Okay, I admit it - I didn't watch "Ringer" last night, so no Ringer review from me today. I honestly meant to watch Ringer again at least one more time, because it hasn't yet completely turned me off (though it is not the thriller I was expecting and more of a night-time soap), but over on SyFy they've started their 31 days of Halloween, and I had a couple DVRed movies from that (My Bloody Valentine, Never Cry Werewolf, and FearDotCom) and I decided to watch those movies instead of Ringer last night.

I'd always intended to watch the My Bloody Valentine remake and FearDotCom but had just never gotten around to it. Though I'd never heard of Never Cry Werewolf and pretty much only included it because Elena (Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries) is the star. However, if I'd seen Never Cry Werewolf before I heard about her being cast as Elena I'd have probably never had doubts about her ability to pull off the character of Elena. Anyway...

Shockingly I found two of them to be good, but for some reason the other one just bored me. Never Cry Werewolf has my all time movie pet peeve (you can be healed of wolf/vampire/etc. if you kill the one that made you - UGH! STOP IT! IT MAKES NO SENSE. If I get the flu I am not cured if I kill the one who gave it to me, though granted it might make me feel a little better), but to be honest I was kinda expecting this one to be a cheese-fest, so I was pleased when it turned out not to be quite what I was expecting, though it is (of course) a little cheesy.

As for My Bloody Valentine it's not exactly a movie critics liked, but I actually liked it, mostly because while the kills themselves was sometimes (maybe always) hard to believe the victims (as a general rule) in this movie did not simply stand there waiting to be offed like they do in most movies of this type in this movie they actually fought back. What can I say thats one of the things I generally hate about horror movies. Sure it loses a few points because everyone and their brother trips and falls down while running from the killer - on the other hand, EVERYONE tripped and fell down not just the girls which was nice.

Of course, the kill scenes would've been better (no doubt) if I'd seen them in 3-D the way it was intended to be seen, but shockingly I don't generally watch horror movies for the killing scenes anyway. I usually watch because I'm in the mood to be scared and creeped out.

But what shocked me most was FearDotCom, because I was expecting this one to hit all the buttons that make a move good for me. Scares, mysteries, thrills, and chills. Instead I was mostly bored by it - the big mystery of how the website was killing people was so obvious that it can't (or shouldn't) be called a mystery. Sure towards the end the movie picks up a little bit, but that just wasn't enough to make the whole thing rewatchable, cause while it did get a little better it still (as far as I'm concerned) didn't get good. Of course, to be fair, Never Cry Werewolf wasn't scary either, but then again I didn't go in expecting that one to actually be scary.