Looks like I was totally wrong this time around, though to be fair with Hart of Dixie I was iffy in that I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been a "sleeper" hit, nor am I really surprised that it didn't really get off the ground, though since I said it'd get a second season I guess I was expecting it to at least start as well as Ringer did. No, it's Terra Nova that shocks me most, because I honestly expected it to at least get over a 4.0 instead it got a 3.1. WHOA! It'll still probably air all thirteen ordered episodes, but it's probably one and done.

Terra Nova
A18-49 - 3.1/8
I really expected higher, and I'm betting FOX did too. However, as long as it remains above a 2.5 I suspect FOX will at least air the entire thirteen episodes, but it doesn't look like TN is gonna rate high enough to actually pay for itself.

Hart of Dixie
A18-49 - 0.8/2
Which makes this the lowest rated premiere of the CW rookie dramas this season - not exactly surprising since most of the advertising went to Ringer (especially) and The Secret Circle. Plus its lead in (Gossip Girl) only scored a 0.7/2, so the only thing that can be said is at least it beat its lead-in, but since its lead in was barely watched...

Some other ratings of note:

2 Broke Girls
A18-49 - 4.6/12
Obviously not a 7.1, but still impressive, and I'm sure not even CBS was expecting it to remain above a seven, especially since it changed time-slots this week.

Two and a Half Men
A18-49 - 7.4/17
Again not a 10.7, but a 7.4 in this day and age is still impressive, plus also again I doubt CBS was expecting it to stay above a ten.

The Playboy Club
A18-49 - 1.3/3
Is destined to be gone in a few weeks (if not sooner), though to be fair it didn't drop a lot of viewers (1.6/4 last week), which if it had started better like say around the 2.5 (actually expected between 2.0 - 3.0) I expected then it would've been 2.2 this week, which would've been fine, BUT that's not what happened, and barely over 1.0 will not keep this show alive. I mean this is NBC not the CW.