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So, I finally rewatched the episodes of The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries last night - if you're just interested in the reviews just skip to the bottom of this entry, but was at first wondering if I was going to have time, because I'd forgotten just how much was left on my DVR that I hadn't watched this week. I'd DVRed American Horror Story and South Park but had completely forgotten about them.

You see on Wednesday I watch Ghost Hunters (though that one is mostly a background show for me now), Criminal Minds, Paranormal Witness, South Park, and The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - so Wednesday's are fairly full viewing for me with at least two shows each week DVRed (which will now become three, because I did like American Horror Story at least enough to watch a few more episodes). And, of course, there's Thursday, which is less full for me, but still full (The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and The Daily Show and The Colbert Report) enough that Thursday cannot be a DVR catch-up night for me. And, of course, Friday, which isn't as full now since Haven season two ended, but still has two shows for me (Supernatural and Ghost Adventures - the latter is also more of a background show for me these days) so again Friday's not exactly a good catch-up night.

*sigh* The above is my long-winded way of saying that generally Sunday and Monday are my DVR catch-up nights, because until Once Upon A Time comes along I literally do not watch anything on Sunday or Monday (and since I've pretty much given up Ringer Tuesdays are pretty free for me these days), but those nights can be movie night instead of DVR catch-up night, though generally Saturday night is my movie night, except (of course) for last night, because in addition to "wanting" to rewatch The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries I also NEEDED to watch American Horror Story and South Park last night so they wouldn't just keep sitting on the DVR, and in the case of the first one needed to watch it so I'd know if I want to watch/DVR more episodes of it before it was time for the next episode to actually air.

Anyway, I just put the "full" reviews in the entry with the quickie reviews here for those interested in reading them. And my opinions of the episodes interestingly enough are drastically different in one case, and somewhat different in others. Apparently when I'm not feeling well I have slightly different tastes then I do when I feel good.
Some days, it is so hard to know what to pick. Thursdays are the worst for me. My schedule used to be Bones, Grey's Anatomy, then Private Practice. Then Nikita began and Bones was pushed back an hour so I had to dvr the two of them. Now, Nikita is on Friday, which is nice. But now I have a Thursday evening class, so I have to dvr everything. And once Bones starts, it is going to be even harder.
Well, after this Thursday I'm personally in better shape - I've just given up on The Secret Circle, and still have no plans to pick Bones up again this season. I was just so deeply turned off by the events of last season that I'm done - and I'm not even talking Booths romance with the blond, cause I kind of liked that.

Basically, my Thursdays now are The Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries at least in primetime, though I do wish The Secret Circle had been able to keep me, because I really wanted to like that show.