So, there was one series premiere on Thursday, and several week two (three) of ratings for shows that just started.

How To Be A Gentleman
A18-49 - 2.7/8
Pretty much bombed out of the gate (for CBS), which is not surprising those promos for it just did not make it look like a good show. On the other hand, I didn't want to switch over and watch the last half of The Vampire Diaries after The Big Bang Theory (and it's a good thing I didn't or some things would've been ruined), so I watched How To Be A Gentleman while waiting for The Secret Circle, and while I can't say HTBAG was awesome or funny it wasn't quite as bad as those promos led me to believe it would be. Anyway, because HTBAG flopped out of the gate some seem to think this means Rules of Engagement will move back to Thursday, but I'm not so sure, because CBS usually has at least one other new comedy waiting in the wings, so...

And now some week two numbers for series that premiered last week:

The X Factor
A18-49 - 3.9/11

Charlie's Angels
A18-49 - 1.5/4
Not good, but considering it only premiered with a 2.1/6 this much of a drop was not surprising to me. On the other hand, ABC is no doubt unhappy with CA this afternoon, because it was almost beaten in the A18-49 ratings by a CW show (The Vampire Diaries), and I do believe The Vampire Diaries beat Charlie's Angels in W18-34 (1.4 vs 1.0).

Person of Interest
A18-49 - 2.7/7
Not great, but still hanging slightly tougher then Unforgettable. Also, slightly better then The Mentalist (2.6).

A18-49 - 2.5/6
I'm starting to wonder if I should have stood by my original prediction for this one. On the other hand, NBC has bigger problems (The Playboy Club and Prime Suspect just off the top of my head) then Whitney at the moment.

Prime Suspect
A18-49 - 1.5/4
Not good, but since it got a 1.8 last week it did hold more of the audience that tuned then many other shows, AND this is NBC a 1.5 isn't as bad for an NBC show as it is for an ABC show.

And now some week three numbers for series that premiere the week before last:

The Secret Circle
A18-49 - 1.0/2
Like several other CW shows this week The Secret Circle inched up a bit from last weeks 0.9. The Vampire Diaries also inched up from a 1.2 last week to a 1.3/4 this week. Bad news for Ringer? Probably not unless Hart of Dixie also starts inching up, or if Ringer itself starts inching down.