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So, this is a bit later than usual, but unlike yesterday with The Vampire Diaries I can't blame the lateness on long review is long (though it is). No today I'm late because I spent the morning fixing my bathroom sink - I finally had to change the faucet cause it started leaking again, so we (I did NOT work alone this time) changed it out and thought all was fine, but when I checked under there last night (because I was going to start putting the cleaning stuff back under there) I noticed it was leaking. Apparently, the hot water pipe is just a prissy little bitch, because the old one couldn't be fixed to not leak, but even the new one (bought today) did not want to go on easily, but I think it did finally go on and stop the leaking. *crosses fingers*

Then after all that I've been busy decorating for HALLOWEEN! Outside is finally done, but you know how things never go smoothly, and of course there's almost always one key string of lights that goes bad over the summer. Yeah! Fun Fun! And I still have to do the inside, but the inside generally takes about fifteen minutes mostly because unlike Christmas I don't generally put up Halloween lights inside, so I don't have to spend all that time trying to figure out how to get them plugged in and working like I do outside.

So, anyway enough about that, because the episode gave me plenty to talk about, so lets get started.

Be thee warned - Beyond this point there be SPOILERS!

Supernatural 7x02 Hello, Cruel World

"WHOA! WHOA! SAM! This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!"

You know, I'm giving Sam a pass on this one, because YOU PEOPLE keep giving him weapons when he's (or potentially could be) out of his mind! You maybe want to consider not giving the dude seeing Lucifer everywhere a damn weapon! At least if you don't want a weapons discharge during a discussion. Just saying is all.
(And, yes, this bugged me back in The Man Who Knew Too Much - okay, fine, I understood the gesture, thought it was kinda of sweet in a weird kind of way, but really Dean's just lucky Sam didn't wake up suicidal or homicidal.)

Also, realized pretty quickly that it wasn't actually Lucifer tormenting Sam, because I can't see Lucifer actually wanting Sam to kill himself, unless of course Sam is destined to end up back in the cage upon death again, but otherwise it makes no sense for Luci to want Sam dead, because Satan has one juicy source of entertainment in the cage, and that's Sam, so I just can't see him wanting Sam to off himself and end that entertainment. But still all around good stuff - in fact, I rank this episode Good: Could've been better, but me likey anyway.

However, I believe I should head back and start at the beginning. But first I was right the promo writing monkeys was confused - Cass wasn't actually in this episode (Misha was there acting, but not as Cass) so Cass wasn't struggling with his new powers rather "his" new powers was struggling with Jimmy's weak human body.

Anyway, before LeviCass can finish off Bobby and Dean Jimmy starts melting - also bleeding black stuff. So, the gang of old ones in his body directs his body to the local water works and wades out then spills his load - looks like there was a lot of old ones in his body. Alas, Cass does not return to the surface, only his trench-coat - But still, Show, you can't fool me! I know Cass is not dead and gone!

Also, Bobby is right, Cass is dumb because he was Dean's friend. Okay not really, mostly he was dumb because for whatever reason he used Dean and Sam as role models for/of humanity, and honestly I love 'em, I do, but neither Dean or Sam are the best role models. So, I think that's where Cass truly went wrong he watched Dean (and Sam) but maybe never exactly understood why they did the things they did - it almost seems that Cass just always assumed Dean (and Sam) was always correct in their actions. And I think that's where he most went wrong - Poor Cass.

Now I have to admit at this point I got a little bored with the vessel pick-ups - it could be important later and I understand why it had to be there, but mostly I just didn't care.

But allow me to take a moment to say that I'm kinda iffy on this whole old one storyline at the moment. Why? Well, this isn't shape-shifters, ghosts, or even demons these things are (or at least they're supposed to be) so badass that God had to personally lock them away, so I'm all ready thinking it's going to be hard to imagine me buying Dean and Sam winning this one. Of course, I still don't really buy that they actually beat the Mother, but at least doing that wasn't exactly easy for them. Time-travel and very rare ashes helped make that a little less unbelievable. But since they're down an angel and there's a whole shit-load more old ones then Mothers it's just hard for me to imagine them winning this one. On the other hand, so far these old ones seem a little stupid and childish, except for two of them, and possibly this mentioned (but unseen) Boss, so once Dean and Sam discover the trick to killing them it might not be as hard to believe as I expect.

So while I was writing all that the show moved to the point where Dean decides to leave Sam and Bobby alone, and with Jody Mills in the General Hospital... Well, this is going to end up with Sam alone I just know it.

And a few seconds later this is confirmed, because the General Hospital just became Levi-General Hospital.

After that we learn that someone behind Supernatural really likes Dexter (or at least the weird ass ME or whatever he is on Dexter) then it's over to Levi-General where the now Levi-Doctor has decided to do a middle of the night surgery. Alas, for him he did this in front of Jody Mills - I expect she's going to call Bobby ASAP! She should anyway since she just had surgery and is on pain-killers.

But before that we jump back to Dean calling Sam, and then back to Jody only for me to realize that she has decided (rather stupidly in my opinion) to follow the Doctor INSTEAD of calling Bobby. *sigh* I thought this character was supposed to be smart. Oh, well, though I do think Bobby should've popped in here just to call her an idiot!

Back to Sam's head, and then FINALLY Mills calls Bobby, and so just like I guessed Sam is all alone, but not before Satan stabs an oblivious Bobby. So, yeah, Sam alone that's gonna end well.

Then we're off to the old ones again, and they're really full of bullshit here, because thank you very much I question it! And even others will finally start questioning things if too many patients die. Of course, my questions are more along the lines of how weird it is that most companies offer a satisfaction or money back kind of thing, but not hospitals! Also, when I check into a hospital I will list everyone I've ever met - I am NOT joking! I want any potentially insane people wanting to do bad things to me to know that I have many people out there who would notice my absence (and even if they wouldn't that's not the point the point is to make the insane people believe they will) and make the insane think twice about trying to disappear me. See, there's a reason I avoid hospital shows/movies I'm paranoid enough as it is.

So, back to Sam, I think Sam's head, but I'm not entirely sure, but Dean's being not quite Dean here, so I'm thinking Deanifer! YAY Deanifer! Um, sorry, got distracted by the mere idea of Deanifer.

But before we can get to hot-action-Deanifer we have to go back to see Bobby get Mills safely away. Whatever!

Back to Dean and Sam in the car driving somewhere, and now I'm sure it's Deanifer not Dean. That's actually confirmed when we see Dean arriving at Bobby's alone. Thank goodness for GPS, right? Cause seriously without tracking him there's no telling where Sam would end up.

And Sam is really messed up, because he fails to notice the name of the building he's entering (Morning Star Endeavors Ltd.) - I admit it I lol'ed.

Moving on, I love that Dean is able to prove what's real to Sam. YAY! It also nicely explains why this show (for once) did not forget a wound five seconds later - I was starting to think maybe Jared had hurt his hand or something.

And also once again, Show, you can't fool me! I know Bobby's not dead. Although I have to admit it now makes sense why Jensen's second stint as Director was not another Weekend At Bobby's, cause that would've been a "dead" giveaway.

Finally it is interesting that Sam sees Lucifer again after accepting/realizing that what he was seeing was not actually real. Wonder if that's leading somewhere, or if Sam is just going to continue seeing things that aren't there because it's fun... Well, not for Sam, but still. Plus, could it really be Lucifer? Possibly, maybe there's a connection or something and Lucifer really is screwing with Sam.

Anyway, this episode ends with Bobby presumed dead (though NOT by me) and Dean and Sam on the way to Levi-General Hospital - how will they survive this one? Tune in next week to find out.
I admit I freaked out when I thought Bobby was dead)) Sure, dear Show, just kill ALL my fav characters...
I'm still in huge DENIAL over Cas.
But at least we have Luci, and he's fun. Even more fun than the new monsters))))
*grins* I don't know how you feel about SPOILERS (I think you told me once you was okay with them, but my mind at what she used to be), so I'll be as vague as possible - I'm absolutely positive that Bobby is not dead, and while I can't say I'm absolutely positive when it comes to Cass I'm still not counting him out.

And, yeah, shockingly I'm liking Sam's version of Luci more then I liked the actual Luci. Somehow he's more creepy (or something) in Sam's head then he came across in season five. But then Sam's version of his entire life is somehow more colorful then the show made it look - see the hooker motel from season six among other things.
Hehe, I'm fine with spoilers))) I've seen Bobby in the promo pics for the next ep, but I'm still a little worried. What if it's one of the Leviathans or smth?
I think Luci in season 5 was too busy angsting about his lot in life (you know, the whole "sympathy for the devil crap" as Dean put it). But now that there's nothing to be done about it, with the Apocalypse behind them and the script discarded, he can just focus on creeping people (or rather, Sam) out and having fun)) I'm still not sure he's a pure hallucination)) He's too awesome to be just a figment of Sam's mind. Maybe he's real (and he just told Sam he was a hallucination to reinforce Sam's belief that he'd never get rid of him) and he's still in the cage, but with the wall down Sam can contact him from the outside))