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This is just some rambling, nothing truly important. However, as most folks who know me know, I'm having enough trouble keeping up in real life as it is. Now I've got someone trying to date me... Although date may not be the correct word here. More like he wants to be my FuckBuddy. I know this because...

Okay, first if anyone is still reading this, more details are needed to understand. This guy is an old friend, and I mean old. While we weren't exactly squalling infants together we've been friends since around the time I was six/seven years old. Well, I happen to like seeing old friends again, I wish I could see more of my old friends, but it just doesn't seem to work out that way.

Anyway, when he came up out of the blue and wanted to get together, he said to talk about old times, so I had no clue something else was on his mind. Honestly, I know sometimes I say all men are hornballs, but I don't honestly believe it. Anyway, I agreed to get together Friday and talk about old times, seemed like a fun way to spend the evening, though admittedly I did have other things that needed doing.

We agreed to this on Wednesday afternoon. Well, sometime later this guy went out drinking and came back around ten, which made me miss some of the Daily Show - I was not pleased. Now he wasn't overly interested that night, if you know what I mean, but there was just something about the way he was acting which made me start to wonder what he really wanted. But I'd already said I'd get together and I'm not one to go back on my word easily.

However, if he'd showed up again, I might have backed out. But I get through Thursday with no strange visits, so when Friday rolls around, I go. For the first couple hours it really was what it was advertised to be; two old friends getting together and catching up. The last hour though was different. He started talking about a relationship with me and I thought I done pretty good at making it clear that I was only interested in getting together with an old friend and that I didn't want anything more. We said good night and I came home.

Well, I'd been home for a couple hours, long enough to eat, complete some of my daily chores, and kick back to watch Forever Knight... I was in the middle of my fourth episode and about to drop off into never land, when my dog starts barking and there comes a knock at my door.

It would seem I was not as clear as I thought I was. Though I suspect from the time I left until the time he showed up there was some drinking going on. Because there is no doubt that his little late night visit was nothing more than a "bootie call." Trust me, there was no doubt, not only did he slap himself on the couch practically in my lap, which annoyed me because until he showed up I had been comfortably reclined on the sofa. Before I can remove myself from the sofa, he starts feeling me up. Oh, joy in the morning, nighttime, whatever.

I finally told him that I was sick and he left. Thankfully. No, I wasn't worried he was going to rape me, it was just on the whole very annoying. Here I am kicked back relaxed and about ready to call it a night and some boob comes along for a bootie call.

For the record, I wasn't exactly lying about being sick, either. During the hours of our "date" I discovered that he likes loudish music. Well, loud music is one of two things which is almost certainly going to give me a headache. Of course, by the time he actually showed up the headache had lessened to a dull roar. But still I was too tired to go through explaining the fact that we don't have a relationship, again, so I used whatever worked to make the problem go away. I know bad choice on my part, I should have tried again, but when I don't feel good things never seem to come out properly. I've even had to stop trying to add/subtract in my checkbook when I'm sick because I screw even that to high heaven.

However, I realize that we need to have a real long chat and that just gripes my ass! He's going to make me say those damn chick words (We have to talk!) I just know it! But the fact remains that I'm not interested in having that kind of relationship with him, and that fact needs to be made crystal clear.

Anyway, because of all that I haven't really had a chance to read the two stories (one fanfic, one not) that I was supposed to. Hell, I was even hoping to be able to work on my own fanfic and that's gone right out the window as well. *sigh* Perhaps this coming week will be better, I know, weekends not over yet, but I have other offline things which need attention. Plus I think my downtime will be better served in composing a speech which will hopefully make a certain someone understand things. Though I'm even at a loss here, because I have no real idea how I can make my point any more clear except to start avoiding the man in question and I'd just rather not do that. Nip it in the bud I've found is always the best way to go, though I may have to get hateful about it and I don't want to do that either. *sigh*