I'm focusing mainly on the CW, because that's the network where I watch the most shows even if I am out of the A18-34 range if only slightly. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it - I'M ONLY SLIGHTLY OUT OF THE CWs SWEET SPOT DEMO RANGE! *cough* Anyway, though I will toss out some for other networks too.

psst - NOTE: This is for the week of Sept 19-25, 2011, and some shows (especially on the CW) premiered before that week.

For example, I've been thinking (and saying) recently that maybe the CW should move their Friday shows off of Friday where they might do slightly better numbers, which could probably perk up Monday or Tuesday for them, and now that the DVR numbers are in I have some proof to back this up.

Anyway, for premiere week Supernatural got a live rating of 0.8 in A18-49, but with seven day viewing added in it rises to a 1.3. Now still you can't count on every one of those DVR viewers to A) suddenly all watching live (at least some people will DVR a show no matter where it airs) and B) staying with it for a whole season (generally all shows have higher season premiere numbers then they'll have all season). However, what you can guess is that if Supernatural was moved off of Friday it would maybe probably perk up from its 0.7/0.8 to a 0.9/1.0, which would have it about average (maybe even above average) for the CW network as a whole.

The other CW Friday show Nikita also perked up a tad (though not as much as Supernatural did) for her premiere she scored a 0.6 overnight A18-49 rating, and with seven days of DVR viewing added in she rose to a 0.9 - but again as I said with Supernatural you can't be all "yay! On another night Nikita would be getting a 0.9," because she probably wouldn't. However, on another night Nikita might perk up from a 0.5/0.6 to a 0.7/0.8 which would put her on-par with other CW shows.

But just to piss in the cheerios I should note that 90210 (for example) scored a 0.7 live rating and only went up to a 1.0 with DVR added, so it's possible that even on another night Nikita and Supernatural would not rise in the overnights much or at all. Still adjusting for the Friday factor it does look like Nikita and Supernatural are both doing okay for the CW at the moment.

Anyway, other CW shows - The Vampire Diaries went from a 1.2 to a 1.7, both Ringer and The Secret Circle went from a 0.9 to a 1.3, and America's Next Top Model went from a 0.7 to a 1.1.

Now for some other network premiere rises!

New Girl (FOX) 4.8 A18-49 live 6.3 with seven days of DVR.
Up All Night (NBC) 2.4 to a 3.5.
2 Broke Girls (CBS) 7.1 to an 8.1.
Pan Am (ABC) 3.1 to a 4.1.
Revenge (ABC) 3.3 to a 4.2.
Whitney (NBC) 3.3 to a 4.2.
Person of Interest (CBS) 3.1 to a 4.0.

And, okay, fine two more:

Modern Family (SP) 6.2 to an 8.6.
Two and a Half Men 10.7 to a 12.5.

Oh, and an update on my cancellations predictions – looks like (based on recent ratings) Pan Am may only air thirteen episodes and then be gone.