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So, bet you guys was starting to think I wouldn't get these posted today. But I managed! YAY ME! Blame The Vampire Diaries review for the delay, because long review is long, but GREAT episode!

There will be SPOILERS for the episode in question in these reviews.

The Secret Circle 1x03 Loner

And so we start this episode on a no individual powers note (which I hated since the promos hinted this) - NOT a good sign for the rest of the episode. Even worse we move straight in to Diana being all "did I do something wrong?" OUT OF CHARACTER! UGH! Why keep Diana if you're going to make her this out of character, show? WHY?

Oh, and yay, now Nick's also out of character, which in fairness was more then seriously hinted at last week, but still it beats you over the head with its out of characterness this week. Oh, and little-Miss-made-up-for-the-show-taking-a-spot-from-one-of-the-awesome-book-characters is an idiot also annoying. Honey, Nick made it more then clear last week that he just wasn't that into you, and yet you decide after all that the best thing to do is ask him out?! Idiot! Also, really, Show, really?

So no this episode has not gotten off to a good start for me.

On the other hand, after all the above crap (CRAP CRAP!) it does get better. Not necessarily great but certainly better, at least until the stupid moment that stupid (and out of character) Nick shows up at the stupid dance - I know which character I'd kill to give the group individual powers back - KILL LITTLE-MISS-MADE-UP-FOR-THE-SHOW-TAKING-A-SPOT-FROM-ONE-OF-THE-AWESOME-BOOK-CHARACTERS (aka MELISSA). Of course, that would put the Circle in a weakened state, but then maybe they could bring in another actual book character to take little-Miss-made-up-for-the-show-taking-a-spot-from-one-of-the-awesome-book-characters place, or they could just make up a better less whiny and pathetic character to take her place - another previously unknown relative of the families, because at this point ANYONE would be better then little-Miss-made-up-for-the-show-taking-a-spot-from-one-of-the-awesome-book-characters.

Probably needless to say, but I am totally blaming little-Miss-made-up-for-the-show-taking-a-spot-from-one-of-the-awesome-book-characters for Nick being so extremely out of character, and she needs to leave this show very very quickly. Though I think I'm going to start calling her She-Who-I-Refuse-To-Name because little-Miss-made-up-for-the-show-taking-a-spot-from-one-of-the-awesome-book-characters is a pain in the ass to type repeatedly.

And now another yay - they still have yet to back off with the very bland/boring Adam/Cassie crap, and yet... And yet I kinda have to admit that it didn't feel as stupid/heavy-handed as it was in the past two episodes. Or at least it wasn't until Should-Be-Dead-Sally forced them to dance together then it was just as tedious as it has been. On the other hand, at least they aren't trying to play a totally clueless Diana, which is something, not much, but something. Yes, she was clueless in the books, but Cassie and Adam in the books was much more subtle at least when Diana was present.

Still this episode is hard for me to rank, because in spite of the above badness this episode "feels" better then a MEH ranking, but there is just to much bad here to give it a GOOD ranking, though admittedly the good bits of the show was really good. Still I cannot rank it better then MEH! This episode was neither horrible or great.

Coming Next Week: Cassie's mom was apparently a very naughty girl back in the day!
(Which just makes me wonder why Cassie's mom would've told Angry!Bird (er. Zach) anything.)

PS - I really wish Faye's mom had given Diana's dad the crystal so Angry!Zach (the self righteous!) would be gone now. Maybe I'd think differently if he'd actually gone after She-Who-I-Refuse-To-Name and had succeeded in actually killing her, but that's not at all what happened and so She-Who-I-Refuse-To-Name lives on to be annoying, pathetic, and forcing other characters to behave out of character another day.

The Vampire Diaries 3x03 The End of the Affair

Not exactly a news-flash these days, but Elena is behaving stupidly again. No, she won't read Stefan's diary, because she's seen him at his darkest... Remind me again why everyone and their brother loves this idiot. But alas Elena isn't the only stupid girl here tonight. *sigh*

So, Caroline was captured by her dad (the vampire hunter and daughter slayer) last week, and this week he wants to know how she walks in the sun, and if she'll just tell him they can get on with things AND SHE FREAKIN' TELLS HIM! Stupid stupid stupid. Because seriously what did she think he meant? That if she told him he'd just let her go and it'd be hugs and puppies all around! On the other hand, maybe she just didn't know her dad is one sick fuck.

Anyway, back to Elena, Damon reads a passage from Stefan's diary aloud, and Elena decides that maybe she doesn't know everything and starts reading the damn thing. HALLELUJAH!

Also, if I may, you probably know that I am dead-set against Damon/Elena as a pairing (and I'm not gonna change my mind no matter how stupid you make her, Show!), but even I have to admit that there is a cute moment between them in this episode. Elena is sleeping and then suddenly she's just no longer alone in her bed. Snarky smart-ass Damon really is the best Damon.

Anyway, while Elena's maybe finally realizing she does not in fact know everything, Stefan is in a flashback with a much more interesting woman/vampire. Then Klaus, Stefan, and Klaus's witch - previously unknown to the audience, but it is the singer from Stefan's roaring twenties flashback sequence, and shockingly she's not practically dead, instead she's still rather young, though certainly a bit older then she was in the flashback. That's cause she's a very powerful witch, and not because she was turned into a vampire at some point, but for some reason I was hoping vampire. But what's most interesting here is that Stefan finds one of those old timey photos of him and Klaus which clearly means they knew each other before Mystic Falls. Interesting. Veeeery interesting.

But alas we cut to Stefan who's once again been infected with the dumbass disease - it really comes and goes with these characters. Someone should start working on some kind of inoculation that works on vampires as well as humans.

Anyway, while I'm seeing stupid people everywhere, Stefan is demanding Klaus (an original, and a vampire with the potential power to rip Stefan apart without breaking a sweat) tell him about the photo. To my shock, Klaus instead of showing Stefan his place actually shows him (and us by default) a flashback. Said flashback also reveals that interesting woman/vampire from one of the other flashbacks is actually another original and Stefan is kind of into her.

Also, I do believe Klaus just revealed to Stefan where the bodies of the originals are, and with this show you know eventually (though probably sooner rather then later) that will be going somewhere.

Anyway, the flashback also reveals that Stefan (yes, Stefan) actually taught Klaus a thing or two. Man, Stefan, when (and why) exactly did you turn into such a Broody McBroodypants? I think we may get an answer at some point during this episode - I really think we will.

Seriously, Elena - STOP CHASING STEFAN NOW! It's not going to end well, I just know it. Of course, I knew it from the minute season two ended, but alas Elena still hasn't got it. But this time it's not entirely her fault - Damon (apparently infected now) told Elena to remain in Stefan's old apartment, and since she's doing just that... Well, this time I can't fault her.

Anyway, Damon finally meets the still-alive-but-really-shouldn't-be-witch. Oh, yes, this is going to end well for everyone involved - I can just tell! *rubs hand together*

And then we come to one of those moments that every show has - one that I just can't buy/accept/take seriously. Elena hears them coming, and hides in the closet. Okay, fine, I could maybe buy that if Klaus never got near the closet, but... Look even if the vampires in The Vampire Diaries didn't have a good sense of smell since they feed on blood he should've at the very least heard her heartbeating (especially since she's at least a little scared) and since he's standing just outside the closet. Seriously if he moved even a little he'd freakin' see her, but I'm supposed to accept that he can't smell or hear her. Nope, sorry, don't buy it.

So, it seems likely that Klaus has been infected by the dumbass disease from Stefan. *sigh* On the other hand, what have they been doing that might've lead to the spread infection. Yes, that's better I'm at a happy place now.

Another plus is that I believe Elena's infection is fading, because she clearly had a moment (in the closet with Stefan) where she truly feared (i.e. believed) Stefan was about to hand her over to Klaus. And yet when he didn't she just gets more determined to "reach" him.


I miss Katherine. Tell me again why Katherine is the one no one likes and Elena is the one everyone thinks is awesome? Cause I really don't get it sometimes. Anyway, two small glimpses of Katherine was GREAT, but sadly not enough. MORE KATHERINE! MORE KATHERINE NOW, PLEASE!

Still I do like how this is going with Stefan and Klaus, especially the back in the day stuff, and I generally don't like the flashback episodes of any show, but this one is really working for me. Stefan wanted to be Klaus's wingman back then, so really Klaus is just giving him what he wanted. HeHe! I'm also really lovin' the hints here that Klaus is actually responsible for Stefan's turnaround. Sure, Lexi is the one that got him off his ass, but clearly when Klaus wiped the memories he opened Stefan up for the turnaround in the first place. Hey, maybe that's why Klaus wanted him around, maybe he realized all that and felt bad about it - you know in his own special Satan Klaus way, but still.

Then we move to a scene that's good, but I just don't like at all, and so because of this scene (and the dumbass disease) the ranking for this episode is not as high as I really wanted it to be.

Anyway, Caroline is still begging sadistic!daddy to approve of her, and it's all just sad, but not sad in the kind of TV way I usually enjoy, it's just really sad. It's not a bad scene, but I just don't like scene's like this no matter how good they are. Thankfully, her momma shows up and lays a little smack-down on daddy, with a minor assist from Tyler, of course. And after all that Tyler even manages to make her smile ever so briefly. He's so much a better boyfriend for her then the-blond-one-stuck-on-Elena was.

But now it's time for the big "save Stefan" moment, so we should all be quiet and pay attention. However, to be fair, for a moment I really thought this was going to end up being a big let-down. But then Elena pulls a needle (full of anti-vampire juice, no doubt) and I had to pause to do a little dance and sing a little song. SMART ELENA IS BACK, BABY! Except, oops, Stefan clearly knew she was planning something and blocks the needle.

Also, during all this, Klaus is about to kill Damon when Klaus's witch (who's name I didn't bother to learn, but wish I had now) saves Damon. Of course, she just tells them to take it outside, but it basically saves Damon since they don't end up outside together. They really should have, and somehow their shirts should've gone missing. Oh! I know, the witch could banish their shirts and "accidentally" drop some oil on them and then when they do finally take it outside it's on BITCHES! She's clearly a good witch! Except that totally didn't happen during the episode only later in my dreams.

And, of course, when we get back to Stefan and Elena I find myself BORED NOW! They fired the interesting shot early and are now recapping unnecessarily for us. Though, to be fair, Stefan calls Elena on her stupid, she (of course) does not want to listen. But will she believe that he doesn't want her anymore? Cause I sure don't, but I do believe he believes that they can't be together anymore because he's changed, and he does sorta have a point. Until Elena can accept that Stefan is not this perfect creature they probably shouldn't even attempt being together again. Plus even if Stefan went back with Elena what does she think would happen? Klaus would just smack a hand to his forehead and give up. Not likely. So, really it's best for all if Elena backs off and allows Stefan to try and find his own way out, except...

Well, Klaus said by the time he was done Stefan wouldn't want to go back, and I believe he might've been right. But Klaus didn't remove the mind-wipe until AFTER Stefan and Elena's chat. So, yeah, I think Stefan may in fact be lost to them now that the mind-wipe is totally gone.


Whoops, wrong show, cause here instead of an Angel (or Mr. I.P. Freely, though his name wasn't actually revealed) he's clearly a hunter who's hunting (or trying to hunt) Klaus and his sister. And since that happened in the twenties he's probably not still around hunting them today - this is backed up by the fact that Klaus doesn't mind having the never-subtle Stefan with him these days. Although, clearly the witch (GLORIA!) is still alive, so maybe the cop (who will be known as I.P. Freely until show gives him a name) could be too.
Ugh, Elena's stupidity is becoming more and more of an issue. Seriously, how can she be so blind? But then, you're right: pretty much everyone in this ep acts dumb. I especially *loved* Damon telling Elena to stay put in Stefan's apartment. It's clearly a masterplan: he grew tired of her whining and he hoped that Stefan and Klaus would show up and eat her)))
I disagree about Caroline though. I don't think her telling her father about the ring was especially dumb. Sure, she's a vampire and she's supposed to be tough, but it's not like she was trained to withstand torture for so long. I think she was just too tired to resist. And she clearly loves her father so much; maybe she did hope for the best... And I gotta say: Caroline's mother was awesome in this ep)))
I.P. Freely FTW! XDDD Wanna see more of him!
I think this ep has made me like Klaus. O_o Ouch.
Also, YES to more Katherine! <333
Why are you dead-set against Damon/Elena, if I may ask? O_o
Yeah, one of the big things I liked about this show originally was the fact that Elena (the main character and a woman) was actually a smart character, but it seems that may have ended with season two, because so far season three is not really showing me a smart Elena.
(At least Caroline was never designed as a smart character. Don't get me wrong, she's a great character, but she was never meant to be a smart one. Though I do wish (at times) that she would wise up.)

And that sorta plays in to why I don't like the idea of Damon/Elena - I mean I didn't love book Damon/Elena either, but could understand how and why it happened (plus admittedly in the books Damon/Elena reads more often then not as Damon being all about Stefan rather then Damon truly loving Elena. Seriously, the books are way more Damon/Stefan focused (at least the early ones) then the show). Anyway, in the books Elena met and was attracted to Damon before she even knew Stefan was a vampire (though she did know and was all ready dating Stefan) so she certainly didn't know about Damon, because at first she didn't even know they was brothers. And I understand you can't just always stop feeling something just cause you know it's the smart thing. But in the show Elena knew all about vampires and Stefan before meeting (and therefore potentially being attracted to) Damon, and since Damon really showed his true colors to Elena right up front I just feel as though a romantic relationship between Damon/Elena would seriously deminish Elena as a character. Of course, at the moment, it seems the show is doing it's best to do that even without having introduced Damon/Elena, so...

But it's not just that, it's also about Damon. The idea of woobie!Damon scares me, and you know the show is going to soften him up before allowing Damon/Elena to happen just cause they likely don't want Damon/Elena to make the Elena character look bad. So, in addition to hurting Elena's character I firmly believe it will also destroy Damon's, or at least the part of Damon's character that I really like at any rate.
(And you can all ready see shades of that - Damon trying to protect Elena from actually learning about Stefan and all - book!Damon would've totally used Stefan's actions to try and drive a wedge between Stefan and Elena instead of trying to protect her from the truth about Stefan.)