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No SPOILERS and no cuts today. Yes, I watched the episodes, but I was feeling pretty crappy last night as I watched, which means I didn't write my reviews, and thanks to the feeling crappy I don't want to write my reviews before watching the episodes again - so they might not get typed up until Sunday, because while I'm feeling better today (or at least right now) I can still tell the crappy is there waiting to spring on me again.

UPDATED: So, the "full" reviews have been added under the cuts, but honestly I think next time I do something like this I'll just let the quickie reviews stand rather then going back and rewatching, because as you'll soon see in one case the episode was NOT near as good as I remembered it being.

So, quickie thoughts for now:

The Secret Circle 1x04 Heather

Loved it, and I'm not just saying that because of the ending. Seriously, this episode was pretty dog-gone good the whole way through that bit near the end (with Melissa, though even I was a bit mislead in my thinking on what was going to happen - so nice surprise!) was just like the cherry on top of a devils food cake covered with devils food icing. So, I'm thinking this show may be starting to finally find it's feet.

The Secret Circle 1x04 Heather

Okay, I said I totally liked this whole episode, and while that was true at the time on the rewatch I simply did not like this episode near as much. An example, while I didn't like the Nick/Melissa opening first time around I didn't hate it, but on the rewatch I actually hated it.

However, I did still like Cassie researching Heather, though it was a little slower (read more boring) then I remembered it being. Incidentally, they (the show) seems to have finally dialed back on the overblown Adam/Cassie BS. On the other hand, they've dialed up the Faye being a bitch to her pretty much one and only friend, which I apparently didn't notice on the first watch, but it struck me weird on the second. But I guess we'll have to wait and see how that goes... Or not, if the end of this episode is signaling the death of Melissa.

But seriously Adam and Cassie had some very long interactions in this episode, which did not make me grit my teeth (or wish the show would just stop it all ready!) once. However, as I said, I think me being sick on the first watch made this episode seem so much better, because on the rewatch things a r e m o v i n g s o v e r y s l o w l y. And we haven't even gotten past the title card yet. Not a good sign for this rewatch.

And sure enough, soon after the title card I found myself starting to use my trusty skip button, which after the way I felt after first watching this episode was something I didn't think I'd do. Maybe I should just keep DVR'ing this show, but only watch when I'm feeling under the weather.

Incidentally, they really need to back off of the guyliner for Adam - he's playing a witch not a goth or vampire. Seriously.

Anyway, I don't know what's better - being annoyed by all the Adam/Cassie crap or just flat being bored by it. Because while (as I said) they didn't annoy me in this episode they did bore me after awhile.

Also, you know the promos for this episode made it seem as though Faye would extract a high price for helping Cassie do a spell after Diana refused to help that in the end her actual price was a bit of a let-down. She just wanted to read Cassie's Book of Shadows. I guess this is where the books may have ruined me for this show, because a high price from/for Faye in the books would have been so very much higher.

Anyway, THANKFULLY the episode really does kick in to high gear for the last twenty minutes - when Heather shows up at Cassie's. That whole thing was delightfully creepy and awesome, so even on the rewatch the episode wasn't all bad, but I can't honestly say I loved the whole episode all the way through anymore.

So, yeah, I probably should've just let my first impression and quickie review stand, because if I had I'd have went on believing this episode was just all around good, but after watching again I simply can't say that.

The Vampire Diaries 3x04 Disturbing Behavior

Didn't quite love it as much as The Secret Circle this week - shock of all shocks! Seriously, this wasn't a bad episode there was actually a couple of GREAT moments, some pretty good moments, but I actually enjoyed The Secret Circle episode more this week then this episode of The Vampire Diaries which makes for an interesting change for me.

Mostly I think what brought this episode down (for me) was Stefan - I was just all around disappointed with Stefan during this episode, because he really is an idiot who seems unable to keep himself from giving the entire game away. Stop trying to play with the big "dogs" if you can't play any better then that, Stefan!

The Vampire Diaries 3x04 Disturbing Behavior

Hold me, mommy, I'm scared!

Seriously, after watching The Secret Circle again and finding it not as good as I'd found it the first time around I started to not even go back to The Vampire Diaries since first time around I didn't like this episode as much as I liked The Secret Circle episode.

But to my surprise this episode started fairly well (read interesting) so I became tentatively hopeful that I wouldn't find my non-sick self ready to trash on this one.

On the other hand, apparently I don't have much to add to my quickie review of this episode, even though I'm clearly liking this episode so much better this time around. Seriously, how could I have ever doubted an episode that presents me with a SHIRTLESS TORTURED STEFAN!
(I was right last week, or rather my dream after/during the episode was. Gloria is clearly a very good witch. Yeah, anyone who offers me SHIRTLESS TORTURED STEFAN is clearly a good person.)

And I have to admit even the Damon/Elena scenes was good. Yeah, I know - I hate Damon/Elena, and even now I'm not about to start shipping them, but even I have to admit that the way the stuff between them was written/handled in this episode was good - so good it surprised me, pleasantly.

Then there's Alaric really bringing it to the Council with his whole "this council sucks ass!" bit. I mean, really I should have been mocking his whole "think of the childrenhumans bit," but since I did somewhat agree with him I found it really hard to mock.

Also, the Katherine/Stefan bits rocked my socks - he's clearly a dumbass... I mean, okay, yes, I get why he wouldn't trust Katherine, but clearly on these matters she's so much smarter then he is and he really should be listening to her. Oh well, his loss is Damon's Katherine-y goodness gain! YAY! Katherine really does have great timing.
(You know, I don't even understand myself sometimes. I love Stefan/Elena and Stefan/Katherine, and am more then a little fond of Damon/Katherine, but still cannot stand Damon/Elena.)

Also, despite how I felt about Bonnie/Jeremy when the show first started going there I must admit that I liked them being open and connect-y with each other, though I did understand why Jeremy didn't open with the truth at first, and I do feel terrible for Anna, because I do think she's lonely and was honestly trying to help. POOR ANNA!

However, I'm not sure exactly how I feel about Daddy!Caroline still being alive, but I think I hate it. Yeah, I really think I hate it.

So a rewatch of this episode actually confirmed that once again all is right with the world - The Vampire Diaries over The Secret Circle. My world is no longer all askew.

So, hopefully tonight after watching Supernatural I'll feel okay enough to actually watch the above two again and write all three reviews in one night, but I wouldn't recommend holding ones breath.
Worst of all, Klaus also sort of comes off as a moron. He's supposed to be this uber-powerful hybrid dude, yet it takes his sister and her regular female instincts to make him see that Stefan is bullshitting him. Wtf!? XDDD
Yeah, I mean until last night I had just assumed Klaus knew Stefan was BSing him, but apparently not.