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First, the bad news - will not be making a run in '08. I'm very sad. link

Now the good news - I've completed a fanfic. Alas it is not Unexpected American Vacation. Three nights ago I settled in expecting to work on chapters four and maybe five of UAV.

Instead I found myself writing two chapters of a completely new fanfic - an X-Files/Forever Knight crossover. I smiled, finally a short(ish) story, because rest assured the story would have stood alone fine with only those two chapters. I was happy, I like writing shorter stories better than long ones. However, the next day when I gathered my writing materials again, a middle chapter poured out, and while things stood alone without it, things work much better with it. But it doesn't stop there. Last night I decided to proof the three chapters, and ended up writing an interlude, which takes place between the second and third chapters. It actually doesn't help connect the story as much, but I like it enough that it is going to remain.

So now I'm wondering if anyone on my flist would be willing to beta read this new story? Please. The rating would be PG-13 (for language and character death, but don't worry the important deaths don't take), I should have finished my proofing by Thursday, maybe even tomorrow. Once this is taken care of maybe I can get back to UAV.
What exactly are you looking for in a proofer? Spelling/grammar errors, or someone to critique the story itself?

I probably could do the first one, but since I don't know much about X-files and nothing at all about Forever Knight, I couldn't do the second.
Yeah, spelling/grammar, and someone to tell me when something I've wrote makes no sense. I believe I've handled intershow issues well enough, though I won't say there wouldn't be any mistakes along those lines. But I'm mainly after someone bust my ass on spelling/grammar, my two weakest points.

And sometimes something I write makes perfect sense to me, even on the reread, so I need someone else to look and say "What the hell are you talking about here?" Cause I'm the only one who actually understands.