So, there was one series premiere on Wednesday, and several week two (three) of ratings for shows that just started.

A18-49 - 3.3/9
Not a bad sampling, so if people liked it they'll be back, if not...

And now some week two numbers for series that premiered last week:

The X Factor
A18-49 - 4.1/11
Bit of a drop from last week (4.4 & 4.3), but nothing to get FOX worried unless it keeps dropping week after week, and it'll probably level off soon.

Up All Night
A18-49 - 2.1/6
As long as there are no further drops this one is probably golden.

Free Agents
A18-49 - 1.0/3
Not good, this is down to last season CW levels, and will therefore probably be off the schedule soon.

A18-49 - 2.7/7
Not as good as last week (3.3), but not a horrifying drop either, so as long as it holds steady from here on it's probably golden.

And now some week three numbers for series that premiere the week before last:

A18-49 - 0.6/2
A nice but little rebound, but this does bring it back up to series premiere numbers, where last week it fell to a 0.4. Also, America's Next Top Model rebounded a bit from last weeks 0.7 to a 0.8/2 this week. So it does seem as though some of the CW shows are rebounding a tad (but just a tad) this week.

And finally...

A18-49 - 3.1/8
WHOA! CSI is stable (3.2 last week), so it looks like those who watched last weeks season premiere liked it enough to come back.