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Okay, going in I really wanted to like this episode, but last night right after it ended I thought WOW this episode was Poor: This episode wasn't good, but wasn't a crime against humanity. However, after thinking about it (two things about the episode itself, but also realizing that it's better then Swap Meat and Mannequin the latter which I'd rank as a crime against humanity) I've decided that it's more MEH: This episode was neither horrible nor great.

Supernatural 7x03 The Girl Next Door

Honestly if not for baby!Sam (though I guess at this point I should start calling him teen!Sam, because I know I'm getting old when young!Sam still looks like baby!Sam to me) this episode might've got a crime against humanity ranking, because that stupid disease I sometimes talk about the characters in The Vampire Diaries catching - well, in The Girl Next Door Dean and Sam apparently got a double freakin' dose of the disease, Dean especially. Seriously, the only "good" moment for Dean was when he fell out of the bed - yeah, I know, some Supernatural fans hate goofy!Dean, but I love him. Along with hot-action-torture-Dean and Deanifer, but moving on...

Outside of that Dean (or Dean's behavior) was all WTF? for me. Though I guess we know what big secret Dean will be keeping all season now, and that is that Sam can't trust Dean to do the job properly.

Dean! Yeah babe, over here. You kill the monster!boys mother right in front of him, and you KNOW kids as big a monster as mommy, but more then that baby!monster actually says he's going to kill you, but you just mother fuckin' walk away leaving the little shit alive. Sloppy work there, Dean, very sloppy. And by this point in your life you really should know better. *sigh*

And that doesn't even get in to Dean's killing the mother, who was just looking after her young. And Dean feeling like he needed to kill her anyway wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't know that Dean in the mothers position would kill the whole damn planet to save Sam... So really, Dean (or writers) what's up with that? I mean, granted, I didn't love Dean killing the totally non-monstrous Phoenix last season, but I understood that whether or not the Phoenix was evil didn't exactly matter since they needed him dead and his ashes for a bigger problem. But Dean killing the monster mother here just felt wrong. Yeah, even though she was a monster his killing of her felt wrong.

Also, I must admit that I'm also perplexed about Bobby now, as well, which does make me think the writing of this episode is to blame for a lot of things. *cough* Anyway, I'm no longer as sure as I was that Bobby is ALIVE, because he was a little off in this episode. On the other hand, he rescued Dean and Sam - meaning he's probably not one of dem dar old ones, but you'll also notice that he didn't reveal (at least to the audience) how he survived... *shrug* Again this is why I'm uncertain, because there was moments of pure!Bobby and then there was moments of off!Bobby. So, I don't know, but I am sure he's not an old one, because surely they aren't stupid enough to actually work against each other...

On the other hand, this episode isn't exactly backing Gamble up when she talked about the old ones being smart, because again they seemed pretty damn slow and stupid, especially since they are actively tracking Dean and Sam, and yet they're still one step behind them...

However, Dean and Sam are also kind of stupid here. They freakin' know (or at least they should, since Bobby knows) that the old ones know everything about them that Cass knew, which means it's deeply stupid of Dean and Sam not to be changing everything about themselves that Cass knew. So, again sloppy and stupid of them, because even if Bobby forgot to share that little tidbit with them, they should at this point in their lives be smart enough to err on the side of caution, because now they don't have both angels and demons protecting their asses.
(Angels protecting mostly Dean, and demons protecting mostly Sam, though in that disease episode it was implied that Lucifer was wanting both of them safe for the big moment.)

It's almost as though they know nothing about actually being criminals and on the run, which is strange since they've spent large portions of their lives as criminals on the run. *sigh* Especially when this episode emphasis Dean's knowledge of tracking the monster!mom.

So, obviously Dean wasn't the only one with the disease of stupid in this episode. But in a way it's even worse with Sam. Sure, the show tells us three weeks have passed, but then they also show Sam having a spot of trouble (not to mention telling us Sam is still seeing things, even though he tells us he knows the difference now), so really Sam should be smart enough not to go wondering off on his own. But if he just has to he should be smart enough to realize that Dean and Bobby might panic, especially when he doesn't answer his phone or return their calls - honestly, any idiot should know at this point they'd be having visions of Sam in a ditch somewhere, or standing in the middle of a crowded place "shooting" Lucifer. Stupid Sam, very stupid.

Not to mention that they currently have the biggest of the big bads on their asses... Really all I'm saying is that this is an all around BAD time for Sam (or really any of them - yes, Bobby, I'm glaring at you, as well) to go wondering off by themselves. Don't you people watch scary movies - separating gets you in trouble every damn time! Hell, you could probably figure that out by going back and watching your own damn show!

However, as I said, this episode was not without it's good/decent points. I really liked the teen!Sam stuff, though really Sam asking teen!Dean how to talk to girls is probably not a smart idea. But I do like the almost confirming of my head canon that the young!Sam bits did. You see, I've never really believed that Sam would've been quite the scholar he ended up being without the hunting thing - just like I don't believe Dean would be better off without the hunting thing.
(Though I don't think Sam would be stupid without the hunting thing - I just think the pushing to "study" the paranormal pushed Sam to apply himself in a way he probably wouldn't have without it. I think without it he'd have just been average. Where as with Dean I think he'd be more likely to spend his life drinking and banging random ladies and also being in and out of jail for petty things without the hunting. And that's not a Dean bash, because I tend to think Dean is a lot like Xander - and I don't think anyone would say I don't like Xander, but I do tend to think/believe that Xander's life would've probably sucked ass if Buffy and the supernatural hadn't breezed in to it just like I think Dean's life would've, or rather I don't think any of them would be as "good" as they are if it hadn't actually been for the paranormal.)

Also interesting, or at least interesting to me, is that I liked teen!Amy so much more then adult!Amy - I don't really know what the difference is but I really wanted Sam to run off with teen!Amy but found myself totally not caring whether or not Sam killed adult!Amy.

Final thoughts - Sam really needs to get in touch with his inner child. Seriously, young!Sam is tough and kinda badass and more often then not adult!Sam is not.

Oh, and for those wondering - yes, I felt better last night (and actually good today, but problems abound (AGAIN!) my car is messed up - *sigh* At this point I am thisclose to just giving up and going to main street to turn tricks - I mean, seriously!) but I decided to watch a movie instead of rewatching The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries, so that's a no on those reviews coming today.
*hugs* good to know you're feeling ok. :)
Wooo! Come fall and thus comes your fun reviews!

Sam really needs to get in touch with his inner child. Seriously, young!Sam is tough and kinda badass and more often then not adult!Sam is not.===WORD!

I really kinda heavily disliked this episode. I almost want to say hate, but that word is reserved for Mannequin. I mean, can't we PLEASE get the awesomeness of S4 and S5 back, PLEASE?

Yeah, sure, there's no epic battle between angels and demons, but even without that those episodes were still mostly all badass.

Siiiiiiiiiiiigh. :(

But I cannot wait till this week. Please o please James and Charisma, work thy magic.