So, yeah, I never completely finished week two of this, but there have been some cancellations all ready, and at least one downward movement, but so far (despite horrible ratings - it tied with the CW this week!) ABC has not dropped the banhammer on Charlie's Angels - leading me to wonder if The Vampire Diaries will actually out-rate Charlie's Angels next Thursday. Yes, it's actually possible. That's right, it's actually possible an ABC show will honestly get beat by a CW show. However, to be fair, otherwise ABC is holding up pretty well this season

NBC was first to cancel something (The Playboy Club) followed by NBC with Free Agents, which was followed (shockingly) by the CW with H8R - yes, the ratings for H8R wasn't good, but I somehow expected it to at least remain on the air until Nov./Dec. And now CBS is bringing Rules of Engagement to Thursday while banishing How To Be A Gentlemen to Saturday. So now it mostly looks like a "race" between Charlie's Angels and A Gifted Man for next to be canceled (won't be sure about A Gifted Man until the ratings for tonight are in, but it did drop in its second week, and since it didn't premiere all that well in the first place...). Now having said that watch another network come along and surprise me.

The cancellation of H8R may signal bad news to Ringer and Gossip Girl - this week Ringer dropped to a 0.6 A18-49 rating - OUCH! However, the CW isn't giving up yet, because in place of H8R they will be showing encores of Ringer, but unless Ringer can rise above that 0.6 for original airings it will NOT be getting a back order and certainly no hope for a second season.

However, when it comes to Gossip Girl I do expect that show to air all ordered episodes (24), but so far this season it has yet to rise above a 0.7 A18-49, which if not for Nikita (who has yet to rise above a 0.6 A18-49) would have GG dead last among CW scripted - although if Ringer doesn't tick up Nikita will look better in comparison (Tuesday vs Friday and all - i.e. there are more people watching TV on Tuesday then there are on Friday). Granted all the CW shows seem to be suffering a bit this season, but Ringer and Gossip Girl (and possibly Nikita, but she's probably being graded on a Friday curve, which leaves me thinking Nikita would probably do better then Ringer on Tuesday) are the most affected right now.
(Really, I know the CW wouldn't do it, but it does seem like Gossip Girl and Ringer should be banished to Friday and at the very least Nikita and Supernatural moved to Tuesday and/or Monday.)

So, lets just hope Nikita and Supernatural do not drop anymore. Sure, I'm admittedly not a Nikita fan, but would still like to see it go up a little bit (and she needs to otherwise she probably won't get a third season), but I am a fan of Supernatural and would LOVE to see it tick up just for a spring cushion if nothing else (all shows drop at least a little in the spring).