got to know - is it just me or was Dean and Sam even hotter then normal tonight? Cause holy crap I want to go find both of them in a dark alley and jump them both. Seriously, though, the only time (so far) I've found Dean hotter then tonight was way back in the season four episode when he got it on with Anna (and it wasn't while he was naked that I found him so hot - strange, ain't it?).

A large part of why I loved this episode so much is because while Dean has done lots of things he should feel guilty over most of the things he actually feels guilty over (Jo and Sam related) are NOT things he should feel guilty over, especially Sam, because really the YED was never gonna let Sam marry Jess and live happily ever after. That's not on Dean at all, and neither is Jo, because I really do believe Jo was wanting to get into that hunting thing before she met Dean. On the other hand, Dean mind-violating Lisa and Ben, and then allowing Sam to believe Amy is still alive. Yeah, those are the things Dean should feel guilty about.

Another reason is the whole issue of Sam's guilt. To be honest, that's one of the things I always felt was screwy with Angel. According to Buffy canon Angel spent more time suffering in hell (or a hell-like universe) then he spent as Liam, Angelus, and Angel combined, so I've always felt that Angel shoulda felt like his slate had balanced at least a little after that, but he never ever seemed too.

So, yeah, aside from those two teeny tiny issues mentioned at the beginning this episode was really all around just awesome, which means I am figuratively humping this episodes leg. However, I think I might've shot my review wad spitting out the above little fanfic of mine. That or even the second time I watched I found myself getting to wrapped up in what was going on in this episode to properly focus on writing a review. So this is pretty much it - short and sweet.
Not a clue about the series you're talking about but I'll hug you anyway. ;) *hugs*
Basically, this is just me showing that I've been looking into the abyss that is the Supernatural fandom way to long. It really is a lot like an addiction, and when one of the actors feeds in to that it makes it so hard to quit the lurking.


And possibly this is all because I didn't sleep well last night but had to get up early this morning - crack tends to just come naturally when I'm this tired.
I just find the whole thing far too overly amusing. I am happy for Jared and Gen and hope that they are amused rather then terrified by the rabid fans. *grin*

Oh and broody, heroic character never fee guilty for the things that are actually wrong and their fault.

Edited at 2011-10-15 08:02 pm (UTC)
I go back and forth myself, though mostly I'm amused, which is why I tend to liken it to crack. However, I think if I was either Jared or Gen I'd probably spend more time terrified then amused.

Then sometimes I sorta feel like Misha is running some of the sites just so he can "keep" up with the crazies, and that at least comforts me a little.
I was stunned when I read (via wank report) the out pouring of sheer hate that some fans have towards Gwen and the whole "omg they is gay but must hide it!" Frankly I don't get some peoples utter obessession with their sex lifes.

Anyways enough about that.
Sadly, I'm not stunned, because I still remember the X-Files fandom (where I was honestly shocked then, but I was also much younger and greener) where the rabid shippers pulled these same kinds of things - the hate for David's wife was just as bad as the hate for Jared (and Jensen's) wives. *shudders*

The only real difference in that case was the fact that there wasn't an "evil" network forcing David and Gillian to hide their epic (gay) romance, because clearly David and Gillian do not a gay pairing make, but certain folks were extreme in their belief that the only person David/Gillian could possibly be with was Gillian/David.
Oh I run into my fair share of crazies on fandom, (HP fan remember) but still tye type of craziness is still amazing to read.
Actually, all this does in some ways is make me long for the Harry Potter fandom, because most of the crazy I stumbled across there (remember I said most, not all) involved fictional characters and not real life people and/or people reading totally different books from the ones I read. And personally people being as crazy as they can be over fictional characters just doesn't hit me quite the same way it does when real people are involved.
(I mean, I was even (at times) one of those crazy-talker Slytherin fans myself. I got over it, but will never deny that I was one of them.)

However, having finally read the comments on the Fandom_Wank entry... These things never change, because apparently back when Lord of the Rings was big there was real life tinhat shippers there as well, who insisted "their love is SOPURE!," so it really is the same story over and over only the "characters" change. *sigh*