Yes, I am aware that there was no series premieres this Tuesday night, but there are week two (and three) ratings for shows that started this season.

New Girl
A18-49 - 4.5/11
Last week 4.8/12, so even if it drops again it should still remain above a 4.0, so my prediction is right on. And to no ones surprise FOX just ordered a full season of New Girl (24 episodes).

A18-49 - 0.9/2
Held steady with last week (0.9). So, depending on what the other CW shows do this week Ringer could end up looking like a CW hit. However, 90210 went up this week (last week a 0.7 and this week a 0.8) and if other CW shows start ticking upward then Ringer merely holding steady will look worse in comparison. However, with One Tree Hill (and most likely Gossip Girl) ending at the end of this season then Ringer really only has to hold up better then one other scripted CW show to get a season two renewal - probably, though I still think the talent expense this show has could be a problem if it doesn't start ticking up. Though I guess the CW could just force a cast mangle in order to cheapen it up a bit.

A18-49 - 2.5/6
Admittedly I really need to wait for Person of Interests second airing to really know whether or not my predection is right on. Anyway, last weeks episode of Unforgettable was 2.9/8, so if PoI holds up even slightly better then PoI might get a season two renewal over Unforgettable, but really it'll be three or four weeks before actual trends are established. And both could drop to levels where CBS is "forced" to cancel them both by the end of the season.