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One show down (for me)... However, while one of these I'm officially done with the other was just AWESOME!

SPOILERS SPOILERS and more SPOILERS behind the cuts, but only for the episodes themselves, no future SPOILERS, though in one case I do speculate about a show adding a character, but that's not based on future SPOILERS so...

My thoughts on the show let me show them to you, or vomit them all over you.

The Secret Circle 1x05 Slither

Good-bye to you! The problem is that you was not the greatest thing I knew! However, while, yes, I am walking away from the show I'm trying to write my thoughts in this final review in a way that is not wanky and entitled, because this show owed me nothing, which is a good thing since it really didn't give me anything but a case of rageitis week to week.

Sadly though if not for a certain scene this review would look much different - hell, my feelings on the show itself would probably be different, and not just because I sometimes write my reviews in different ways.


Back in the old days, I liked to watch the entire episode before noting (i.e. writing down) a single thought, but these days when I sit down to watch my shows I bring pen and paper with me. And, to be perfectly honest, I think the reviews where I watch the whole show first before writing my review are probably the better reviews because my thoughts have time to gather before spitting themselves out, but doing it that way I do lose some of those first "zinger" type thoughts, and for this review I did note thoughts as the episode played (and was a lot more positive about things up to that point), but then by the end my opinion of the whole had changed, and that's why if not for that certain event this review would've ended up looking/reading much differently, because my thoughts would NOT have changed that much between the hand-written review and the typing it up.
(For example, the first paragraph of the hand-written review was - So, I open this review with kudos to the actress playing Melissa, while I'm still not a fan of the character even I have to admit the actress is not bad.)

Anyway, before the episode ended I knew (barring a surprise before the credits rolled) I was done, but (sadly) up to that point I was kinda sorta maybe mostly enjoying the episode. Though, to be fair, even in my hand-written notes after the scene where "it's not what you think" "not remotely" I did note some doubts about this show (not the episode, but the overall show).

You see, my biggest problem with this show is the characters I just cannot warm up to these characters (save Faye and with Faye generally comes Melissa since in this series Melissa is pretty much her one and only friend), because I cannot stop feeling that all (save Faye, Cassie, and Melissa) are out of character, and Melissa is only not out of character because she was made up entirely by the TV people thereby taking a spot away from one of the other book characters. However, I thought maybe I was starting to warm up to some of the plotty stuff, but in the end plot was not enough.

I suppose what's even sadder here is that I really don't (didn't) give a damn about TV!Nick either, because he was also so far out of character as to not really even remotely resemble the character from the books that was actually my favorite character, but despite that the fact that this show killed him over Melissa is the end for me.

Because you see I will never ever bring myself to forgive Melissa for fake!Nick dying. Never! And, to be honest, I just don't have the energy to keep going with a show that I haven't really been able to bond with properly knowing that I'm going to be rabidly hating a character from here on out. And if you've read my reviews up to this point you know my dislike of her hasn't exactly been subtle before this and now... Well, now (if I continued) it would be foaming at the mouth over-the-top, and as I said I just haven't liked this series well enough to continue on knowing that no matter what I will always hate one of the characters.

If I had liked this show better up to this point then I'd be willing to at least continue on in hopes things might improve, but that's the problem I just haven't really liked (enjoyed) these first five episodes (at least NOT entirely), and so while a show like The Vampire Diaries which is hinting at going places right now that I know I won't like that show has earned some leeway from me so much so that even if they go down certain roads I will at least tough it out with them until the end of the current season, because (as I said) The Vampire Diaries has earned some room to play from me while sadly The Secret Circle has not.

And what's even worse is the people writing this episode had to know this was Nick's swan song and they still managed to make the Nick/Melissa scenes boring. *sigh* Hell, I was almost bored by the Adam/Diana stuff, but at least that was sexy the Nick/Melissa stuff was not.

The only thing that might've held me is Diana's dads guilt over killing a kid (Nick) but I don't really care that much about him either, so...

Also, was really annoyed by Grandma's oh-so-obvious fishing trip, and I think I actually hate that Cassie did finally end up telling her everything. Though the fishing trip might have been improved if Cassie had called her on it... Still while I was bored by the whole it did nicely (for a certain value of the word nice) foreshadow Cassie telling her the whole truth later.

Still I will be following the advice of The Gambler - know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, but most importantly know when to walk away. And now is the time for me to walk away from this show.

Yes, I realize that the killing of Nick means they could be planning to bring in another book character (however, considering early reports I'm betting I can guess which character they're bringing in - more on that in a bit), but since Nick was pretty much my favorite book character that means there's not exactly another character (aside from maybe Deborah, but also considering how they've mangled the personalities...) that could entice me to hang on. And, as I said, based on early reports (and the fact that the Circle is all ready female-heavy - in the books it was equal - i.e. an equal number of girls and boys) I'm betting they plan to bring Doug in. However, in the books Doug is the twin brother of Chris, and since I doubt they planning on bringing in Doug AND Chris... Well, obviously I like both Doug and Chris, but mainly I liked them because they were (naughty and) mischievous twins so I really have no interest in one without the other.

But I still think my biggest problem in all of this is the fact that I still don't understand the choices the people behind this show keep making. I may not have liked all the the changes that was made upfront to The Vampire Diaries, but as I've said before at least I did (mostly) understand why they made the changes they did. I honestly have no idea why the people behind The Secret Circle have made the changes and choices they have. And, at this point, even if I did find some understanding of this it's probably too little too late anyway.

So what do you know? I am giving up on The Secret Circle before giving up on Ringer. Granted Ringer is only holding me by a teeny tiny thread right now (I've all ready skipped one of its episodes), but that's more then The Secret Circle.

The Vampire Diaries 3x05 The Reckoning

After the mess that was The Secret Circle this week I wasn't sure I was in the proper frame of mind to watch and enjoy this episode of The Vampire Diaries, but because I really didn't have anything else to do (okay, fine, I had two sinks full of dishes, but you didn't really expect me to do them, right?) or anything else to watch, because this week I've kept up with my DVR.

Anyway, what I'm saying is the opening stuff with the pranking was exactly what I needed. Seriously, it's a little creepy - it's almost like the people behind The Vampire Diaries knew I'd be watching The Secret Circle first this week and knew they needed to ease me in to this weeks The Vampire Diaries. Though from here on out I'll just be watching The Vampire Diaries after The Big Bang Theory and no The Secret Circle, but that's next week not this week.

Though admittedly later on this show did make me scream "Damn you! Not Tyler! You bastards!" I almost stopped watching, because I knew I could NOT take Tyler's death on top of Nick's - I would've been sending angry letters or worse. However, for some reason I just kept watching - I suspect it was the big pile of dishes in the sink that was mocking me, and since I didn't want to do them I kept watching The Vampire Diaries.

So anyway The Vampire Diaries gave me a few moments of light fun before the shit got heavy! But those light moments was apparently enough to put me in the proper mood for The Vampire Diaries. Though I was admittedly disappointed that this episode seemed to be headed in the tired direction of Elena being alive being the problem for Klaus, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when that totally wasn't the case at all! And I totally love why Elena's death wasn't actually the problem - it's really clever when you think about it. The only sad thing about it is that I'm pretty sure this has to end with Klaus's death.

Also, Katherine kidnapped Jeremy and I went "yay!" Before catching myself and going all "not because of a potential Katherine/Damon/Jeremy threesome - nope, my mind did NOT go there at all! I was all excited because Jeremy being the key to waking I.P. Freely (and my how the mighty have fallen - he's gone from a funky angel to a rotting vampire) was a potentially interesting plot bit. Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
(But I was really really pleased when Jeremy handled everything so well. Didn't I start out hating this character? I'm almost sure I did, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why, because I really kind of love him now. Okay, so I do remember he was an emo druggie that I found boring, but that quickly changed and all is good now.)

But seriously how cool was it that Damon finally got one up on Katherine? I mean, okay, yes I do think Damon needs to be called on some of his shit, but Katherine pretty much always had him by the balls, and I have to admit that it was really good to see him get his balls back when it comes to Katherine.

However, I was a bit upset to realize that Stefan is still a dumbass - seriously what did he expect given the situation? - that Klaus would tell him to stop killing and run away to live happily ever after with Elena. *sigh* Seriously, when Stefan said he'd do whatever Klaus wanted I might've shouted "you moron!" at my TV, but I'm neither confirming nor denying that. However, it was obvious to everyone (including Elena) not named Stefan exactly what Klaus was gonna want him to do. On the other hand, I'm inclined to cut Stefan some slack here, because that whole dumbass thing has gone to a potentially wildly interesting place.

Oh, and I do really love Klaus in spite of his Tyler related violence - broody lot, indeed! Also, Katherine with her whole "but I can't stop being cute!" I know it's not possible (at the moment), but I'd kinda like to see what would happen if Klaus and Katherine teamed up. SCORE!

But another (kind of surprising, at least surprising in the way, because he's always a dumbass with women) character caught the dumbass disease tonight and that's Matt. On the other hand, it could lead to Matt becoming more interesting, so I'm reserving comment on that for the moment. What I'm not holding back on is - "SHOW! Yeah, over here! I'm seeing shades of Bonnie/Matt here and while I can (sometimes) tolerate Damon/Elena I refuse to tolerate Bonnie/Matt so STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!" Seriously, though, I'm not kidding I really do dislike Damon/Elena but I honestly HATE Bonnie/Matt.

On the plus side, by the end of this episode I think Elena has finally completely recovered from her bought with the dumbass illness. So, YAY! Also, Stefan is cured, as well, and creepy Stefan is creepy, so I think I'm in love.

PS - Remember when Anna warned Jeremy that Vickie was evil - I vaguely remember that, but now I'm wondering if she was just jealous or just wanting to keep Jeremy for herself, because we got lots of Vickie in this episode and she didn't seem anymore evil then Anna. Okay, who am I kidding? She's totally evil, and I'm betting that she's realized she can't use Jeremy for getting back to life so she's totally going to use Matt. Maybe, though really she didn't seem that evil tonight.
Jeremy usually annoys the hell out of me, but it's the 2nd or 3d time he has a cool scene with Katherine. I think I ttly ship them no matter how screwed up that is))))
I honestly HATE Bonnie/Matt. Yeeeah, that was squicky. But I don't think the authors would go there, what with Bonnie being with Jeremy and all... As for me, I hate Bonnie and I'm not too fond of Matt, so if it were up to me, they'd both have drowned in that pool.
Tbh I don't understand why Vickie should be evil. She wasn't that bad when she was alive (though she's the 2nd character after Bonnie I would like to see gone forever). At first I thought that maybe vampires' ghosts should be more evil than human ghosts, but then I remembered Anna was a vampire too. O_o XD
Well, I admit that I love book!Bonnie, but am not near as into TV!Bonnie. However, I am into her enough that I firmly believe she deserves sooooo much better then Matt.

As for evil!Vickie *shrugs* as I said she didn't seem that evil, but knowing this show something will be revealed, especially since Vickie herself did mention something about how she could come back to Jeremy awhile back, while Anna doesn't seem to care about coming back she just doesn't want to be left all alone.
I don't remember the book (the first one, the only one I've read)) well enough, but I'm pretty sure that anything is better than TV!Bonnie)) As for Matt... I'm just glad he's not with Caroline anymore.
Oh yes, that must be the great TV stereotype: every ghost that doesn't want to stay dead is evil)) 'Cause being dead is obviously so much fun))) Honestly, if they go there, I'll be disappointed. I'd rather they came up with a more valid reason if they wanted to make her evil.
Basically the show switched the personalities of Caroline and Bonnie (though Bonnie does NOT become a vampire in the books, though neither does Caroline for that matter) - in the books Caroline was the more serious character while Bonnie was just a fluffy ball of cute.

Anyway, about evil!Vickie I do still have some hope the show won't be that cliche with it, but I can't stop thinking that the show probably does intend for her to be evil now.
HHMM kinda glad I wasn't able to slip in Secret Circle, had been bummed but it might be a good thing.
Well, to be fair, if you've never read the books you'd at least probably enjoy the show more then I do/did. And maybe there are some who've read the books and like the show, but so far I haven't stumbled across them. But like I said I know of a few people who know nothing of the books (except what I tell them) and they like the show fine.