Damn! I lied (unintentionally, but still...) I completely forgot (until last night) that I do still watch a couple Monday shows - 2 Broke Girls, which was, in fact, AWESOME last night, and Two and a Half Men which has transitioned from Charlie to Walter much better (smoother) then I expected. However, because I do NOT DVR anything on Monday I guess I tend to forget about those poor Monday shows when speaking off the top of my head about the shows I watch. *sigh*

In fact, I did forget about them last night - about six thirty I was about to pop in a movie, so if it hadn't been for the man in my life I would've completely forgotten about my poor Monday shows.


I wish CBS would put 2 Broke Girls after The Big Bang Theory on Thursday. Seriously, I think CBS should do Monday's like so: How I Met Your Mother, Mike & Molly, Two and a Half Men, and whatever new comedy CBS comes up with. I mean, seriously the now failed How To Be A Gentlemen would've probably held more of Two and a Half Mens viewers then it did of The Big Bang Theory viewers, and I'm pretty sure 2 Broke Girls would work just as well behind The Big Bang Theory as it does behind How I Met Your Mother.

I guess next time before I post a "list" of shows I watch I'll have to make a list by days instead of just trying to remember specific shows.

Also, might as well do an addendum to my post yesterday while I'm here.

Seriously, if you are a fan of ANY CW show, especially if you have one of those Nielsen boxes you really need to start watching live, or at least watching before three a.m. each day, because currently (ratings-wise) there's more then a few CW shows in serious trouble now.

Last week (as I mentioned) Ringer crashed in the ratings (going from a 0.9 to a 0.6) and on Friday Nikita went from holding steady at a 0.6 to a 0.5, and this week isn't looking great for the CW either. Last night Gossip Girl went from holding steady at a 0.7 to a 0.6 and Hart of Dixie which had been holding steady at a 0.8 dropped to a 0.6. Not good, because yesterday afternoon I learned something which means come mid-season the CW may do more serious cutting/culling/rescheduling then they have in the past. You see, the CW has two reality shows for mid-season. Now granted since H8R was canceled that opens up a slot for one of those realities. However, the CW also has the final season of One Tree Hill starting mid-season, and one of the CW realities (which I didn't know before yesterday) is one of those live things and will take TWO hours of schedule a week. Meaning come mid-season the CW needs to open up three hours of their schedule for new shows.

That's not good news for fans of floundering fall CW shows. Granted I feel like the CW will air all ordered episodes from Gossip Girl (24), Hart of Dixie (probably 13), 90210 (24), Ringer (probably 13), The Secret Circle (probably 13), and Nikita (23), but because the CW needs space on the schedule mid-season that means any one of those listed could end up having their order cut or be banished to summer burn-off. And an order cut/summer burn-off generally means CANCELED.

So, yeah, if you live in the US and love a CW show you really need to start watching said show live otherwise you might find it gone forever.